SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension


All-in-one SEO solution for your Magento store - cuts your optimization workload
and dramatically improves online visibility of your eCommerce website.
  • Dynamic templates to optimize meta data of product and category pages all at once
  • Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Optimized Advanced Rich Snippets
  • Optimized Layered Navigation pages
  • Solving duplicate content issues with rel=canonical and rel=next/prev tags
  • A detailed overview of potential SEO pitfalls and work out an effective SEO strategy
  • NEW Hreflang Tag Support
Compatibility: Magento Community 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x
Magento Enterprise 1.6.x - 1.14.x

SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension

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Customer Loyalty

Rewards and bonuses for our regular customers.


Free Updates

New features and bug fixes at no cost. For life.


Free Life-Time Support

Premium-class customer care service for each customer.


30-Day Money Back Period

Risk-free investment guaranteed.

Dynamic Templates for Product and Category Pages

Dynamic templates in our Magento extension let you efficiently manage large amounts of important meta data for product and category pages.

SEO dynamic Templates for Magento
  • Create dynamic templates for product name, URL key, short and long description, meta title, meta descriptions, meta keywords and product image alt values.
  • Create dynamic templates for category name, description, meta title, meta description and meta keywords.
  • When creating a template, you can use all available product attributes.
  • Apply templates to all your products at once and change a number of products processed at once. It allows to run the templates on any number of products and on any server configuration.
  • Specify different templates for each store view.

  • Dynamically apply templates to products and categories with only empty attributes
  • Prevent overwriting manually entered data
  • Use complex variables. E.g. if the first attribute value is not available for the product, the second will be used (and so on) until the SEO extension finds a value.
Magento SEO extension for dynamic SEO templates

Category Page Optimization

Make Category pages maximally search engine friendly.

Pager optimization with Magento SEO extension
  • Indicate the relationship between component URLs in a paginated series via Rel=next/prev implementation
  • Create a pager URL format for paginated pages
  • Correct support of "View=all" page

  • Optimize sub-category URLs by removing parent categories from URLs
Categories URL optimization with Magento SEO extension

Magento SEO plugin for pager optimization
  • Add “Page number” to meta title and meta description tags of paginated pages

Product Reviews Page Optimization

MageWorx Magento SEO plugin makes your product reviews pages seo-friendly to be correctly indexed by Google

  • Make SEO friendly URLs for product review pages (
  • Select the canonical tag on product reviews to point either to a reviews page or to a product page
  • Add "Review for" message at the beginning of meta title/meta description tags on reviews pages
Magento SEO module for product reviews optimization

Generating HTML and XML Sitemaps

HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap lets you outline the complete structure of your store and help your visitors easily navigate through your website.

Magento front-end sitemap
HTML sitemap for Magento
  • List all your store links on one page and display them in a hierarchical structure.
  • Effortlessly edit your sitemap: add additional links (footer and custom links), hide categories/products or CMS pages, avoid displaying specific pages (e.g. ‘En- able cookies’ or ‘404’ pages).
  • Hide out of stock products from the sitemap.
  • Specify meta tags for your front-end sitemap.

XML Sitemap in our SEO extension

The SEO plugin generates a fully Google-compliant XML sitemap that provides the search engine with detailed crawling instructions

The XML file is easily customizable: you can add product images, product tags and custom links, exclude specific products, categories and CMS-pages, set frequency and priority for any tag or additional links and even hide out of stock products.

100% error free. SEO Suite Ultimate runs an XML sitemap validity check, so no broken file will ever replace the correct one while indexing.

Fully compatible with AW Blog, FishPig Blog, FishPig Attributes Splash Pages modules.

XML sitemap for Magento
Magento extension for XML sitemaps

Rich Snippets Optimization

Enhance online visibility of your store, make your product pages stand out in SERP and improve their click-through-rate (CTR). 

Magento SEO extension for rich snippet optimization
Magento SEO plugin for rich snippet optimization
Our Magento SEO module optimizes your rich snippets and equips them with such attributes as:

  • product SKU
  • payment method
  • shipping method
  • category
  • product color
  • manufacturer
  • brand
  • Gtin
  • product weight
  • dimensions (that includes hight, width, depth)
  • conditions and seller’s info

Improved Layered Navigation

Equip all your layered navigation pages with SEO- and user-friendly URLs, dynamic titles and meta descriptions.

