Loyalty Reward Points extension for Magento

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Engage and reward repeat customers to enhance brand experience and generate a bigger amount of sales.

  • Fully compatible with all Magento Security Patches.

    Easy and smooth transfer of all features to Magento 2 version. Contact us to get a personal 25% discount!


  • Incentivize customers with reward points

    Let customers buy, earn & redeem points; create
    rules conditions for completing specific actions.

  • Informing customers about balance changes

    Send out personalized email notifications, assign
    email templates for specific rules/actions.

  • Multi-currency setup support

    Specify reward points exchange rate, convert points
    with consideration of your currencies rates.

  • Creating sense of urgency for assigned points

    Set expiration period (in days) for all/individual

  • Advanced reward points management & reports

    Automatically refill balance & recharge codes, easily
    track usage & effectiveness of assigned reward points, etc.


What is Loyalty Reward Points for?

Reward Most Loyal Customers

Loyalty Reward Points Magento extension lets you provide reward points for both new and regular shoppers with internal store credits (reward points) that can be used for purchasing anything in your store.

With this Magento extension you can easily add an Internal Credit payment method, effectively manage your customers’ credit funds, reward customers for special actions, set an expiration period for credits and track all credit activity with one report.

Create Unique Loyalty System in Magento Store

Fully automate the process of store credits addition via rewarding various types of customer actions.

  • Give Reward points for new customers with 'welcoming' store credits,
  • Congratulate customers on special occasions (like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.) and present them reward points as a gift,
  • Give credits when customers purchase more than a certain amount,
  • Provide Reward points to customers for purchasing only specific products,
  • Grant store credits for doing certain actions (e.g. reviewing a product, signing up for a newsletter, etc.).

NEW Also, with the extension you can set flexible credit rules and conditions based on:

  • the # of orders the customer places in your store,
  • the customer's Order Total.

Plus, with Magento Loyalty Reward Points you can create rules to give a % of an order's total.

NEW On top of that, you can set adding credits either as a one-time action or add them on a regular basis.

For example, you can reward customers with 10% from an order's grand total if they purchase for $500+.

Manage Customer Credit Funds

With Loyalty Reward Points extension you can efficiently manage Magento store credits for each customer or customer group:

  • Add or deduct internal credit funds right under the Internal Credit tab in the Customer Information section,
  • Check Credit Balance activity & actual Customer Balance,
  • Grant specific customer groups with the permission to use reward points,
  • Manage permissions for your staff (you can forbid specific staff roles to deal with internal store funds),
  • Import/Export customers' credits in a .CSV file (using Dataflow Profiles).

Also, you can use customer's external store credits while:

  • Creating orders manually in the backend,
  • Editing/ invoicing orders,
  • Processing refunds (you may return internal store credits instead of real funds).

Magento Email Notifications

NEW Keep your customers informed! Send personalized, custom-tailored emails notifications, based on different customers' actions, such as:

  • product reviews,
  • newsletter subscription,
  • product tagging,
  • birthdays.

NEW You can assign custom email templates for each rule and different actions.

On top of that, you can notify your customers when their Store Balance gets changed or send out an expiration date notice.

Recharge Codes

With Loyalty Reward Points Magento extension you can allow your customers to refill loyalty credits on your Magento store using Recharge Codes.

  • Simplify the process of gift certificates/debit cards mapping with Recharge Codes generation,
  • Track all the Recharge Codes activity (codes usage, expiration dates),
  • Import/Export Codes in a .csv file
  • UNIQUE Generate Recharge Codes using Magento SOAP API.

Magento Store Credits as Payment Method

Add an Internal Credit payment method to let customers pay for any products/services using the Credit Balance funds. With the extension customers can:

  • Use store points to partially pay for the order,
  • Define the amount of loyalty points to spend,
  • Specify the number of store credits to spend even if the Credit Balance covers the whole order total,
  • Apply credits to Subtotal/ Shipping & Handling and Tax,
  • Use Multiple Address Checkout.

Partial payment will be automatically activated at the checkout when a customer doesn't have enough credits.

Sharing/ Selling Reward Points

Let customers share/ sell the earned reward points. This can bring you a bigger amount of active shoppers and increase the loyalty rate of your Magento store.

Customers can create credit codes for specific values of internal reward points and see when these codes are activated. The codes can be sent to anyone and used on your site at any moment later.

Store Credits Expiration Date

With the new Magento Loyalty Reward Points you can define when your store points get expired.

  • Define the default expiration period (in days),
  • NEW Set the credits expiration date for all customers at once and each customer individually,
  • Define a period in days when customers get a credits expiration notification.

On top of that, you can update or keep unchanged the current customers' balances if the default expiration setting is changed.

Exchange Rate for Internal Credits

With Magento Loyalty Reward Points you can:

  • Specify the exchange rate of 1 point to 1 unit of your store base currency.
  • Take advantage of multi-currency set-up support. In case you have more than 1 currency allowed, the resulting sum will be converted with the consideration of your currencies rates

Store Credit Reports

Loyalty Reward Points reports every action a customer/ store staff / the system (if you created credit rules) takes with the internal reward points. With our Magento loyalty rewards points extension you can learn:

  • the precise amount of store credits every customer spends on purchasing with you,
  • the total amount of all store credits in the system,
  • the number of customers who have active store credits,
  • the ratio of customers who use internal store credits to those who don't,
  • the stats on who, when and how updates store credits in your store.

This Magento extension reports on any modification made to customer’s Credit Balance: you can see who modifies balances, how much internal credit funds were added or deducted, etc.

Other Features

  • NEW The ability to sync store balances and internal credits (Magento EE only)
  • Support of Paypal Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro, Express Checkout,
  • Support of the checkout with multiple addresses (refers to multi-shipping checkout).

Compatible with:

  • SagePay payment method
  • Webtex Gift Card
This extension for Magento 1 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 55 item(s)

  • Very good extension
    Does what it says in the description and works well
    Review by Usman (Posted on January 16, 2019)
  • The best way to stimulate customers with rewards.
    This is a great extension for interacting with customers. The best way to stimulate customers with rewards.
    Review by Sergey (Posted on November 30, 2018)
  • Great Tool!
    Fantastic extension and so easy to set-up. I can't wait to see what happens with my loyalty program in place.
    Review by Jane_1986 (Posted on July 3, 2017)
  • 5 stars
    A great extension to our website to create incentives for repeat and long term loyal customers. Covers multiple aspects of customers loyalty program and is easy in use. Definitely recommend this company!!!
    Review by Urban Style (Posted on December 8, 2016)
  • Nice extension to add for a loyalty campaign.
    Frankly, giving reward points to customers doesn't work anymore. Who cares if they have a couple of store credits on their account?
    But if you change the way you present customers with internal credits, it can make wonders, and supercharge your loyalty program. This is what I did with thiss software.
    The extension helped me diversity the ways I reward my customers; also, I created tons of conditions for adding store credits and split anded different customers groups. All that helped me finally get reward points work for my store - the conversion rate on the whole increased by 0,7%, which is awesome for my niche. And last but not least - the spport is super quick and really helpful!
    Review by Maria Alison (Posted on October 19, 2016)

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