Dropship in Magento 2

Drop Shipping, or simply a Dropship, is a well known retail practice that is also used in eCommerce. This shipping method is usually used by big sellers that can’t afford storing all the products in the one warehouse due to complex logistics or other shipping issues. That’s why the drop shipping is used as an alternative to separate shipping.

Imagine, when you are buying a number of spare parts for your car. Store doesn’t have all the products at the nearest warehouse. It has to collect your order within different warehouses and only after that deliver the products to you. To sum it up, the process of collecting products from different locations to complete an order is called a drop shipping. In addition, it should be mentioned that products from your orders can be collected in one place (e.g. warehouse or store) before they are shipped to you.

eCommerce stores that work on Magento 2 are also using a dropship as an option to fully complete your order despite the absence of some products. Unfortunately, by default, the platform doesn’t have such a feature.

It can be added with the help of 3rd party extensions.

How to choose Dropship extension for Magento 2

If you need to implement a dropship in your Magento 2 store, you have no other choice, but to purchase the extension or create it by yourself. We collected some common requirements that you may take into consideration when choosing a dropship extension.

1. Pay attention to the ability to fully manage warehouses. This is a must have feature.
2. Keep in mind to have some user-friendly features, like shipping calculator for dropship.
3. Pay attention to the code quality. It should be compatible with all the custom templates.

Following these three advice you will manage to choose the correct dropship extension for your store.

Extension examples:

- http://webkul.com/blog/dropship-for-magento2/

Also, you may pay attention to the shipping extension for Magento 2 which can simplify shipping configuration on your store.


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