Understanding the psychological needs of the customer is a must to create unique selling propositions and irresistible offers. Motivations lead the shoppers to purchase, just as well as thought-out promotions. Mageworx Magento 2 promo tools help effectively achieve such goals. You’ll be able to conveniently offer reward points and increase loyalty, raise donations and show that you care, refund purchases with store credits, offer various types of gift cards, and more.

Magento 2 is a robust eCommerce platform that develops continuously and expands the pool of its functionality. As one of its Select Partners, at MageWorx, we strive to create Magento 2 promo modules that expand the default functionality and enhance the customers’ on-site experience.

The Customer Prices Suite extension significantly expands the default Magento 2 functionality. Besides advanced pricing customization possibilities that include setting shopper/customer group-specific prices and promotions, you’ll be able to completely replace the default value with a personalized price for the selected users, or display crossed values to achieve business-specific marketing objectives.

Reward Points is an all-in-one solution that allows a merchant to introduce and effectively run a loyalty program.

Multi Fees is one of Magento 2 promotion extensions that has been well recognized on the market so far. Besides stimulating sales of additional services, it helps the merchants share shipping & billing operational expenses.

Donations Suite Magento 2 extension helps easily support nonprofits your business cares about.

Gift Cards allows you to generate and effectively manage gift cards of three types on different Store Views.

Others Also Bought FREE helps increase sales by automatically filling in the related products block.

Bridge the distance between the shoppers and their favorite brands ― introduce Shop by Brands functionality.