Advanced Product Options Suite Extension for Magento 2

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What is the extension for?

The extension is a have-it-all solution to create/customize/manage product options in Magento2-based stores. Quickly add an unlimited amount of options for any number of products at once.

Easily customize and manage every single custom product option in your store. Create product options combinations with dependencies, add and optimize option's Image/Colors Swatches, set options' pricing, accurately track their inventory and a lot more!

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  • Unlimited product options

    Use smart templates to add custom options for an unlimited number of products.

  • Fully customizable product variants

    Specify the option’s input type, description, price, cost and weight, set the option as required, one-time, and determine options' SKU policy.

  • Custom option pricing

    Set one-time, absolute, special, customer group / tier, negative prices of an option

  • Visual presentation of every product option

    Let the customers see the final version of the product by adding option’s Images/Color Swatches.

  • Advanced product+option combinations

    Set OR/AND dependencies to show/hide options depending on the customer’s choice.

  • Automated option inventory tracking

    Keep an accurate track of every product option, display options’ quantity on the frontend.

  • Migration tool for options templates

    Migrate the option templates from Magento 1 stores with ease.


The Issues Advanced Product Options Extension Solves


Product Options Templates

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With the default Magento functionality, you have to input every product option by hand. What is worse, it has to be done for each product separately.


With this extension, you can add a multitude of product variations in a couple of clicks. Create templates for a wide range of product custom options, including: Size, Color, Brand, Storage, Dimensions or whatever quality your products may have, and apply them to ANY amount of products.

Feature Highlights:

  • Templates to mass-add custom product options
  • Unlimited options/option groups for unlimited products
  • Multiple custom options for each product
  • Easy template creation and management
  • Ability to duplicate templates

Product Options Customization


Each product option is unique. It may require its own input type, price, SKU, weight /cost values (for calculating accurate shipping costs), etc.


The extension enables you to add a wide range of values for each product option: from specific description to advanced pricing and unique SKU.

Feature Highlights:

  • Option input types (drop-down, radio-buttons, checkbox, text, multiple select, and dozens more)
  • Custom option price: fixed/percent, absolute, one-time
  • Unique option SKU
  • Setting options as required
  • Adding cost/weight for each option
  • Unique option’s title and description

Option Pricing


When it comes to custom options pricing, various scenarios are possible. It may often be required to change the price of the base product with the one of the custom option, add the option’s price only once, regardless of the # of added option items or offer a fixed / percentage discount for purchasing certain product options in bulk.


The extension makes pricing product custom options a breeze. With Advanced Product Options module, you can assign any price type (one-time, absolute, special, customer group / tier, etc.) to any product variant in your store.

Feature Highlights:

  • Absolute prices
  • One-time prices
  • Setting option prices for different customer groups (tier prices)
  • Special prices
  • Custom option’s weight and cost values
  • Option negative prices support

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Product Option Images / Swatches

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With the default functionality of Magento 2, you can only add images of the swatch type for the configurable products. While for the other products and their options there’s no way to do that.


With Advanced Product Options extension, you can add image- and color-based values for any chosen custom option, of any product type thus creating its beautiful visual product presentation. All custom options images are created in the original Magento style, with no overrides.

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited image/color swatch options
  • Text swatch options
  • Replacing the standard product image with the one of the option
  • Option’s image gallery
  • Option’s preview in the tool-tip
  • SEO for product option images

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Conditional Logic / Option Dependency

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Sometimes you may want to diversify your product offerings by creating custom product options dependencies. E.g. You may want to show/hide product options based on what a customer initially selects.


By setting dependencies between/among product options, you can create products with a wide range of options (e.g. storage, RAM, size, color, etc.) and display them in succession depending on customers’ choices.

Feature Highlights:

  • AND dependency
  • OR dependency

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Linking Options by SKU


In some scenarios, you may want to sell some of your products as options of the chosen product.

This can be done via creating a bundle product. But this approach may be quite time- and resource-consuming, as you have to manually create each complex product. What is worse, in this case, you won’t be able to add important characteristics of the constituent simple products.


With the Advanced Product Options extension, you can easily add any simple/virtual product as an option of the main one via linking them by SKUs.

When linked, the extension automatically equips each option with such important attributes as the name, price, cost, quantity, weight and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • Linking any simple/virtual products as options of another product by SKU
  • Displaying such linked product attributes as: Name, Price, Qty, Cost, Weight, etc.

SKU Policy

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For all orders with product custom options, the default Magento adds the chosen option’s SKU value to the main product’s one. Say, if you are selling kits or bundles, e.g. desktop computers and their parts, you may get SKUs like this ‘DELL192-motherboard3920-mouse13-keyboard153’. This, in turn, can trigger issues when you export order data, monitor or analyze it, as you simply won’t be able to locate a product with such a SKU.


