Shipping Suite Magento Extension


Eliminate all shipping hassles, expand to the new markets and deliver your products with ease using this shipping extension.
  • Advanced shipping zones management of your Magento store allows easily sell product to specific countries and regions
  • Automated process of detecting customer location (using the advanced MaxMind technology)
  • Flexible Magento shipping rules and restrictions
  • Defining accurate Magento shipping rates with the consideration of a wide spectrum of different conditions
  • The ability to overwrite and re-calculate the rates set by shipping providers
  • Adding any number of custom shipping methods for your Magento store
  • Add Shipping Cost Calculator functionality
Compatibility: Magento 1.4, 1.5, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x Magento EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

Shipping Suite Magento Extension

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Magento Shipping Zones Management

Manage Products, Categories and Shipping Methods According to a Customer’s Location.

Manage Shipping Zones in Magento shipping extension
Modify countries in shipping zone with Magento shipping module

Manage Products in a shipping zone with Magento custom shipping method extension
Display of 'Shipping to' message
Shipping popup window in Magento shipping extension
  • Specify shipping zones for certain countries/ regions with our Magento shipping extension
  • Assign any products, categories and shipping methods to the specified delivery zone
  • Automatically detect a customer’s shipping location (using MaxMind technology)
  • Let your Magento store visitors manually choose location prior to browsing
  • Display of a ‘Ship to’ message on a product page
Once a visitor’s location is determined, all categories, products and shipping zones get filtered automatically.

GEO IP detection

This Magento shipping module automatically detects a customer’s location using the advanced MaxMind technology. That enables you to:

  • Determine a shipping location based on a customer’s IP address
  • Use the ‘City’ database to determine regions and cities
  • Update a location database at the back-end
  • Automatically switch between different shipping zones
Enable GeoIP functionality in Magento shipping module
GeoIP databases in Magento shipping extension

Update GeoIP database

Shipping Rules and Restrictions

This Magento shipping module allows you to set various rules and restrictions with the consideration of any available attribute for ‘product’, ‘address’ and ‘cart’.

Shipping rule in Magento custom shipping method extension
Shipping rule conditions in Magento custom shipping method extension

Shipping methods in Magento Shipping extension
  • Allow/forbid using custom shipping methods based on specific conditions (or their combinations)
  • Specify the priority of Magento shipping rules (by setting them in the necessary order)
  • Create various rules for each store view/ customer group
  • Restrict the usage of any shipping method within your Magento store
  • Сreate shipping rules and define how long they should be available using the "Shipping Date" condition.
  • The "Stop Processing Further Rules" functionality is available for every rule

Custom Shipping Rates

Our Magento shipping plugin allows to overwrite and re-calculate shipping rates set by shipping providers. With Magento custom shipping rates functionality you can replace the shipping cost of any shipping method that UPS, DHL, FedEx (or any other providers) have.

Set shipping rates using all available attributes for:

  • Address (City, Country, Company, Fax, First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, State, Street Address, Telephone, VAT Number)
  • Products (any product attribute can be used)
  • Cart and special attributes (Subtotal, Cart Weight, Customer Group, etc.)

Overwrite shipping costs or use different surcharges to calculate shipping costs as you need:

  • Simple Fixed/Percentage surcharges
  • Fixed/Percentage surcharges per product
  • Fixed/Percentage surcharges per item
  • Percentage surcharges per order
  • Fixed surcharges per 1 unit of weight
Shipping rates in Magento custom shipping method extension

Add your own custom shipping method

Adding a shipping method

Shipping Suite adds a new shipping method that can be easily configured by a Magento store admin. It has the same set of features as the standard Magento shipping method.

Other features

  • Magento ‘Estimate Shipping’ calculator
  • Export all rates to a CSV file or import them to Magento
  • Compatibility with all MageWorx extensions
  • Compatibility with Phoenix VarnishCache extension
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Free lifetime support
  • 100% Open Source
  • Developed according all Magento code guidelines

Shipping Suite Magento Extension


Take control over your shipping rules

On January 21, 2015
Shipping Suite is another great extension from MageWorx. Making it really easy to manage shipping rates and methods. We also bought some small modifications, and now it's even better for our needs. Their support is really great! Thanks again MageWorx!
- P. Andersson Fjugesta, Sweden Sweden


On December 9, 2014
We have used Shipping Suite for about 5 months now. Perhaps, this is the best solution for managing shipping zones and calculating shipping rates. Installation was painless and the minor issues we had to get it up and running with our store were remedied by their support within 1-2 days.
5 starts for great support and very useful tool!
- Daniel McGuard New York, United States United States

Does all what I need!

On September 30, 2014
Another great product from MageWorx - works like a charm! Well coded, no bugs, great manuals, well supported!

We have rather complex shipping rules, which need to be set for different customer groups. And this extension did the trick! Also, I needed a little help getting the rules right and MageWorx replied within a few hours of my support ticket - super helpful!
- Jess Willian

Nice tool for shipping management

On September 17, 2014
This extension works great. Support was even better. The most important thing for me is a fast support. These guys helped with my problem not requesting access details. Most of developers ask ftp without even checking your problem. mw surprised me with this.

One thing I hope they add is more tight integration between shipping zones and shipping rules.
- Amanda

Powerful shipping module.

