Abandoned Cart Recovery extension for Magento v1.2.0

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  • A convenient dashboard with all important cart stats

  • Overviewing general cart metrics

  • In-depth cart abandonment analytics

  • Retargeting tools

  • Rules to send out abandoned cart alerts

  • Scheduling retargeting email campaigns

  • Ready-to-send personalized retargeting emails

  • Customer activities tracking

  • Tracking retargeting campaign results

    • Admin demo access: demo_abcart / demo_123
СE 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x

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Convert abandoned carts to sales and recoup the lost revenue. Increase cash flow by following up on customers via automated reminders and sweet discounts. Advanced analytics included.

  • Fully compatible with All Magento Security Patches.

What is Abandoned Cart Recovery for?

Shape Efficient Remarketing Email Strategy

Create Emails Rules with Magento Abandoned Cart Recovery Extension

Craft an effective re-engaging email message:

  • a wide spectrum of abandoned cart alert rules
  • rules for specific websites and customer groups
  • customizable email templates
  • the ability to use product and cart attributes in a template

Choose the best time to send out emails.

Abandoned cart reminder extension lets you:

  • specify the delay (in minutes) after which a cart is considered to be abandoned
  • set a delay (in hours) after which an email should be sent
Specify the template, date and coupon code for Magento abandoned cart emails

Scheduling emails in Magento abandoned cart recovery module

Make abandoned cart reminders more appealing to customers.

Add some sort of incentive into your message. Attach a discount coupon, a gift code into any of your remarketing emails.

Manage Remarketing Email Campaigns in One Place

Monitor all the scheduled emails reminders.

  • checkup all the details about each alert (e.g. date and time when a cart was abandoned, customer's details, products that were abandoned, etc.)
  • manually adjust pending alerts (edit or remove them) and add new ones if necessary.

Track the details about every sent email:

  • the time when a cart was abandoned and email was sent
  • the time when a cart was recovered
  • the cart total
  • customer’s information
  • order ID (if the cart was recovered)
  • the status of all sent alerts and a cart status.
Monitor all the scheduled emails rules with Magento Abandoned Cart Recovery

Track Effectiveness of Your Remarketing Campaign

Magento dashboard in Abandoned Cart recovery Magento Extension

With Abandoned Cart Recovery extension you can see how efficient your emails work. This will let you figure out whether you are moving in the right direction and help you bring invaluable improvements to your remarketing efforts.

The admin’s dashboard lets you overview general cart metrics for the entire Magento store and check the same data for each customer.

The module generates advanced analytics reports by:

Customer Groups

Per each customer group this Magento extension tracks the numbers of started and abandoned carts and calculates the abandoned revenue and the abandoned rate.

Store View

For each store view the extension shows the number of started and abandoned carts and calculates the abandoned revenue and rate.

Report by locations in Magento abandoned cart recovery extension
Magento report by devices in Abandoned Cart recovery Magento Extension


Abandoned Cart Recovery extension lets you see how many carts were abandoned from desktop and mobile devices.


Also, you will be able to figure out what counties and regions the abandoners are coming from.

Email Template

For each email template this extension shows the numbers of started/abandoned shopping carts and calculates the abandoned revenue and rate.

On top of that, the extension allows you to run A/B tests of the email templates to find what template converts better.

Other Features

  • A/B tests of email templates
  • The numbers of started and abandoned shopping carts, the abandoned revenue and the abandonment rate.
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Abandoned Cart Recovery extension for Magento

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Perfet support

On June 6, 2018
- Agustin Sevilla, Spain Spain Verified User
Mageworx team is always prepared to assist you. Great job.

Perfect extension & support

On September 5, 2017
- lukas_osw Krakow, Poland Poland Verified User
I am very satisfied with the support and extension

Cool reporting features

On March 21, 2016
- Raymond Rogers Seymour, United States United States Verified User
I'm an old customer of magewoirx. I used different modules for recovering abandoned carts. however, I never had a chance to track how they actually work because other modules do not have detailed reports. I decided to switch this this module to know how this system works. The reports helped to correct my templates and sending time to get better results.
Support is great as always.

Amazing tool + stunning support

On August 19, 2015
- Jerard Switzerland Switzerland Verified User
I purchased this module only for the functionality to get insights about who actually abandon carts in my store. After 2 months of collecting data I was surprised to find out most of abandoned carts were from foreign customers and on the mobile version. As a result we found the issue: it turned out that customers were redirected to wrong stores + the cart on the mobile version was broken.

Thank you guys! really helpful extension!

Nice recovery tool

On July 10, 2015
- AlbertoBerardi Verona, Italy Italy Verified User
I used 5 different tools from different developers to recover abanonded carts. However, none of them gives real stats how the reminders work. I love the reports from mageworx. The extension started working right after the installation and the abandonment rate decreased by 2%.
P.S. My Magento version


Good (but could be even better!)

On June 22, 2015
- Jack Allen Saint Cloud, United States United States Verified User
We are running a few Magento stores and use this extension mainly for analyzing abandoned cart stats. Definitely it's the best tool for this purpose out there!!
The initial set up is painless and you can easily track how well it is working.

However, the module has some minor bugs with the followup emails. I have reported the issues to your support team and DO hope they will fix them soon.
Apart from that, the tool is perfect. :P

Great reports and impressive list of features

On December 9, 2014
- Jerry FedelBridal Atlanta, United States United States Verified User
Before switching to Magento we spent a lot of time on researching the platform's functionality and the extensions to empower it. Frankly, it was quite a challenge to find a decent tool for our retargeting purposes.
But Abandoned cart recover got very close to what we were looking for!
A lot of customization can be made through the admin panel, email reminders can be easily tailored and scheduled for sending and the advanced reports are very insightful.
However, we've ran into couple minor issues with the 1.0 version. But I have to give the credit to Mageworx customer care team - our problems were solved within 24 hours by the technical support guys.
Overall - A (with a little minus)!

Excellent tool to recover lost sales!

On December 8, 2014
- Peter Halleo Atlanta, United States United States Verified User
I been on the lookout for Magento cart recovery tool for almost two years and finally found it! The extension is of great help when it comes to analyzing cart abandonment stats and scheduling email reminders.
The default email templates could be a little more elaborate, though. But upon the whole, the module offers a wide selection of different features practically for every stage of a re-targeting campaign.

Amazing reports!

On October 23, 2014
- Amanda Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland Verified User
Bought this extension only for reports it offers. They saved me lots of time. Offered them to add one more report. Will see if they add it or not :)
Any way, good extension from mageworks as always.
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 1.2.0 (January 22, 2016)
  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 1.1.1 (January 22, 2016)
  • Fixes a problem with saving alert rules for a single store setup
  • Version: 1.1.0 (November 09, 2015)
  • Adds the SUPEE-6788 compatibility
  • Adds the ability to auto-login customers following the links from reminder emails
  • Moves the code to the community pool
  • Fixes the memory issue on the dashboard
  • Fixes the issue of incorrect records counter in the pending alerts and alerts log
  • Fixes the issue with emails sending if a store has only one store view
  • Fixes the issue with displaying discounts without coupons when creating/editing abandoned rules
  • Version: 1.0.2 (11/11/2014)
  • Email templates were moved directly to System > Transactional Emails
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.5 issue is resolved
  • Issue with staff permissions for the configuration section is resolved
  • Issue with coupon expiration date in emails is resolved
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Initial release