  • Dynamically generate meta title and meta description based on different product attributes (name, price, color, brand, manufacturer) and adjust them manually whenever needed.
Magento SEO extension for layered navigation optimization
Magento SEO extension for optimizing layered navigation
Magento SEO module for optimizing layered navigation

Layered navigation optimization in Magento
  • Control the canonical tag on layered navigation pages (point it either to filtered page or to current category page. You can control this for each attribute separately)
  • Disable canonical tag
  • Add NOINDEX,FOLLOW or NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW tags to the layered navigation pages.

Setting the Correct Indexation Instructions for Search Engines

With SEO Suite Ultimate you can set indexation rules to search engines and restrict their crawlers from accessing unimportant/private pages of your Magento store.

This SEO extension is fitted with a Robots.txt editor feature, so you can edit the robots.txt file directly from the back-end.

Also, with SEO Suite Ultimate you can add NOINDEX,FOLLOW or NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW Robots Meta Headers to any pages.

Meta robots tag management in Magento

Dealing with Duplicate Content Issues

Our Magento SEO extension is a great tool for tackling duplicate content issues, enhancing the SEO potential of your E-store and attaining maximum traffic (without blocking different page URLs).

Magento SEO extension for setting Canonical tags
Magento SEO module for Canonical tags
  • Add canonical meta tag with admin fine tuning
  • Resolve duplicate content issue between several domains (via using a cross-domain canonical meta tag)
  • Set the canonical tag for associated products to be pointed to the parent products
  • Define single canonical URL for products in multiple categories
  • Use either root, short or longest product URL for canonical meta tag
  • Choose a canonical tag for a single product or use a custom canonical tag

Hreflang Tag Support

If you are running a multi-lingual and multi-regional site, this feature can be of great help.

SEO Suite Ultimate Magento extension lets you quickly implement the hreflang tag for language and regional URLs. With the module you can:

  • set Alternate URLs Scope (this type of URLs can work within one website, as well as between websites)
  • use the hreflang for category/ product/ CMS pages
  • use the language code from the default locale or choose it manually for each locale
  • use a country code from the default country or choose it manually for each store view
Hreflang Tag Support in SEO extension for Magento
Magento SEO plugin for Hreflang Tag Support

SEO Reports

Magento SEO extension for SEO reports
Magento SEO plugin for SEO reports

SEO Suite Ultimate extension generates comprehensive onpage SEO reports for your Magento site. These reports let you detect and cure:

  • pages with long meta title and meta description tags
  • pages that have duplicate meta title and meta description tags
  • pages with empty meta tags

  • reports available for products, categories and CMS pages

SEO Suite Ultimate also includes

  • Hreflang support for languages and regional URLs
  • Price attribute shows the price range for bundle, configurable and grouped products when using in the templates
  • The ability to use prefix and suffix for attributes in the templates. E.g. if an attribute value is available, it will be prepended with prefix and appended with suffix, either prefix or suffix can be used alone
  • The ability to enable/disable Open Graph right from the back-end
  • Search engine and user friendly RSS Feed URLs
  • Enables title attribute for Category Menu links
  • Ability to define a default meta robots tag for Https pages
  • Free extension installation (by request)
  • Free extension configuring (by request)
  • Free LIFETIME support
  • Free LIFETIME bug fixes and updates
  • Free conflicts resolving (our team will help you in resolving conflicts with other 3rd party Magento extensions)
  • Free high priority new feature development by request
  • Free high priority technical support
  • 100% Open Source

Compatible with:

  • Compatible with Fooman Speedster Magento extension
  • Compatible with AW Z Blocks Magento extension (by request - just drop us a line before the installation process)
  • Compatible with Amasty Improved Navigation Magento extension
  • Compatible with Amasty Prevnext extension
  • Compatible with GT Speed Magento module
  • Compatible with AW Blog Magento module
  • Compatible with FishPig Magento module
  • Compatible with FishPig Attributes Splash Pages Magento module

SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension


good extension

On March 21, 2015
I use the extension for a while, what I really hate is, that it is not possible to run the templates for a specific store view. I think for bigger shops it is not possible to run the templates for thousands of products. You should change that!!
- abase Meerbusch, Germany Germany

Great App w/ Amazing Support!

On March 19, 2015
We have dozens of apps and developers and I can share that Ulyana Barysenka (with Mageworks & WebTexSoftware) is amazing and in the top 10%.
We paid a small extra amount to have her review the data entered into the Magento App (she made several great changes). Then when we swapped the servers from Windows to Lunux, she again reviewed that data in detail to ensure that the changes she made had been transferred correctly and were working correctly.
She didn't even charge us for the 2nd review. Wow!
This app has worked quite well and has amazing support staff. I recommend it!
- truedata

Great extension.

