Shipping Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 2

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What is Shipping Suite extension for?

Optimize shipping processes big time. Set flexible rules and restrictions, take full control over delivery rates and easily manage all types of shipping methods.

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  • Unlimited # of carriers, methods, and rates

    Create setup for any local/custom shipping providers,

    methods, rates.

  • Flexible shipping rules & conditions

    Change shipping cost via substitution, surcharging,

    discounts, and a lot more.

  • Unlimited shipping zones

    Arrange shipping destinations into groups for better management. Let the customers select their shipping country and region before checkout.

  • Advanced postal/zip code validation

    Target specific locations & easily verify area, region,

    incode, etc.

  • Import/export functionality

    Easily manage all shipping-related data.

  • Shipping methods per product

    Assign shipping methods directly to any chosen products. Filter the methods your products can be shipped with.

The Issues Shipping Suite Ultimate Extension Solves


Flexible Shipping Rules & Conditions


By default, Magento 2 comes with the limited possibilities to set rules, while complex shipping conditions are entirely unavailable. This functionality is critical to demonstrate individual approach and offer specific options to the customers.


The extension introduces the ability to create highly customized and individualized shipping options. You’ll be able to get the shipping cost changed via substitution, surcharging or discounts, as well as based on cart attributes, shipping info, location groups, and product attributes.

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of shipping rules
  • Rules for specific store views/customer groups
  • Rule expiration/duration settings
  • NEW! Volume weight attribute - extra FREE add-on for Shipping Suite.

    Download from GitHub

  • Grouping frequently used address conditions to use as a rule
  • Coupon code & base discount amount conditions in rules
  • Ability to add Magento regions, street, city & location zones to shipping rules
  • Certain date and time range settings for shipping rules

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Advanced Methods


By default, coding skills are required to add custom shipping methods or regions. This is often necessary to cover shipping costs for a particular set of circumstances.


The extension allows creating as many shipping methods as your shipping strategy requires. You get to easily choose the default methods (e.g., SPS Express Mail, DHL Flat Rate Box Shipping, etc.) , or custom created ones ('Local Delivery', 'ECO-delivery', 'Pick Up in Stores', etc.).

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of shipping methods
  • Editing/restricting default shipping methods settings by applying rules
  • Shipping rates management for any chosen method
  • Shipping methods can be applied directly to any product
  • Min/max method price threshold for shipping rates
  • Displaying estimated delivery time on frontend
  • Displaying shipping method with lowest prices on frontend

Shipping & Matrix Rates


By default, it’s practically impossible to change shipping cost in Magento 2. Customization and personalization of shipping scenarios has become a must for the eCommerce merchants.


With the extension, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of custom flexible shipping rates for any chosen method.

It stands to mention the on-the-fly rates processing capabilities of the extension. It has been tested on 23,000 shipping rates with 1,700,000 postal codes added ― they got processed within 2-3 seconds on the checkout page.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fixed/percentages surcharges/discounts
  • Shipping cost based on quantity/weight of ordered items
  • On-the-fly processing of large rates data volumes
  • Flexible conditions for shipping rates
  • Zip code validation for rates

Advanced Carriers


Often, the available out-of-the-box shipping carriers are not enough to meet the customers’ needs and expectations. You may need to set up additional options.


With the extension, your customers will get to select the most efficient and affordable shipping options. Additionally, it enables merchants to send packages to anyed location at a reasonable price.

Feature Highlights:

  • UNIQUE Ability to modify shipping cost ANY popular carrier

  • Creation of any local/custom shipping provider
  • Flawless management
  • Custom shipping methods for any newly created carriers

Unlimited Shipping Zones


Shipping is one of the major decision-shaping factors in online retail. The ability to conveniently select the country and region is crucial for the businesses that care about the customers’ shopping experience..


With the help of a location pop-up, your customers will be able to conveniently select their shipping country and region in a couple of mouse clicks. The displayed popup is highly customizable.

Feature Highlights:

  • Displaying shipping location in store header
  • Uploading images for each zone displayed in pop-up
  • Automatic population of location info on shopping cart page
  • Automatic population of location info at checkout

Advanced Postal/Zip Code Validation


The success of package delivery and shipping rates optimization & cost calculation entirely depends on how accurately the corresponding data was provided.


