Magento 2 Attribute Sets

Attribute sets can be defined as a list of attributes where all the characteristics of a product are demonstrated. For a new product the attribute set works as a template. Every product must belong to a specific attribute set which comes helpful in cases of:

  • Dividing the products into groups.
  • The traits of a product are accumulated in a single place.
  • The required information about a product can be imported in a single step.

Keep in mind, you can change an attribute set assigned to a product even after the product has been created.

First, a store owner needs to create a product attribute and then create a product attribute set.

Magento 2 has its default attribute set where the product attributes are the commonly used selections, for example, SKU, name, description, price etc.

Magento 2 attribuye set

To create a new attribute set, go to Stores - Attribute - Attribute Set, hit the 'Add Attribute Set' button and specify the name of the set and select an existing attribute set to be used as a template. When done, save the attribute set and jump to the following page:

Add Magento 2 attribute set

  • Set name displays the name of an attribute set. The label which will be created is not visible on the front end.
  • Groups refers to the number of organized attribute sets. For instance: if the name of an attribute group is Meta information, it will contain attributes like Meta description, Meta title and Meta keyword.
  • Unassigned attributes include attributes which are still unassigned to any group, but can be done at any time by just drag&dropping them into a group.

How to Apply Attribute Sets

If you need to assign an attribute set to Magento products, follow the step below:

Go to Products - Catalog and hit an 'Add Product button.

From here, you can select the required attribute set. Therefore, when the groups for a specific product contain the same set of attributes, they come up as sections in the product information panel.

attribute set Magento 2

To manage product types and attributes easily you can use 3d party plugin as Magento 2 Product options suite .

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