On February 16, 2015
I found this extension exceptional for SEO. The small issues we encountered were solved fast and prompt by the team . A big thumb up for this
- danielciornei

Excellent Extension - a no-brainer when it comes to SEO

On January 30, 2015
Really happy with SEO Suite Ultimate. Installation / setup was very easy and the extension immediately did what was asked of it. It's feature rich and, especially for Magento stores going into competitive markets, is an absolute no-brainer to giving your store's SEO a head start for very little additional work.
Lifetime upgrades and support from the creators is another major plus.
- cooperman

Best SEO module for Magento

On January 21, 2015
This is the best SEO module for Magento. There's nothing better out there at the moment. Plus they've got awesome support!
- Joel Singapore, Singapore Singapore

Great Extension. Super Fast Support

On December 24, 2014
Have only been using this extension for a week. So far its great. The ultimate all in one SEO plug. Was installed and configured free, which is awesome. Very Happy with it. I did have a problem where it conflicted with my gift certificate extension, and support had it fixed extremely quickly. Will definitely buy from again,
- Brian United States United States

Must have module!

On December 8, 2014
This is the one from my top modules list. I use it for 10 my customers and I'm pretty happy with the results. Getting new features free of charge is quite awesome. mageworx knows how to satisfy the customers. THANK YOU!
- Fred New York, United States United States

A must-have Magento extension for SEO

On November 14, 2014
This is an absolute must-have extension for Magento. It's the first extension I install and the one I could not be without for both live and staging environments.
It's got all the features I want, and the developers are always adding more.
From SEO-friendly product and review URLs to site maps and rich snippets.
Yes, the features are all there, but what's really impressive about Mageworx is that they offer lifetime upgrades and support for their extensions. They are quick to reply and always friendly. I've looked at other extensions, which may be cheaper to start with, but then charge you for upgrades and support. I have a piece of mind, and that's worth a lot.
- lisali

Great and Quick Support!

On November 7, 2014
Great and Quick Support!

Supports Service is very helpful, good and fast.

Thanking you again,
- Saroj India India

Superb Support!

On November 5, 2014
These guys deliver a great product and even better support. They really take the time to answer my questions by mail. Respons time is immediate to 12 hours max! Never encountered this speed before. Great job! Keep it up!
- Allard Netherlands Netherlands

Best extension in class

On October 23, 2014
This extension is the most expensive on the market but it's worth every frank. It does everything you need for promoting your store. Their support is awesome. They installed and configured the extension within 30 minutes after the purchase (It's true!).
Amazing company with amazing product.
P.S. If there is the GA integration - that would be fantastic.
- Christopher Switzerland Switzerland

great extension! even better support

On October 22, 2014
The extension fulfills its role, really packed with features and functions that allows us greater management of SEO techniques. Support is very good, super attentive and complies with all promised. Free upgrade to version has already been made ​​in store for us.
thank you so much
- Pedro Campo Grande, Brazil Brazil

Top Customer Care

On October 14, 2014
Customer Support was/;is Top Notch and Best in Class. Extremely Responsive and Knowledgeable.
Willing to go the extra mile to resolve any and all issues.
- Steve C Saint Louis, United States United States

There is no better SEO extesion than this

On October 11, 2014
could not imagine what I would do without SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension
My product has over 50 attributes. I have 8800 products.
I can handle very easily with SEO suite template. Just only this feature worth double the price of the whole suite.
If your product has more than 10 attributes you need it.
If you want to be visible in billions of other websites you need it.
If your have over 100 products with options you can not survive without it.

Support. You would probably do not need it, because the module is working right out of the box.
But if you need it – you get it. No doubt about it.

Does any Magento Extension developer offers LIFE TIME extension updates, but MAGEWORX does.
You purchase extension and lifetime peace of mind.

Some suggestion and wish I'm going to ask include in the SEO Suite:
If website has over 1000 products it takes a lot of time to update SEO Suite templates and not every hosting (includes VPS) allows to run long scripts, but if you need just few products updates you have to update the whole database. I suggest to make selection which SKU or ID, or Category to updates templates.
Also would be helpful to have a script and run it over SSH, it will very beneficial.
- Vladimir Toronto, Canada Canada

Wonderful Service

On October 5, 2014
Thank you for your wonderful quick service in fixing our SEO suite, you went above and beyond with Customer Service. Thanks
- Michelle

Worth every penny

On September 17, 2014
This is quite expensive solution but it's worth every invested penny. These guys know what they do. They installed and configured the extension within 20 minutes since a purchase. They even fixed some conflicts with other extensions free of charge. Wow!

