Admin Tools

Despite of the fact that Magento 2 is more powerful than its first version, its order management part still needs to be empowered. If you want to easily manage and modify any number of orders in short time and vastly create shipping rules based on various conditions - you’ve got to the right place!

Order Management

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Shipping Suite

A full (and flexible) control over Magento shipping. Diversify your target markets, find new sales channels and multiply your store profits manifold.


Multi Fees

Sell more by introducing a wide selection of product extra options and services. Create an unlimited number of additional fees for any product/service you offer.

$199 $169

Reward Points

Build a loyalty program that works! Reward your most active and loyal store customers, motivate hesitating shoppers and generate more profit for each order.

$249 $199

Gift Cards

Make gift card giving easy. Provide customers with traditional physical or eGift cards. Offer flexible pricing schemes & full gift card data analysis.

$149 $99

Store & Currency Auto Switcher

Advanced multi-store and multi-currency functionality. Automatically redirects customers to the localized stores and switches to their home currencies.

$149 $99

Donations Suite

Use the power of giving back to bring goodness to the world and gain business benefits.


Prices per Customer

Set individual product pricing for your customers.


Customer Group Prices

Diversify your pricing strategies by setting up custom prices for customer groups. Create targeted marketing campaigns, hide prices from not-registered customers, engage shoppers into certain activities to get a special discount.

$149 $99

Personal Customer Discount

Motivate shoppers to make a purchase by offering one-off, custom-tailored personal discounts and coupon codes.


Order Editor

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Extended Orders Grid

Extend and customize the default Magento 2 orders grid. Easily add 28 extra colums with essential order parameters, perform order mass-actions, synch order data and more.


Currency Auto Switcher

Expand your Magento business to the new markets. Automatically switch your prices to the customers' home currencies.


Delivery Date

Use timely and convenient delivery options as means to build customer loyalty in your Magento 2 store.


Pre-Order / Backorder

Accept pre-orders to enhance purchasing intent and increase sales. Includes customizable automatic 'Back in Stock' email alerts.

Store Credits and Refunds

A have-it-all toolkit for in-store currency management. Boost sales with advanced pricing schemes, save profits with refunds in store credits, conveniently monitor customers' accounts and transactions made with credits, and more.

Admin tools from MageWorx Magento 2 plugins will streamline the default functionality and create better shopping experience both for customers and store owners.

Order Management extension will help you easily deal with any number of orders in a few clicks: from orders preview to the approved order status. Add, edit or delete order without cancelling them.

Shipping Suite is littered with a bunch of settings necessary to create any rules and restrictions. if you want to restrict certain shipping methods, provide special conditions for some countries/ customer groups proffer an overnight delivery for heavy or fragile products - Shipping Suite is an all-in-one tool that can easy do this for you.