Magento 2 Extensions

Magento has always offered unique ecommerce experience. With technical and functional changes, Magento 2 version opens a new chapter in ecommerce. On this page you will find Magento 2 extensions that will help you fundamentally improve your store.

Shipping Suite

A full (and flexible) control over Magento shipping. Diversify your target markets, find new sales channels and multiply your store profits manifold.


SEO Suite Ultimate

The first Magento 2 SEO solution. Eliminates duplicate content issues, improves website indexation and makes it search engine & user friendly.


Advanced Product Options Suite

All-in-one, highly customization solution for managing Magento 2 advanced product options. Increase your store revenue and serve your customers in a better way.


Marketing & Sales Suite

Use marketing automation to tackle repetitive activities. Build product credibility, personalized deals, and customer loyalty. Create a sense of urgency during your sales campaigns.


Store Locator & In-store Pickup

Optimize Magento 2 shipping by offering in-store pickup delivery option. On a separate SEO-friendly page, help the shoppers pick up nearby stores on Google Maps and track items’ availability in them.


Customer Prices Suite

Easily set customer/customer group/product catalog, product-specific prices, completely replace the default value or choose to display a crossed price as a special offer.


Order Management

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Gift Cards

Make gift card giving easy. Provide customers with traditional physical or eGift cards. Offer flexible pricing schemes & full gift card data analysis.


Reward Points

Build a loyalty program that works! Reward your most active and loyal store customers, motivate hesitating shoppers and generate more profit for each order.


Multi Fees

Sell more by introducing a wide selection of product extra options and services. Create an unlimited number of additional fees for any product/service you offer.


Delivery Date

Use timely and convenient delivery options as means to build customer loyalty in your Magento 2 store.


Product Countdown Timers

Create the urgency effect to boost your sales with beautiful countdown timers.


Shipping Table Rates

Bring Magento 2 table rates management and shipping cost calculation to a whole new level! Overcome the default limitations ― create an unlimited number of carriers, methods and shipping rates that make product delivery a win-win.


Checkout Suite

Transforms your checkout into powerful and well-designed one page checkout solution.

Order Editor

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Product Reviews & Reminders

Increase trust in your products and brand by transforming Magento 2 reviews into advanced and beautiful product feedbacks. It will drastically improve customer engagement and boost your sales.


Customer Group Prices

Diversify your pricing strategies by setting up custom prices for customer groups. Create targeted marketing campaigns, hide prices from not-registered customers, engage shoppers into certain activities to get a special discount.


File Downloads and Product Attachments

Add various kinds of attachments to your product pages - equip them with product videos, user guides, price lists, and any other type of useful materials of any format.


Social Proof & FOMO

Build the social trust displaying the information about recent sales, trending products and orders directly on product, category and CMS pages.


Shop by Brand

Brands create desire, sense of belonging, status & prestige. Introduce flawless & intuitive shop by brands functionality to bridge the distance between the customers and their favorites


Store & Currency Auto Switcher

Advanced multi-store and multi-currency functionality. Automatically redirects customers to the localized stores and switches to their home currencies.


Short Category & Product URLs

Make product & category pages better indexed and crawled by the search engine spiders. Easily shorten URLs by removing parent categories. Make the critical site pages more trustworthy and authoritative.


Landing Pages

Create SEO- and user-friendly landing pages. Deliver your marketing message via creating a page with eye-candy custom design, smartly arranged content and well-thought page layout.


Custom Order Number

Expand the native numbering scheme of Magento 2 through order length editing, custom prefixes, increment prefixes, and starting numbers.


Personal Customer Discount

Motivate shoppers to make a purchase by offering one-off, custom-tailored personal discounts and coupon codes.


Extended Orders Grid

Extend and customize the default Magento 2 orders grid. Easily add 28 extra colums with essential order parameters, perform order mass-actions, synch order data and more.


Sitemap Suite

Magento 2 Sitemap Suite toolkit - all you need to create efficient HTML and XML Magento 2 sitemaps.


SEO Meta Templates

Advanced SEO attribute templates to easily optimize product and category page meta data, as well as the short and detailed descriptions.


Shipping Calculator

Increase conversion rates and improve customer experience by letting your customers calculate the shipping prices right on the product page.


Donations Suite

Use the power of giving back to bring goodness to the world and gain business benefits.


Layered Navigation

A set advanced features to make Magento 2 store navigation search engine and user friendly.


Prices per Customer

Set individual product pricing for your customers.


Cross Linking

Create and manage Magento 2 cross links in a click. Easily link any keywords to the targeted store pages or external sources.


Extended Rich Snippets

Draw users attention and win the click with more detailed search engine results. Developed according to the latest Google and standards.


Product Custom Options Templates

Ease the pain of manual product configuration. Create any number of custom options templates like color,size, dimensions,etc. just in a few clicks.


Currency Auto Switcher

Expand your Magento business to the new markets. Automatically switch your prices to the customers' home currencies.


No-Contact Delivery / Curbside Pickup

Add 'no-contact' delivery to your store to give your customers safe way to receive their orders.


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