Highly recommend this tool.

Greeting from UK.
- Daniel

Great Support for nice product

On September 15, 2014
I moved to seo ultimate from mirasvit module. I like mw support. They can solve even complex problems without charging extra. I guess this is the only company that really helps solving conflicts with other modules without forcing you to pay more.
This extension is top notch as well. They can be very flexible and works like a charm by default.

- Graig Zeppors

A must have for sure

On September 8, 2014
Absolute great product that saves so much time. We have over 2500 products and just imagine what it would take to optimize all of those. It was a nightmare. This product saved my life!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
- Mike Jennings

A Must Have!

On July 25, 2014
WOW! This extension is your personal Matt Cutts!

I was looking to buy something cheaper, but was absolutely blown away by the number of feature this extension has. Not to sound cliche, but SEO Ultimate is a dream app.
Thanks to the team - they installed and configured it in 2 hours, plus answered all the questions very quickly. A+ for the support, as for the extension - I hope my Magento-based competitors won't get on board with it!
- Scott

Just the best seo extension

On May 27, 2014
I would like to thank you these guys for such great product. Right after the installation you understand that everything is designed to be the best. I got my extension installed and configured within 7 hours.

Thank you.
- Stefan Clinski

Excellent, Excellent!

On May 17, 2014
This extension made me very happy. My seo team recommended me to purchase this extension to save $ on manual optimization. We managed to configure it for all our needs within an hour. Support team replied to all our 20 (!) emails quickly and helped to understand how the extension works. As a result, 90% of my Google webmaster errors were gone after 2 weeks since we installed the extension. I didn't see such great results with other extensions. I tried modules from different vendors but they just bring some seo stuff and nothing more. Here you get a complete solution and a great support. It seems you purchased not just a piece of code but a good service.

I can recommend this extension to anyone who wants to save time and money on site optimization.

Greeting from Michigan, US.
- Jason Brighton

Good customer service

On May 15, 2014
The extension is great itself. Their support is good too. They managed to fix my conflict within a day. But I would expect a solution to my problem a bit earlier cause this is the $399-extension.

But thank you for this module and help any way. Other companies fix conflicts at extra cost. Mageworks charge me nothing for this.
- Matthew P.

The best module

On May 15, 2014
- the greatest features set. Purchasing one extension you do not need to find many different apps to combine all features this extension has.
- quick and friendly support. I got a reply on my support ticket within an hour. Maybe I contacted them in working hours :)
- free installation and configuration. You do not need to waste your time on installing and then configuring this module.

- the most expensive extension

Total: i definitely recommend everyone to use this extension. It's worth every penny.
- Jeffrey


On May 15, 2014
Used the v3.7.7 for months and was very happy with the results. Upgraded to the 3.11.2 recently and this update was just awesome. Their new features made this extension perfect.

Amazing job, guys.
- Best extension ever.

Great Extension.

On May 7, 2014
Hello Every One, we are using magento latest version 1.8 and we configure layered's Really Working too good and smoothly.....whenever we have any kind of problem, we got immediately Solution....
Great Support !!!!
Thanks to support Team and developer...:)
- suganhudda

Good Extension With Great Support !!!

On May 6, 2014
Hello Every One, we are using magento latest version 1.8 and we configure layered's Really Working too good and smoothly.....whenever we have any kind of problem, we got immediately Solution....

Great Support !!!!

Thanks to support Team and developer...:)
- Sugan

Excellent app

On May 2, 2014
I used seo ext from mirasvit and aheadworks but they failed in some things and their support could not recommend me what to do.
Finally, I decided to spend $400 for this extension. I was surprised that these guys installed and configured this module for my site free of charge. In 2 weeks, my errors in google webmaster tools disappeared!!!

Do not try to save $100-$200 on SEO of your site. It can cost you much more later.

Big thanks to magewors and their seo extension. It's worth every dollar.
- Abdul

excelent, works as decribed

On April 9, 2014
Very useful and easy to use extension, support is great, developer was able to solve some conflicts on my system in a good and timely manier.
- stasysd

Great extension, great support!

On March 27, 2014
This is a great extension, with great functionality. Absolutely recommendable. Good job guys!

Ultimately happy customer

On February 27, 2014
After I ordered Seo pro version I waited for 3 days with no installation done. A short complaint was quickly answered and they offered me the Ultimate version for the delay. No need to explain I am happy as a kid with an icercream! This is service as it should be. Highly recommended and cant wait to put the module to the test. Have 3 more sites and for sure will choose this module again, if just for the great service and customer care.

