If you’re lacking complete and granular control over your default Magento 2 admin panel capabilities, these Magento admin extensions bring indispensable features.

This category highlights Magento admin modules designed to improve store management from the admin panel for any eCommerce business. With these Magento 2 extensions, your store admins can edit orders without canceling, customize the native order numbering scheme, add extra fees, upload files with a mouse click, add 28 new columns to the Magento 2 store orders grid, and advance product options management on product pages. Simplify your day-to-day store administration!

Which Magento 2 module can help manage the admin panel and the activities on the admin panel?

Flawless and intuitive eCommerce store management is a must today. Magento offers advanced management opportunities to help store admins achieve set objectives. However, the available functionality may not be enough for effortless site management. Mageworx Magento 2 store administration extensions help ease up various sides of this whole process.

Despite how advanced Magento 2 is, its order management could use some extra tools to allow your store admins to modify orders, upload files, create extra shopping, shipping, product, etc. fees, and more.

Advanced Product Options is one of our Adobe Commerce admin extensions that brings advanced product options management possibilities and reduces the workload associated with maintaining catalogs with a large number of products.

The Order Management Magento admin module helps you deal with any number of orders in a few clicks—from orders preview to the approved order status. You’ll be able to move beyond the default Magento functionality and add, edit, arrange orders in the sales-orders grid or delete them without canceling. You can always best buy admin extensions, such as Order Editor or Extended Orders Grid if you don’t need the full set of features that Order Management comes with.

Multi Fees allows generating extra fees and sharing any business expenses with your customer.

File Downloads and Product Attachments provides convenient file management possibilities and the ability to display or hide files from specific customer groups or store vies.

Custom Order Number is also one of the managing extensions. It allows you to create Magento custom order numbering following your company’s requirements.

While also being a Magento 2 shipping extension, Store Locator & In-Store Pickup is one of the most beneficial Magento admin extensions for stores that run both online and offline. The toolkit allows organizing and managing in-store pickup efficiently.

Suppose your eCommerce store does not require a Magento admin log extension or a Magento admin theme extension (also available on Magento Marketplace, now Adobe Commerce Marketplace). In that case, we welcome you to navigate to the complete list of Mageworx modules.

Otherwise, you might want to take a closer look at the following solutions:

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