Baby Gift Registry extension for Magento v2.0.1

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  • Advanced registry functionality (private/ personal baby lists, flexible shipping options)

  • Customizable registry search

  • Optimized product management (unlimited number of products, multiple product type support, gifts priority, product’s status track)

  • A detailed overview of the registry stats in the Admin Panel

  • Integrated e-mail/ social sharing functionality

СE 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x

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Help your online customers in creating wishlists for a Baby Shower. Attract more traffic, acquire new store clients and bring more awareness to your brand.

  • Fully compatible with all Magento Security Patches.

*Developed in cooperation with WebTex Software, a MageWorx company.

What is Gift Registry for?

Baby Gift Registry as a Viral Marketing Tool

Help your customers create baby gift registry lists to inform friends about the presents they want to receive for their Baby Shower. Thus, you can get more new customers and significantly increase your Magento store sales.

Advanced Baby Registry Functionality

Create a baby registry with Magento Baby Gift Registry extension
Adding a family photo and a parents' note to a baby registry with Magento Baby Gift Registry extension
Create a baby registry at the back-end

Baby Gift Registry Magento extension allows customers to create and manage multiple gift registries in a hassle-free way.

  • Choose a registrant's address as a shipping address during the checkout
  • Make a private baby list (to access such a registry, a user will need to provide their ID or a direct link to it)
  • Create more personal baby gift lists with detailed parent’s info
  • Add a family photo to a baby list page
  • Display "Add To Registry" link for guests

Maximally Flexible Search Results

Go beyond the standard registry search and allow customers to easily find what they need.

Access a baby gift list though “Search by name” feature, by specifying a maiden name, with the “Search by Registry ID” option, or providing a direct link to it.

The registry search form is implemented as a pop-up JavaScript window, which makes it unnecessary to integrate a search form into the page layout/design and thus save time.

Search for a Baby Registry with Magento Baby Gift Registry extension

Optimized Product Management

Add items to Baby Gift Registry option
View baby registry with Magento Baby Gift Registry extension

Manage baby registry list with Magento Baby Registry extension

Manage an unlimited number of Baby Registry products with ease.

  • Simultaneously add products to a shopping cart from different registries and catalogs
  • Set a registry's name for each product from the "Order View" page
  • Add configurable and bundled products to the Baby registry
  • Add the same configurable product (with different options selected) to the registry multiple times
  • Add products to a Magento baby registry from a product page, a catalog page or a search results page using AJAX (thus excluding page reloads)
  • Set the priority and leave notes for each product added to a registry
  • Define/change the number of items desired and the number of items received per each product
  • Sort products on a registry product list (by price, priority and purchased status)

Generate Detailed Stats Through The Admin Panel

Baby Gift Registry Magento Extension tracks every action a customer takes on your store. In the Admin Panel you will be able to:

  • Create/ full edit/ delete a registry
  • Check all the important registry statistics: existing registries, products within each registry, desired/received/purchased amounts of products, corresponding orders
  • View all the registries ever created (all deleted registries remain in Admin Panel with full statistics)
  • Update the amount of received products
  • See all registry IDs in a registry list. IDs are clickable and lead to the registry page on a site’s front-end
Manage Baby Registries in Magento
Add products to a baby gift registry
View Baby Registry Orders with Magento Baby Gift Registry extension
View Baby Registry

Other Features

Share Baby Registry option in Magento Baby Gift Registry extension
  • Integrated email functionality lets future parents inform their guests about the baby registry. Email body text automatically includes registry ID, parents' names and a direct link to the created registry.
  • The registry can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.
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Baby Gift Registry extension for Magento

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Great extension with great support!

On January 18, 2016
- Lendl Imported From:
I was looking for an extension like this and found several.
This one is specific, but there were a few other extensions a bit less in price.
I'm happy that I bought this extension because the support is excellent!
I had some little conflics with other modules, the support agents solved all of those problems.
And it was all included in the price.
So overall, I'm glad I spend a bit more for great support!

