Magento 2 Orders Import and Export Functionality

Import and Export functionality in Magento2 store may be really useful for a eCommerce store owner. It allows to transfer any amount of data from store to store and backup important information. In this note we are going to discuss import and export functionality for orders.

Magento 2 Orders Import

By default Magento 2 doesn’t provides you with the ability to import orders data. To add such a fea-ture to your store you should search for extensions with the import functionality. That’s the only way to add new data to your Magento 2 store form the external sources.

File Type Selection to Export

Luckily, the export functionality for orders is available out of the box in Magento 2. You can export orders data to two file types: .csv and .xml. It may be difficult to prefer one of these file types, but let us give you some facts to decide.

You should know that .csv file keeps plain text as a series of values separated by commas. To open and read a .csv file you need a simple text editor.

Thus, .xls file type is supported by Microsoft and should be opened in MS Excel. By the way, it’s a binary file, so you need Excel or other application, that supports .xls to open such a file.

To sum it up, .csv format is more simple and user friendly, but .xls can keep more information, like images, graphs, etc. In addition, keep in mind, what software you plan to use to open the exported file and make decision carefully.

Magento 2 Orders Export

Magento 2 order export

Jump to the «Sales» tab and click the «Orders» option. Select a single or multiple orders and expand the «Export» menu to choose the file format that you prefer. Hit the «Export» button to complete.

Magento 2 import orders

Then, you can check the order details to control everything was completed smoothly.

One second, please. Take a look at module for Magento 2 that allows to manage orders easily

Order Management

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