NEW & UNIQUE With the extension, it possible to determine how product+option(s) SKU(s) are formed in the shopping cart and order.

Feature Highlights:

  • SKU Policy: replacement method
  • SKU Policy: independent method
  • SKU Policy: grouped method

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Custom Option Inventory

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If you sell a lot of products with variants, you know that keeping track of custom options inventory is a big challenge. The default Magento 2 offers quite a limited set of tools to manage this type of inventory. Also, the platform doesn’t provide you with any custom options inventory reports.


With Advanced Product Options Suite, you can take full control over custom options inventory, and timely inform customers about available product variants.

Feature Highlights:

  • Tools for product option inventory management
  • Qty display for every product option It may require its input type
  • Custom frontend messages for unavailable products
  • UNIQUE Product option Qty input
  • Auto-hiding out-of-stock products

Product Option Templates Migration

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According to Magento®, the end of the first CMS version support is scheduled for June 2020. If you are one of those merchants who’ve decided to migrate to Magento 2 with this regard, then a convenient transfer of functionality would be a significant concern ― especially when it comes to custom product options.


The Advanced Product Options extension for Magento 2 helps face the new challenges and painlessly migrate products option templates. After exporting both options templates and images from Magento 1, the extension enables you to effortlessly import the required data to your Magento 2 store.

Feature Highlights:

  • Product options import to Magento 2
  • Ability to map customer groups and store views to the values of your Magento 2 site

Features of Advanced Product Options for Magento 2

Option Templates

Easily add options and variants for any amount of products. With the smart extension templates, you can equip any product with multiple custom options in a couple of mouse clicks.

APO Suite enables you to:

  • easily create an unlimited number of templates,
  • assign templates to any selected product/group of products,
  • add an unlimited amount of options for an unlimited amount of products,
  • assign templates to products by SKUs or product IDs,
  • assign templates right when editing products or adding new ones,
  • keep template's options on the products even after template unassignment,
  • set any templates' option as default,
  • conveniently manage, edit/delete and duplicate custom option templates,
  • manage all product options through templates to save time,
  • migrate your option templates from Magento 1 stores.

Option Types

APO Suite allows you to create options of the following types:

  • drop-down,
  • radio-button,
  • check-box,
  • multiple-select,
  • text swatch (buttons),
  • text multiple-select swatch (buttons),
  • image swatch,
  • image multiple-select swatch,
  • color swatch (single choice),
  • color swatch (multiple-select),
  • buttons,
  • text field,
  • text area,
  • file option,
  • date,
  • date & time,
  • time.

Custom Option Pricing

Diversify your pricing strategy with setting custom costs for every product option. Deliver great product offerings with flexible pricing schemes.

With the Advanced Product Options extension, you can:

  • specify either positive or negative prices for product options,
  • set a fixed or percentage price for any custom option,
  • configure the option's absolute price to replace the original one,
  • define an option’s price as ‘one-time’ (the custom price will be added only once despite the quantity of the products added to cart),
  • add special prices for custom options,
  • specify special prices for customer groups,
  • specify special prices availability period,
  • add a marketing message for the special prices,
  • add flixed/percent tier price for each option,
  • specify a tier price for customer groups,
  • specify tier prices availability period.

Option Values

With the extension, it’s possible to equip each product option with unique values: input type, price, SKU, weight, cost and dozens more.

  • define an input type for custom options (checkbox, drop-down, radio-buttons, multiple select, and dozens more),
  • add a unique option’s title and description,
  • add an option’s SKU,
  • set an option’s price (fixed/percentage),
  • configure the option's absolute price to replace the original one,
  • define an option’s price as ‘one-time’,
  • set custom weight /cost values for any product variation,
  • specify the absolute weight/cost,
  • set options as required, and more.

Option's Cost/Weight

Set custom weight & cost values for any chosen product option.

Thus, you can get more accurate shipping costs (right in the shopping cart), and calculate the net profit each product option brings.

The extension enables you to:

  • quickly set custom weight /cost values for any product variation,
  • specify absolute weight/cost (it will replace products' original weight/cost values with ones the chosen option has),
  • add custom weight values to shipping costs,
  • specify the weight type as fixed or percentage to calculate weight of an option as the percent from the product's weight.

Option Images

With APO, you can easily add an unlimited number of images for each option value.