Excellent work!

On October 21, 2015
- quinnspicker Imported From:
Extension worked as described, and when I had issues installing it (due to a magento template I was using), the support was amazing in helping me out.

Must have for Baby Stores

On August 23, 2015
- bnice Imported From:
Dear baby merchants:
Yes, your life isn't easy, as the market is small and there are so many others which makes it difficult to stand out.
Luckily Mageworx has a heart for us and developed this gift registry especially for baby and kids stuff merchants.
We're running Magento CE 1.9.1 and we've currently updated to v2.0 of the Baby Registry extension. We had some troubles to make it fit to our highly customized theme. The Webtex support was extremly fast and helpful to fix that.
What more could I say? If you like to stand out and make shopping more personal, look no further!

Good extensions, great developpers

On August 18, 2015
- Kleine Reus Imported From:
I have bought the extension and I am very satisfied about all the functionalities. There was one small thing, I would like to have, which was not included, so I have asked the Webtex team to develop this for me especially. After only 1 day I had a response, an invoice and a few days later the development has been finished! They did a GREAT job.
I recommend this extension and Webtex to everyone!

All the features we want + excellent support!

On July 13, 2015
- rachel_snare Imported From:
We are an online store for baby products and the baby registry is obviously an important feature for us. This extension has met and exceeded our needs. High level of customization and tons of features. We've had a few compatibility issues with our theme/other extensions and the support from the team has been top notch! They are faster and more thorough than the support teams behind any of the other extensions we use. Great product, great support!

Professional Ext and Team!

On June 22, 2015
- whimsndoodles Imported From:
This product is great. Installed and set-up in a day. Any questions or bugs have been promptly responded to and corrected by the webtex team. User friendly, cost effective and have boosted our registry sales overnight. Thank you Alex and the team!!
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 2.0.1 (November 16, 2015)
  • Adds compatibility with Magento and the SUPEE-6788 patch
  • Version: 2.0.0 (November 06, 2015)
  • Customizable social media message
  • The ability to get a notification email when the registry item is purchased
  • Improved create/edit functionality for registry templates
  • Improved buttons templates
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 1.7.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
  • Ability to create/ full edit/ delete registry through admin panel
  • Version: 1.6.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
  • Share Registry on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Ability to use multi shipping addresses in checkout.
  • Ability to create shipping address during creating the registry.
  • Version: 1.5.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
  • Grouped products have been fixed
  • Version: 1.4.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
  • Added ability to display "Add To Registry" link for guests
  • Version: 1.3.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
  • Added ability to delete registry in the admin panel.
  • Added ability to update the amount of received products in the admin panel.
  • Displaying Registry's name for each product from the registry on the page " Order View".
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Added ability to add the same configurable product (with different options selected) to the registry multiple times.
  • Added "Registry ID" field to registry list in Admin Panel.
  • Added Ability to sort products in registry product list.
  • Removed feature: all products that have been already added to the registry are marked with label "Added to Baby Registry".
  • Now if order status becomes cancelled (order with a product from a registry), then the product is being returned to the registry and becomes available.
  • Fixed 404 error on "Add to Cart" click in registry, when 'After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart' = "No" in Admin Panel.
  • Registry products are now marked as 'Received' when purchased by guest user.
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Added "Maiden name" field into registry creation/edit page and made it searchable through registry search.
  • Added "Purchased" field into registry products list in Admin Panel.
  • Purchased products are now associated with corresponding orders.
  • Added ability to specify desired amount of a product through "Qty" field on product page.
  • Added functionality to save deleted registries statistics in Admin Panel.
  • Added registry status field in Admin Panel with values: "Active" and "Inactive".
  • Added compatibility with Magento 1.5.x
  • Made all extension fields, labels and info changable via Magento's Inline Translator.
  • Added ability to add products to a registry from catalog search result page.
  • Fixed registry created date&time issue in Admin Panel.
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Initial release