Flawless and intuitive eCommerce store management is a must today. Magento offers advanced management opportunities to help the Store Admins achieve the set objectives. However, the available functionality may not be enough for effective effortless site management. MageWorx Magento 2 store administration extensions help ease up various sides of this whole process.

Despite how advanced Magento 2 is, its order management could use some extra tools to allow the Store Admins easily edit and modify orders, upload files, as well as create extra shopping, shipping, product and payment fees, etc.

Order Management extension will help you easily deal with any number of orders in a few clicks: from orders preview to the approved order status. Add, edit, arrange in the sales-orders grid or delete orders without canceling them. You can always choose to go for either Order Editor or Extended Orders Grid extensions if you don’t need the full set of features offered in the Order Management extension.

Multi Fees Magento 2 addon allows generating extra fees and sharing certain shipping/billing expenses with the customer.

File Downloads & Product Attachments provides convenient file management and the ability to display/hide files to/from specific customer groups.

Effortlessly introduce in-store pickup functionality in your online store! Store Locator & In-store Pickup creates an SEO-optimized page with Google Maps functionality for convenient store selection/product availability check.

Geo Lock FREE does a great job protecting Magento 2 store from fraudulent attacks by tracking the customers’ IP addresses, and more.