If you need complex Magento pricing extensions, search no more as this category shares price extensions to help you personalize, customize, advance, and target.

Building a more sophisticated and personalized pricing structure allows store owners to maximize profits by targeting different price and customer segments differently. With these Magento multiple currencies, personalized pricing, and deals modules, you will gain greater flexibility in achieving such goals. You will complete the challenge of displaying prices in different currencies and store views effortlessly.

What Magento extension can solve complex pricing structures?

As markets are changing, re-designing price structures becomes one of the means to unlock revenue potential for a business. Whereas shoppers expect price flexibility and personalization, pricing remains one of the hardest business aspects to get right.

With such a functionality gap you are likely to face when dealing with Magento price lists, price rules, tier prices, and any other aspects that lie in direct contact with prices and currencies, solving complex pricing structures can become a mission impossible or hardly possible.

This category shares Magento personalization extensions and Magento currency extensions designed to advance store views, discounts, and prices management:

Customer Prices Suite is one of the Magento pricing extensions that has it all to expand the default Adobe Commerce pricing management functionality significantly. Besides advanced pricing customization possibilities that include setting customized prices and promotions for specific groups and individual shoppers, the pricing extension enables you to completely replace the default product price with a personalized price for the selected users or display special prices as crossed values.

Taking that each and every customer shops differently, the ability to run highly personalized pricing schemes is vital. We’ve got a perfect set of three price extensions that help you meet Magento pricing customization objectives:

  • Personal Customer Discount is one of Mageworx’s price extensions that help offer individual discounts and promotions to acquire loyal customers.
  • Magento 2 Prices per Customer is a Magento product personalization extension that allows you to tailor personalized pricing for individual shoppers.
  • Customer Group Prices helps completely replace the default price and display it as a regular one for a specific customer group.

Need a Magento currency extension?

Store & Currency Auto Switcher helps ease up the process of dealing with international customers and show relevant info in their local languages based on Geo-IP detection.

Magento Multiple Currencies Auto Switcher not only enables auto-switching but also helps disable the functionality for specific users and IPs.

In case you did not find what you were looking for, these top-rated Mageworx’s Magento 2 extensions can help you achieve business-specific goals:

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