Best regards,
ProMobilEZ (Thailand) Co., Ltd
- Arno

Can't Say Enough!!!

On February 7, 2014
I can't say enough about this extension. I'm a one-man crew and it has saved me bucket loads of hours when it comes to SEO. $399 is nothing in comparison to the amount of work it'll save you, and the benefits you'll reap from it.
Not only that, but their service is top-notch! They've helped me quite a few times in clearing out issues in my log files. And just recently, not only did they fix a sitemap issue I was having, but they also installed the latest version of the extension for me YET to be released! So yeah... it feels kind of cool knowing that I'm one of the few, if not first, to use their latest update coming v3.10.2. MageWorx rocks
- ggarth

Top Notch Extension and Support

On January 23, 2014
This is the best seo module I've ever tried for my magento store. 399 looks like a high price but you do not need to do anything at all. I do not have technical skills and the support team installed and configured their extension for my store free of charge. Amazing customer service.
Waiting for my site is getting to the top of search results :)
- Michael Finelman

They made my day!

On January 7, 2014
This extension is AMAZING solution. I tried 5(!) different seo modules from different companies. Only this one works out of the box and provides sooo many cool seo-features.
The support guys installed and configured the extension for my site. The more impressed thing is that they did everything within 1 day since my purchase!.
Really-really fantastic!!!
- asisselm

Very good extension!

On December 27, 2013
Very good extension with a great customer service !
- Eduard

Absolutely Amazing Extension!

On November 11, 2013
I'm not sure why they haven't updated the release notes on here, but rest assured that they've made plenty of updates since 2011. I've been using it since May 13' and I can't thank them enough. A must-have for limited hands teams. Their support is top-notch. Get It. Do It. Live It... or just install it lol!
- ggarth

Amazing Product and Service! Do NOT hesitate on the price!

On November 1, 2013
Since day 1, MageWorx has been phenomenal with the support of their amazing product. I must admit I was a little taken back by the $399 at first. Although I ended up buying another MageWorx extension and used their discount which saved me some money. Regardless though whether I saved money or not, the SEO Suite Ultimate extension truly is a blessing and a must needed extension. Especially if you're a one-man crew like myself. This extension has saved me a tremendous amount of time, and the support they've provided with getting the extension to work smoothly with our website/template is outstanding! They provide top-notch products, service and support. Do yourself a favor and don't hesitate on the purchase of this. You'll appreciate it down the road.
- Garlon

Awesome service and great extension!

On October 9, 2013
This is the 3rd time we purchase this extension to integrate to sites of our clients.
Every time we asked support guys to install the extension and configure it. They did this within a business day and even fixed some conflicts with OTHER extensions FREE of charge! Wow! That's absolutely great.
The extension works nice. The number of errors in Google Webmaster Tools reduced significantly after installing and tuning the extension.
These guys know what they do and the extension is worth every spent dollar.
- alexdevfr

IMHO one of the best seo solutions

On October 9, 2013
This is my current seo solution for Magento (had few in past 12 month). At this time I can finally say I found what I'd been looking for. Works as expected.
Had few questions about its features, and support guys took few days to answer those, however, when they did, the answer was complete. Moreover, I got a free configuring service. Going to buy more extensions by mageworx.
- AndWhale

Great Customer Support

On September 15, 2013
The only thing better than the module is the suport behind it. I had some issues creating my sitemaps because I have over 200 stores. The support team tackled my issue and helped me to create the sitemaps exactly the way I wanted it. I highly recommend them.
- Daniel

Great Customer Support

On September 15, 2013
The only thing better than the module is the suport behind it. I had some issues creating my sitemaps because I have over 200 stores. The support team tackled my issue and helped me to create the sitemaps exactly the way I wanted it. I highly recommend them.
- greeku

Couldn't believe the wonder ! A must have !

On September 10, 2013
I have been hesitating too much before I came to the decision to buy it.
Probably lost too many sales, for waiting so much. It is the most expensive module I had ever bought but it worth any penny, and not less important, the great professional lifetime upgrades and support !
- Guy

Great extesnion and support

On September 2, 2013
I have this extension for almost a year now and everything works as described by them. The post sale support is awesome and extremely efficient! They fixed my live store in a few minutes. Will recommend for sure!
- danielmuresan

Best support ever

On September 2, 2013
I have the ultimate seo extension from mageworx for almost a year and everything goes as described by them. The support is awesome and with no questions ask they fixed my live store in a few minutes. Very prompt support and client oriented!
- daniel


On August 29, 2013
We are an agency in the UK that use a lot of 3rd party extensions when required and I have never come across such a great extension with an outstanding support team. Definitely worth the money.
- webfold

Great Support.

