Search extensions

If customers can’t find what they’re searching, they can’t buy it. Hence, search can make or break your business. Our Magento 2 Search tools guarantee intuitive, fast and relevant search results that will lead a customer from the search box to the checkout.
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Sphinx Search Suite

Sphinx-powered search toolkit to make Magento 2 search faster and precise.


Layered Navigation

A set advanced features to make Magento 2 store navigation search engine and user friendly.


Search Autocomplete FREE

Instant product search results. Let your customers instantly find what they are looking for.


Make Magento 2 search customers’ personal Sherlock Holmes. Empower the default solution with Sphinx functionality and autocomplete search suggestions used in Mageworx Magento 2 modules. Show customers relevant results from the first letters they type.

Search Suite empowers Magento 2 with Sphinx, which in turn creates flexible full-text search capabilities and fast performance.

Free Search Autocomplete instantly displays relevant search results based on the first query characters. The extension was designed to make the default search better and help customers find the searched products faster.