The extension allows running advanced postcode validation to avoid high address correction charges, failed deliveries and unhappy customers! Additionally, you get to easily manage alphanumeric postal/zip codes (e.g., the UK) and run advanced zip code validation for specific destinations (you can verify area, region, outcode, incode, etc.)

Feature Highlights:

  • Advanced postcode validation
  • Ability to specify whether one or more zones can be set for the address at a time
  • Advanced UK postcodes validation
  • Ability tocertain local areas when creating shipping rules and conditions

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Import/Export Funcationality


If you desire to transfer shipping data from one store to another, or need to conveniently analyze the available info, it’s crucial to have the necessary details easily available and accessible.


The extension enables you to conveniently import to and export from a CSV file all the essential shipping data and use it for creating any type of shipping strategies.

Feature Highlights:

  • Import/export custom shipping carriers
  • Import/export custom shipping methods
  • Import/export custom shipping rates

8 Top Extensions Included Within 1 Module Package

  • Delivery zones/locations
  • Shipping rates
  • Custom carriers & methods
  • Shipping rules
  • Shipping restrictions
  • Import/export rates
  • Advanced zip codes validation
  • Zones pop-up

Features of Shipping Suite Ultimate for Magento 2

Rules & Conditions

Easily create a range of highly-customized and individualized shipping options.

With the help of advanced shipping rules and conditions, you can hide or modify any shipping method.

That also includes changing shipping cost via substitution, surcharging or discounts. Shipping cost can be changed based on:

  • extended cart attributes,
  • shipping information,
  • location groups,
  • product attributes.
  • product stock attributes (stock status & stock value, backorder status & backorder amount)

Also, with the extension you can:

  • create an unlimited amount of shipping rules based on product, cart item, address and customer attributes,
  • add rules for specific store views/customer groups,
  • set shipping rule duration/expiration date,
  • use location groups in the shipping rules (so you could group frequently used address conditions into 1 group and use it as a rule),
  • add a coupon code & base discount amount conditions to the rules,
  • create rules based on 'Order subtotal with a discount',
  • add Magento regions, street, city, and location zones to shipping rules.
  • set rules for shipping prices, when the customers get charged per each 1 extra unit of weight after they add X units of weight to cart.
  • UNIQUE modify a shipping cost of any POPULAR shipping carrier: DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. (by means of rules and restrictions).

Shipping Carriers

Let the customers select the most efficient and affordable shipping options.

Create custom shipping carriers to send deliveries to anyed location, at a reasonable rate.

Shipping suite extension for Magento 2 enables you to:

  • create a setup for any local/custom shipping provider,
  • conveniently manage all custom shipping carriers from the backend,
  • assign custom shipping methods to newly created carriers,

Shipping Methods

Offer customers a range of shipping options to choose from. Create an unlimited amount of shipping methods aligned with your shipping strategy.

Offer either the default methods, such as USPS Express Mail, DHL Flat Rate Box Shipping, UPS ground, UPS two-day, OR alternatively, custom-created ones: 'Local Delivery', 'ECO-delivery shipping', 'Pick Up in Stores', etc.

The extension enables you to:

  • create an unlimited amount of new custom shipping methods,
  • edit and restrict the default shipping methods settings by means of rules,
  • adjust new AND manage the existing shipping rates for any chosen shipping method.

Also, for each created Method, it's possible to:

  • specify the min/max method price threshold for shipping rates,
  • set the estimated delivery time for the shipping methods/rates using the MIN and MAX parameters,
  • display delivery time next to a shipping method in the frontend (on the shopping cart or checkout page),
  • use multiple rates price calculation on the method level (Max Priority, Max Price, Min Price, Sim Up All Rates),
  • hide a shipping method if there are no valid rates,
  • display a custom error message, when the method is not available,
  • 'allow to change method title by rate', thus changing the displayed shipping method with the rate's title,
  • NEW display a shipping method with the lowest price at the top during the checkout.

Shipping Rates

Create an unlimited amount of custom flexible shipping rates for any chosen shipping method. In the advanced shipping rates grid you can:

  • overwrite/surcharge/discount a shipping cost, a shipping cost per qty of an item, a cost per item or per 1 unit of weight,
  • configure fixed or percentage surcharges/discounts,
  • create shipping rates based on flexible conditions (country with region (multi-select is possible), zip code range, price range, quantity range, weight range, etc.),
  • use shipping rules to adjust the amount of shipping cost for any shipping method,
  • NEW run zip code validation for rates.