On July 1, 2013
I am Developer and i am worried little bit about this extension but this guy solve many problem in my site and i am 100 % satisfied with support.
- Pratik

Excellent service!

On June 12, 2013
Just got a question and got quick reply.
The service is very good!
There are some other makers of extensions who should take a example here.
Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!
- Steve

Spectacular support

On May 26, 2013
Each time I have needed support, Mage Worx comes through like a white knight in shiny armour. Even after several months of having purchased the extensions. It is a tremendous peace of mind to buy from them and for us it is definitely a factor in choosing which vendors to choose.

Many thanks Mage Worx.
- Hector


On May 10, 2013
You can not fault the extension but the thing that always has me coming back to MageWorx is the amazing support, I dont think i have ever had to wait longer than 2 hours for a reply to a support ticket and is always willing to help
- mcmatthews

Great customer service and product

On May 9, 2013
Does what it says and some great customer service to
- droppeddown

Excelente soporte

On April 29, 2013
El producto es estupendo y tiene un buen tutorial de uso, pero sobre todo lo recomiendo porque tienen un gran soporte. Tuvimos varias incidencias y lo resolvieron de forma ágil y rápida. Incluso una de ellas tenía relación con otra extensión instalada más tarde que "chocaba" con esta y lo resolvieron rápidamente.
- Gloval

Excellent developer

On April 24, 2013
This extension does what it says-- greatly improved search engine ranking... but more than that, Mageworx is an outstanding developer. There support staff are unbelievably quick and happy to help with even the smallest issues. I'm very impressed.
- studio2f

Great extension with excellent support

On February 3, 2013
I've been using the Pro edition for years. In this time the extension worked great and our business become larger with the help of it. As the time has come we upgraded to Ultimate to use the additional features. I had a concern that the upgrade will mess our current site. We had a few issues because of the local language and other extensions but the support team fixed ALL of the issues within a few days. We're using a few extensions from Mageworx already but i am always amazed how easy to work with these extensions and whatever comes up the support help you quickly. If you hesitate to upgrade or not just like we did i recommend to go ahead. The ultimate gives you more features which will help to give another boost to your site. Thanks Mageworx!
- viktorlantos

Excellent customer service

On January 23, 2013
We just bought the extension some days ago and we have had a quick and very good attention from support team.

We are already discovering all the features but I works very well since we installed the product.

- Gloria


On October 24, 2012
This extension rocks! it is the best extension on the market for enhancing your sites SEO! We have seen a real uptick in business since installing this product!
- Ryan

Amazing extension

On June 8, 2012
We have been using Mageworx SEO Suite for a while now, and it does an amazing job as keeping a lot of low value pages (like tags, cart, checkout etc.) out of the search engines indexes. This has saved us tons of time and makes it a must-have for every store owner!
- Stefan van Vliet

Great support on many occasions!

On May 30, 2012
We require very specific functionality from our extensions and that sometimes requires some out of the box functionality.
On many occasions when we ran into a problem the MageWorx Support team was there to help out, advise and point us in the right direction.
I can easily say that the support quality from mageworx far exceeds any other support.

A big thumbs up to MageWorx!
- Rizz

Amazing Support and Customer Service

On May 14, 2012
We purchased SEO Suite and Extended Sitemap. The extensions worked perfect. However, what we were most impressed with is the MageWorx Customer Service. We were in the process of transitioning Magento store versions and contacted MageWorx for some transition/re-install support. They responded immediately and offered to perform the entire re-installation of all our extensions for FREE and upgrade us to the latest releases. Best of all, they had the installation complete in under 15 minutes from initial contact. It pays to work with a firm that has Sales & Support staff based in the USA.
- Chris H

A must have for ppl serious about SEO

On May 6, 2012
I think this module is a must have for all people that are serious about SEO. This modules solves some of the SEO issues that Magento are suffering from. To be able to put navigation filter pages to NOINDEX is my favorite feature.

I am also very pleased that this module now works great on 1.7, thanks to your support who quickly patched some small glitches that I found. Thank you guys!
- Emanuel

Fantastic Support

On April 10, 2012
We had problem showing dynamic title and description and support helped us all the way. Very good extension and fantastic support. We are gonna order more custom works with mageworx.

