Magento 2 Prices & Currencies

Setting correct pricing is critical for every well-operating business as it incorporates both the offerings' value and the customers’ willingness to spend a specific amount of money. The ability to run flexible pricing schemes, as well as the chance to display the prices and currencies correctly in different Store Views is a must for each and every Magento 2-based site. That’s where MageWorx Magento pricing extensions come in handy and significantly expand the default functionality.

Customer Prices Suite

Easily set customer/customer group/product catalog, product-specific prices, completely replace the default value or choose to display a crossed price as a special offer.


Customer Group Prices

Diversify your pricing strategies by setting up custom prices for customer groups. Create targeted marketing campaigns, hide prices from not-registered customers, engage shoppers into certain activities to get a special discount.


Store & Currency Auto Switcher

Advanced multi-store and multi-currency functionality. Automatically redirects customers to the localized stores and switches to their home currencies.


Prices per Customer

Set individual product pricing for your customers.


Personal Customer Discount

Motivate shoppers to make a purchase by offering one-off, custom-tailored personal discounts and coupon codes.


Currency Auto Switcher

Expand your Magento business to the new markets. Automatically switch your prices to the customers' home currencies.


Dealing with the customers from multiple locations can become a challenge, especially when it comes to displaying prices in different currencies and multiple Store Views.

The Customer Prices Suite extension significantly expands the default Magento 2 pricing management functionality. Besides advanced pricing customization possibilities that include setting shopper/customer group-specific prices and promotions, you’ll be able to completely replace the default value with a personalized price for the selected users, or display crossed values to achieve business-specific marketing objectives.

Store & Currency Auto Switcher helps significantly ease up dealing with international customers and show relevant info in their local languages based on Geo-IP detection.

Currency Auto Switcher Magento 2 extension not only enables auto-switching but also helps disable the functionality for certain users and IPs, and more.

Taking that each and every customer shops differently, the ability to run highly personalized pricing schemes is critical for a business today. We’ve got a perfect set of three extensions that will help you meet Magento pricing customization objectives:

Personal Customer Discount helps offer individual discounts and promo offers. Prices per Customer creates customer-tailored prices. Customer Group Prices helps completely replace the default price and display it as a regular one for a specific customer group.

WAVES Crypto Payments FREE extension introduces a new innovative payment method by integrating crypto-payments in your Magento 2 store.