3 New APO Features for a Better Pricing Strategy

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Pricing is the most important aspect of your business, because nothing else has a higher impact on boosting profits. Thanks, Captain Obvious. That’s why even a slight improvement of your pricing strategy may lead to significant changes.

Today’s update of Advanced Product Options brings 3 new features that will help you shape better product pricing

1. Percent based on options

With the new version you can calculate the % based on custom options’ pricing (not on the base product price).

For example:

Base product price: $0.00
Size A: +$20.00
Color X: +10%

The default Magento calculates it this way: 10% of a base price 0.00 = 0. Total is $20.

While Advanced Product Options takes more advanced approach: 10% of a base price AND a size price. 10% of $20 = Total is $22


2. Price per character

Now it’s possible to add a new price type – Fixed per Character. It can be specified for the Text Input Type (Field and Area).

The feature can be of a great help if you want to charge extra for a design print over a T-shirt that was designed by your customers.


3. Title and Price for Color Swatch

And finally, the updated APO extension lets you display the price and title of a custom option on the front-end. Here is how it will look like:



Want to test the new functionality? Just hit the button below and jump to our Demo Store.




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