More power! Team
- Imitu

Great extention and even better customer service

On March 12, 2012
We bought this extention primarily to fix the URLs issues in layered navigation and reviews pages. After initial straight forward information we found that some some customisation was required to make the extention suite our set up. The customer service was excelent and the support team was able to make all neccessary changes in timely fashion. All in all a great product and funtastic support.
- Mike

Great Support even after a Year of use

On March 11, 2012
We bought this extension over one year ago, and they helped us with a problem caused by our selfs during updating our store!
Real great and uper fast service. I can truely recommend this for every magento shop.
- BjMa

The service provided from mageworx is sbove and beyond expectations

On March 6, 2012
Really fast response from this excellent company. I bought the SEO Pro suite, and it worked so well I upgraded to the Ultimate edition.
Just the comprehensive tool I have been searching for.
The staff were responsive, courteous and efficient.
The Ultimate edition's power for sorting and cleaning up messy canonical issues on large catalogues with ease has saved me a great deal of time and effort.
Highly recommend this extension, and looking forward to working with this company in the future.
- Guy H

Like Christams for SEO guys

On March 4, 2012
Yeah, it's expensive. But remember when the iPad first hit the market? Looked cool, nice to have, but you'd rather wait for the new iPhone. But once you had that iPad in your hands, you couldn't put it down. SEO Suite Ultimate has the same magic. You will actually smile to yourself in disbelief as you realize how many days you can shave from your project timeline performing monotonous SEO tasks. I've worked with SEO extensions from other well-known providers, and while they may get some of the work done, you'll soon find holes and have to find work-arounds. The only other Magento extension that even comes close to the quality and usefulness of this one is OneStepCheckout. And I didn't even get a discount for writing this plug. Just buy it. You won't regret it. Kevin Woolf
- Kevin


On March 1, 2012
amazing extension, as alway from MageWorx! really works and seo improve!
- Karol

Great Support

On February 27, 2012
A little update problem on/with a magento version
problem solved in a couple of hours.
The support is competent and responsive.

- Eavs

coole Extension

On January 1, 2012
Wir haben diese Magento SEO Ultimate Extension auf installiert und konfiguriert und können sagen, dass diese Extension die beste SEO Extension auf dem Markt für Magento ist. Wir können diese Extension nur jedem empfehlen.
- Wolfgang

What a Great SEO product

On December 20, 2011
Another excellent product from the team at
These guys really are great at what they do. A seamlessly powerful extension for SEO enhancement.
And to top it all off their level of product support is beyond impressive
- Dave

Possibly the greatest customer service ever...?

On December 13, 2011
Bold statement but the guys at Mageworx have responded to emails within half an hour, installed an extension within one hour of purchasing and are well spoken, polite and very helpful.

Not to mention the product - wow! Solves all the big Magento SEO problems, these are features Magento should have included as standard.

Thank god Mageworx are here!
- Jon


On December 8, 2011
This entension made us easy to manage SEO and is very powerful, with a lot of options.
We had a conflict with another extension and the support solved the problem in a few hours.
- David

Great extension and Amazing support.

On December 5, 2011
The product is amazing and support is extra super. we have a conflict js issue on our stage instance ie, conflict between this module and layer nav pro from aitoc, I contacted support and they fixed the problem in less than 1hr. Now both the extension works on our stage instance.

Mage seo suite ultimate rocks :)

Great support.

Nithin Chacko Ninan
- Nithin Chacko Ninan

This is my third mageworx buyed extension

On October 28, 2011
I love Mageworx, all the extensions are very useful and have a very good develop work.

This Seo Extension is an excellent solution for best meta titles, meta descriptions, automatic meta keywords, best google sitemap with product images, etc.

The mageworx support is really fast, only need some minuts for the first reply and they resolve all problems very fast.

Thank you! :)
- Sergio

An excellent extension for those serious about optimising their SEO

On October 20, 2011
I've been meaning to get this extension for a while and I'm delighted I have. If you're unsure don't put it off as each day you could be missing out on quality traffic and getting left behind by your competitors.

What struck me initially about Mageworx is the number of positive reviews for customer service. I'm not technical and I don’t see the point of being held to ransom by a web dev agency, so I opted for the professional installation (at no additional cost).

Unless you are a developer I'd highly recommend this too. The installation was relatively smooth although there were a few things that needed tweaking (which I'd never be able to do myself), all in all the process was quick and painless.

What’s impressed me the most is the level and speed of support that followed. I really wanted to get the most out of this product but I don’t really have the time to start second guessing the optimal set up. Each question asked was patiently dealt with and the extension was not only configured for me, but my site map was submitted to the 3 major search engines along with some top tips and advice.

