This category offers Magento checkout extensions designed to decrease the average checkout abandonment rate for your business.

The reduction in the number of drop-offs after a shopping cart on your site gets filled up is achieved by building a flawless experience with no forced account creation, hidden costs, or unclear product delivery and shipping options. Our extensions help adapt best eCommerce practices into Magento checkout flow, and thus improve user experience, increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

Which Magento extensions are useful for checkout?

At Mageworx, we know how vital Magento 2 checkout experience is for an eCommerce business―from the availability of various payment methods, Magento guest checkout, and delivery options to design and layout checkout optimization.

Below, you’ll find modules that both add new possibilities to the default Magento checkout and let revamp the out-of-the-box experience completely by introducing Magento 2 one step checkout:

Magento One Page Checkout Suite allows you to transform such a page into experience merchants and consumers will love. The custom module introduces a delivery-oriented approach to the checkout process and displays specific fields depending on which delivery option a customer chooses.

According to Baymard researchers, multiple online users experience severe doubt when placing gift orders. Conversely, gift voucher applications should be highly intuitive at this step. Gift Cards is the solution that allows businesses to sell and manage gift cards conveniently. Plus, your customers get to purchase, present, redeem and manage gift certificates intuitively.

If you’re considering more means to offer extra services, then Multi Fees can be a powerful tool to achieve that. It helps add transaction, shipping, payment, shopping cart, etc., surcharges to your site, including checkout Magento pages.

The default Magento does not allow businesses to launch and run a robust system of rewards. That’s where Reward Points comes in handy. It helps build an all-inclusive rewards program and let shoppers redeem earned points on the final step of the checkout process.

Shipping Suite Ultimate lets you create a successful shipping strategy and take full control over how shipping costs are displayed. It is a have-it-all solution that lets a business cover any shipping scenario possible, from custom carriers and methods creation to advanced shipping rules and restrictions, table rates, and shipping cost calculation.

Delivery Date & Time lets you offer checkout page timeslot delivery. It is one of Magento extensions―one page checkout or default―that can transform the level of your shipping and order delivery into a unique selling proposition. Besides, the role of timely delivery is critical in improving customer loyalty.

Store Locator, Curbside & In-Store Pickup is a perfectly designed module that lets businesses integrate buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) in a most native-like manner. With this Magento checkout extension, you can offer another delivery option to your customers and leverage local SEO significantly.

Introduced to support Magento-based businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the No-Contact Delivery free extension helps add the non-contact delivery toggle to your Magento checkout pages. It also enables customers to inform your business about customer delivery preferences due to health or other reasons.

The Mageworx product range goes far beyond improving Magento 2 checkout. Click here to access the complete list of our modules or navigate to one of the categories below for a more narrowed-down search:

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