On September 15, 2014
My client needed to calculate shipping based on product's weight and display different methods for different categories. This extension did the job! Support team helped me to configure it by creating one example rule.

As a result, my client is happy, I got paid and THANK YOU mageworx :)
- Jonathan


On August 13, 2014
Great solution for shipping rates and methods management! The extension works great and does everything I need.

P.S. The support should be faster though. Had to wait for 12 hours before my pre-sales ticket got answered.
- Nick S.

Just great!

On August 7, 2014
After looking over several shipping extensions for implementing advanced shipping methods I found Shipping Suite by Mageworx. Although it is more expensive than the other options, it's definitely worth it!

I looked over the documentation briefly and decided to purchase it and install configure it myself. It was pretty straight forward and easy to understand, to be honest. So, if you need custom control over your shipping on different products to different locations, look no further.
- Rebecca WeddingShoes

Nice tool

On July 31, 2014
I have an online bakery store and I need to have different rates depending on the weight of my products, shipping zones, such criteria as product "freshness", etc..

For instance, if my customers order a wedding cake to be delivered to a neighboring town for this weekend, we need a special price for a bigger container to deliver it fresh and unspoiled, exactly on the required date.

The Shipping Suite comes of great help with tasks like that! The extension lets me easily manage and calculate shipping costs with the consideration of all the above mentioned factors.
- David Joy

Easy-to-use extension

On May 16, 2014
This extension is good to manage shipping rates and methods. It helped me to configure shipping methods for all my cases. It saved me $200-$400 for a customization.
Their support replied to my pre-sale ticket within 10 hours. Installed the extension within 5 hours. Excellent!

Great extension.
- Fariq

Excellent plugin, great support

On May 15, 2014
With this plugin all our complex shipping rules were possible. The support is really great!
- Lorenz

Great extension and customer support helped solve any problems!

On April 15, 2014
I only needed certain features of this extension and had a little bit of trouble trying to implement it to meet my websites needs. The support staff helped us to disable some unwanted features so it was tailored to just what we needed. They are cery friendly and now the extension does exactly what we wanted for our website.
- Will

Excellent Extension and WoW Support

On February 6, 2014
We have a number of extensions installed under our Magento hood. But the one by Mageworx is awesome. In addition to all features listed, their prompt responses and excellent post-sale service has won our confidence in them. They resolved conflict arose in a blink at no additional cost. Hats off to the team!
- Volo International

Very good extension, better support

On January 24, 2014
There are a few minor bugs, but the developers really gave great support. Our client decided to go in another direction, so we no longer need this extension, but still highly recommended.
- David Tay

Amazing stuff for shipping!

On January 23, 2014
Bought this extension to restrict shipping methods per countries. Support team fixed my issue with custom design and helped to configure the extension for my needs. I'm very happy with this module and appreciate magewrx for the help.
- Michael Finelman

Great Plugin and Support

On November 20, 2013
I used this for a site that required me to limit shipment from different vendors. It worked like a charm - simple interface that does exactly what it says. We experienced a minor issue when we first installed, and MageWorx support totally hooked us up. Woke up one morning it was fixed. Would definitely recommend to others.
- drew

Support Team is Top Notch

On July 4, 2013
I needed to tweak this module to better fit with my website, and the support team worked with me to make it a perfect fit. Works great!
- Todd


On September 22, 2010
Very good customer service! We needed a modification to the extension, and they made the change and worked with us until it worked the way we needed it. Thanks!
- cstef
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 1.2.0 (11/24/2014)
  • The code is moved from app/code/local to app/code/community*
  • Shipping zones can be selected in the conditions of shipping rules
  • New condition "Shipping Date" was added. You can create shipping rules and define how long they should be available
  • The "Stop Processing Further Rules" ability was added for each shipping rule
  • Products can be filtered by categories when assigning to shipping zones
  • Improvements for categories selection when creating shipping zones
  • Default country can be specified for cases when a customer's location is not defined
  • Shipping Zone Mode can be disabled now
  • Compatibility with Magento EE FPC
  • Bug fixes and code refarctoring
  • Notes how to upgrade from old versions:
  • - Enable Magento cache;
  • - Rename the Adminhtml, DeliveryZones and GeoIP folders in app/code/local/MageWorx;
  • - Upload a new package;
  • - Refresh the cache.
  • Version: 1.1.4 (02/06/2014)
  • Conditions combinations are added
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 1.1.3 (01/21/2014)
  • Shipping cost calculation issues are resolved
  • Version: 1.1.2 (12/23/2013)
  • Compatibility with Phoenix VarnishCache
  • Version: 1.1.1 (12/20/2013)
  • Addressed issue with specific zones configuration
  • Version: 1.1.0 (12/18/2013)
  • Significant improvements of shipping rules and rates
  • Ability to add fixed or percentage surcharges to shipping cost
  • Ability to specify a shipping cost per product (fixed or percentage)
  • Ability to specify a shipping cost per item in an order (fixed or percentage)
  • Ability to specify a shipping cost as a percentage from an order
  • Ability to specify a shipping cost per 1 unit of a product weight
  • "Ship to" message on a product page
  • Improvement of shipping zones
  • New shipping zone mode added
  • "Estimate Shipping" calculator added on a product page
  • New "Shipping Suite" shipping method added
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Initial release