Magento 2 User Experience

It takes flawless on-site user experience to impress. Indeed, the way how fast and accurate your site search runs, how conveniently the customers can find what they are looking for and how full is the provided product data – these all determine their satisfaction level, sales and site bounce rate. Magento 2 customer experience extensions do all the job for you.

Store Locator & In-store Pickup

Optimize Magento 2 shipping by offering in-store pickup delivery option. On a separate SEO-friendly page, help the shoppers pick up nearby stores on Google Maps and track items’ availability in them.


File Downloads and Product Attachments

Add various kinds of attachments to your product pages - equip them with product videos, user guides, price lists, and any other type of useful materials of any format.


Layered Navigation

A set advanced features to make Magento 2 store navigation search engine and user friendly.


Shop by Brand

Brands create desire, sense of belonging, status & prestige. Introduce flawless & intuitive shop by brands functionality to bridge the distance between the customers and their favorites


Sphinx Search Suite

Sphinx-powered search toolkit to make Magento 2 search faster and precise.


Frontend user experience plays a vital role when it comes to the onsite search field and finding products that fully correspond to the shoppers’ requirements.

Sphinx Search Suite and Search Autocomplete (FREE) are Magento 2 search extensions that allow displaying the most accurate onsite search results to the customers.

File Downloads & Product Attachments brings file management to a whole new level and enables the merchants to attach files of any format on whatever site page and manage the visitors’ access to them.

Layered navigationhelps make product search intuitive, thus increasing revenue.

Bridge the distance between the shoppers and their favorite brands ― introduce Shop by Brands functionality.

A commissioned by Google study has found that AMP leads to a 10% increase in website traffic with a 2x increase in time spent on page & 20% boost in sales conversions. The Accelerated Mobile Pages extension helps flawlessly introduce such functionality in Magento 2 to take m-commerce to the next level.