The extension enables you to:

  • add an unlimited number of images,
  • replace the main product image with the one of a custom option,
  • create an option’s gallery by uploading multiple images for each option value,
  • display option images below an option value,
  • choose the option gallery display mode: disable, display once selected or always disable below the option value,
  • define which image will replace the main product image,
  • define which image will be shown in the tooltip along with the value description,
  • ability to hide specific images from the option gallery.

Image/Color Swatch

With the Advanced Product Options extension, you can easily create beautiful visual presentation of any product variant.

The extension enables you to:

  • add an unlimited # of image/color options of the swatch type,
  • UNIQUE add text custom options of the swatch Type (aka "button" style),
  • replace the standard product image with the one of a custom option,
  • add an option’s gallery by uploading multiple images for a single option,
  • display any option image in the preview tool-tip,
  • optimize custom product images for SEO.


Create conditional product+option combinations by setting OR/AND product options dependencies.

OR dependency

Shoppers can select the next product option only after they have picked up the main one.

Example: if you are selling cell phones, you can display a custom list of 'Storage' options when the gold color is selected.

AND dependency

Dependent options are shown only when two or more options get selected.

Example: you can unlock 'Storage' and 'Case' options providing a customer initially selects the red color.


Option Description

Add descriptions for your options to ensure better customer experience. The extension enables you to:

  • add a description for each option,
  • add a description for each option value,
  • translate descriptions to different languages or specify different descriptions for each language (store view),
  • display the option description as a plain text or in a tooltip.

Option link

The Option Link functionality allows linking simple/virtual/downloadable products to the options for any chosen main product.

By linking products this way, it will be possible to display and sync such important product option characteristics as Price, Cost, Qty, Weight, etc.

  • link any option value to existing product by SKU,
  • display and sync a linked product's price, title, stock weight and cost for an option,
  • sync stock between an option and a linked product to ensure accurate inventory management,
  • apply SKU Policy for the linked options.

SKU Policy

APO enables you to manage the final product SKU and how the product with options are added to the cart/order. 5 SKU Policies are supported:

  • standard - append an option SKU to a product SKU,
  • replacement - replace the main product’s SKU with the ones of a chosen custom option,
  • independent - keep the main product (including SKU) while adding the chosen options as separate order items,
  • grouped - transform the custom options into separate items in the order and hide the main product,
  • disabled - ignore an option SKU and doesn't add it to the order. Only the main product SKU will be provided.

The extension allows you to apply SKU Policy either in the cart and/or in the order only. The SKU Policy can be chosen on a template or product level.

Option Inventory

Keep track of your product custom options inventory and optimize your store inventory tracking.

The extension enables you to:

  • keep an accurate track of every product option,
  • automatically display the quantity of every product option on the front-end,
  • show the total quantity of custom options,
  • automatically hide out-of-stock product options OR disable them and the customizable out-of-stock message,
  • track the stock of all product options from a single user-friendly grid with the ability to update option inventories in bulk,
  • NEW & UNIQUE add quantity field for any product option on the front-end (your customers will be able to specify a desired quantity for each option if required)

Multi-language support

The APO allows you to translate product options to different languages or even disable specific values for the necessary store views / languages:

  • translate any option and option value to different languages,
  • hide any option for specific store views if necessary.

Options Visibility

The APO lets you assign options to particular customer groups and/or store views:

  • assign any custom option to particular customer groups,
  • assign any custom option to particular store views.

Options Styling

The APO gives you the ability to customize the layout of your custom options by adding the CSS classes to your product options.

Migration Tool

Easily migrate option templates from your Magento 1 to Magento 2 store.

The extension allows you to import option templates using a CSV file. All options including images will be migrated.

This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 237 item(s)

  • Great extension
    Just what I was looking for to create a configurable option on my website!
    Review by Amz (Posted on August 8, 2019)
  • Awesome product and great experience with support
    Migrated to m2 using this plugin. Managed to set up the entire products configurations as expected. Support replied to all my questions and provided necessary help!
    Highly recommend this module!
    Review by James F. (Posted on February 28, 2019)
  • Poorly programmed unreasonable support.
    We bought the Magento 1 Extension and already had more than a few problems with the extension. Now we bought the Magento 2 extension and it is not working at all. To get fundamental things working Mageworx requested $1920, as they treated these issues as a custom development.
    I strongly recommend not to buy this extension. It costed a lot of time, nerves, and money.
    Review by Fred (Posted on February 26, 2019)
  • Perfect Module
    We used this module on our M1 store and it was perfect for our dependent options, we are now looking forward to using the M2 version
    Review by Richard (Posted on February 1, 2019)
  • Great Extension
    Does exactly what I needed it to do and installation was simple. Highly recommend it
    Review by Paul (Posted on January 22, 2019)

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