Also, with the extension, it’s possible to:

  • specify the min/max method price threshold for rates,
  • set multiple rates price calculation on the method level (‘Highest’, ‘Lowest’, ‘Use Priority’, ‘Sum’),
  • specify the estimate delivery time for shipping methods/rates using the MIN/MAX parameters AND override the estimated delivery of the method (thus, customers will always know when to expect their orders)

Shipping Zones Popup

Let your customers quickly and conveniently select their shipping location.

With the help of a customizable shipping location pop-up, shoppers can choose their shipping country and region in a couple of mouse clicks.

With this functionality, it’s possible to:

  • display shipping location in the store header,
  • upload images for each zone displayed in the pop-up,
  • automatically populate shipping location info on the shopping cart page and at the checkout.

Location Relations

By default, Magento let shoppers select states/provinces for the chosen country. However, this option is not available for all countries (including such popular shipping destinations as Italy or the Netherlands).

That’s why website visitors have to manually enter regions when placing an order, which wastes their time and may cause shipping issues because of the wrong spelling, etc.

NEW The Country-regions relations functionality allows adding new regions and editing those provided out of the box. When done, customers of anyed location can select any region that you deliver to.


Multi-Store Support

In case you’re running an international, multi-currency store, the extension will let you personalize shipping options for eached location.

With the module, it's possible to:

  • NEW сreate custom shipping carriers for chosen store views,
  • сreate shipping rules/methods for specific store views,
  • add the store labels to the rates,
  • specify names and delivery messages for each localized store.

Zip Code Validation

NEW If you ship to locations that have alphanumeric postal/zip codes (e.g. the United Kingdom), the extension will help manage these complicated cases.

This functionality allows store owners tocertain local areas when creating Shipping Rules and Conditions (including Comparison, aka less than/greater than Rules).

For instance, if the area of the outward part (letters) in the code is the same, the extension starts checking for the required district and so on. This way, one can narrow down the number of postcodes used in shipping rules and conditions.

What is more, you can also run advanced zip code validation for the UK addresses (you can verify area, region, outcode, incode etc.)

Data Import/Export

NEW With the extension, you can conveniently import and export all the essential shipping data and use it for creating any type of shipping strategies.

The module enables you to import and export:

  • any type of shipping carriers,
  • default and custom-created shipping methods,
  • all shipping rates (both the default and custom).

Shipping Per Product

Use a granular approach to the shipping methods associated with the product.

Add shipping methods directly to any product from the Products edit page or products grid.

If the customer adds to cart some product with the specified methods, only the selected shipping methods will be available for this order. The extension searches for the overlapping shipping methods if several products are added.

This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 71 item(s)

  • Nice Product, Nice Support
    We could build all our non standard Shipping needs with this Extention easily.
    At the beginning we had one or another question and contacted the support,
    the response Time was very fast and we got everytime nice help from the mageworx team.

    I highly recommend Mageworx Extention in generall because of the fast and stressless support.

    Also the Shipping Extention is very individual configurable.
    so you can build every shipping method anyone can have.
    Review by Medizina KG (Posted on December 20, 2018)
  • Best for custom shippin rules!
    Totally happy that I've found this app. A perfect solution for adding custom shipping rules, intuitive and easy to use. They're still missing a few features I need for my shipping model, but they claim to be working on them. 5 stars anyway!
    Review by Marcus N. (Posted on November 20, 2018)
  • fantastic support!
    I love this extension and the people who have created and are support it! I almost always get an answer to my queries on the same day, and my questions are answered professionally and in detail. Totally recommend this company!
    Review by A.A. (Posted on September 2, 2018)
  • Good extension and good support
    Very satisfied with everything this module offers. Moreover, the support is very competent
    Review by Sebastien (Posted on July 11, 2018)
  • Bad support
    When I upgrade Magento from 2.1.10 to 2.2.4 this extension is giving error, I contended the support, they ask me to give access my file and DB, then the support make changes in the DB directly to work the extension. And they said the issue is I upgrade the extension first and upgrade Magento second, it should be other way (first time herein that).

    I try with their recommendation upgrade Magento first then upgrade the module still getting same error and contacted them again and they are asking DB and file access where ever I wanted to update the extension.
    Normally there is bug in the extension they should fix in the code not manually change something in the DB.
    Review by George (Posted on June 21, 2018)

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