If you’re in search of ways to design special promotions rules, reward points systems, discount offers, etc., Magento promotions extensions can give you a hand.

This category gathers a variety of Mageworx’s motivation extensions that not only help build brand awareness, credibility, and trust but also boost your online store’s sales and customer retention rates. With the promotion extensions, you can quickly access and make the best use of the 4Ps marketing mix―price, product, promotion, and place―and utilize it to assist your brand, service, or product in traveling the path up to effectiveness and success.

What is the best Magento extension for special promotion?

Understanding the psychological needs of the customer is a must to create unique selling propositions and irresistible offers. Motivations encourage customers to complete a purchase, just as thought-out advanced promotions. Mageworx Magento promotions extensions help effectively achieve such goals. You’ll be able to offer reward points and increase loyalty, raise donations and show that you care, offer promotions discounts, provide various types of gift cards, and more.

Magento 2 is a robust eCommerce platform that develops continuously and expands the pool of its functionality. Being an Adobe Exchange Partner Innovate, at Mageworx, we strive to build promotion extensions that are in full compliance with the Magento development standards and best practices.

Marketing & Sales Suite is one of the number one Magento extensions for marketers available in the market. The toolkit incorporates a host of indispensable features designed to promote any kind of product or service, the cheapest or most expensive ones. The suite enables you to create promotions with a personalized touch, get the best use of scarcity marketing and coupon codes, build a reward points system, enable countdown timers and recent sales notifications, display products' popularity, etc.

Customer Prices Suite expands the default Magento 2 functionality with advanced pricing customization possibilities. They include but are not limited to setting prices and promotions for individual shoppers and/or specific customer groups based on custom shopping cart price rules and promotion rules. With the Magento 2 promotions extension, you’ll be able to completely replace the default value with a personalized price for selected users or display crossed values if needed.

Gift Cards allows you to generate and effectively manage gift cards of three types on different store views.

Multi Fees is a promotion extension that helps stimulate sales of additional services, such as gift wrap, extra warranty, etc. Besides, the Magento 2 promotion extension lets you add any fee possible: shipping, handling, certification, shopping cart, product, transaction fees, and more.

Reward Points is another all-in-one Magento promotion module that allows launching, running, and managing an outstanding loyalty program.

Ultimate Sales Boost has it all to help your business promote sales through the entire shopping journey, create urgency, increase AOV and boost your profit.

Affiliate extension Magento 2 brings such potential benefits to a business as increased brand exposure, cost-effective marketing, increased brand credibility, and more. Mageworx’s Affiliate Pro makes it easy to launch, run and manage an affiliate program while making it neat and nimble for affiliates to be a part of such a program.

Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders automates the process of collecting customer feedback and business promotion reviews. This is achieved with the help of popup and email review reminders that get displayed following specific promo rules. The add-on also allows customers to leave extended reviews for the purchased items: attach images, state pros and cons, recommend products, etc.

Though Social Proof & Fomo is not a Magento 2 promotions extension free, it adds such handy features as recent sales and product popularity notifications displayed as a popup or HTML text. The add-on also boasts over 40 design templates.

Product Countdown Timers is one of the most effective FOMO marketing tools. With the help of customizable animated timers, you can quickly inform your site visitors about ongoing and upcoming promotions.

Donations Suite is one of the special promotions extensions that help support nonprofits your business cares about.

Event Management by Staylime brings in the possibility of selling any type of event as Magento products. The solution provides you with any tool you could possibly need to organize and manage Magento events successfully.

Others Also Bought is one of the Magento 2 promotions extensions free that introduces simple but handy functionality and enable you to fill in the related products block automatically.

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