The features for the Meta data are great and time saving and I’m sure the extension will more than pay for itself.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product and I’m excited to measure the difference in our seo over the next few months.
- Arnold

Great Product and Excellent Service

On October 4, 2011
We bought the SEO Ultimate for a new magento webshop. The staff of MageWorx helped us very quickly and solved all the small issues.
We surely buy other extensions in the future at

Thanks a lot from The Netherlands.
- TdK

Solid product and outstanding support

On August 19, 2011
That extension rocks, so does the outstanding support by the MageWorx team.

Support inquiries are always answered extremely quick. The MageWorx team integrated the extension within the shortest possible time span. I highly recommend the SEO Suite Ultimate and MageWorx as a competent Magento team with superb support.
- Jan-Christoph

Great support

On February 21, 2011
It was very nice that Mageworx did the installation for us. They really helped us very quickly with some small issues after the installation.

We are using it for a week, so we will see what it will do for our shops, but the support is the best you can get.
- Lichthoeve

Great product

On February 3, 2011
Started using SEO Suite Enterprise and in less than a week my Google listing has gone from 6400 to over 10,000 and the support I have received from MageWorx has been brilliant
- John

Very good support

On January 3, 2011
Quick help and solved all the issue I had with the extension in the beginning.
- Johan

World class service

On November 29, 2010
I just purchased SEO Enterprise and ran into an an installation snag, I opened a ticket and they were on it right away.
Now it is up and running and everything is working fine, I look forward to the getting improved ranking because of the URLs rewrite feature and also the Google sitmap feature.


Great Product + Reliable Support = Best Magento SEO Extension Available

On September 16, 2010
Highly recommend this extension to anyone serious about SEO for their Magento site. Although it is easy to use, their support is very helpful as well as prompt. Awesome job, guys. Thanks!
- Sean

Fantastic extension and great support

On August 24, 2010
This is a must-have extension for all Magento users. It is packed full of SEO-useful features that Magento lacks out-of-the box.

The ones particularly useful to me are:

-Product tags are SEO'd
-Product review URLs are SEO'd
-Canonical Meta tag support
-Proper Sitemap that replaces the build-in Magento one.

The support is excellent, and staff is at hand to quickly help with any issues. That's what I call support - staff quickly, promptly and professionally answering your emails.

Thoroughly recommended!
- LisaLi

Very easy-to-use, yet important product & excellent customer service

On August 10, 2010
The extension is very easy to use and spares you a lot of otherwise tedious or complicated manual SEO work.

Furthermore, we encountered a minor issue on our site where this plugin was involved and asked MageWorx for advice. MageWorx immediately looked into it, while patiently communicating with us, and offered a fix very fast. And this with no charge!

I have experience with other companies developing Magento extensions which hardly react to any support email - MageWorx is different. I was really relieved to see MageWorx putting the customer into the center. This is invaluable.
- Markus

Very good extension

On July 26, 2010
Very good extension with a great customer service !
- Julien

Fantastic Service Even better product

On July 18, 2010
The service provided from is fantastic I had an issue with the module conflicting with another module I had the issue was fixed within 24 hours for no charge I would not hesitate to reccomend the comapny to anyone.

If you would like a verbal testomonial please dont hesitate to contact me

Ashley Hainsworth
Kingdom Stores Ltd T/A
- Ashley Hainsworth

Thumbs up

On February 10, 2010
It looks like your on the right track for a very comprehensive SEO module. I can already tell you I will be purchasing this in the coming months as we get close to finishing our current project and will probably be buying multiple licenses in the future.

Features that I would like to see added are -

Clean review links and URLs for product review pages and individual review pages.

Clean Add to Cart and Add to Wishlist URLs, not much seo benefit off the bat but anything that increases usability and customer experience is good for seo in the long run.

Ability to set Product URL Key Template and Product Meta Title Template on a per category basis. Defaults to parent category. I could not determine whether this was already a feature through the limited demo but this is essential for large product catalogs with widely varying product attributes.
- Jeff L

Solid product and superb customer service

On February 5, 2010
We bought this product to assist in fixing several known Magento issues in regards to SEO and URL. The product was installed very fast and worked like a charm. The customer service was beyond excellent and so far the best online (website build related) service we have encountered. We are the end user of both Magento and this product and I highly recommend this to both website owners and website developers.

Thank you again,

Tyler E
- Europeancardriver
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 3.15.4 (12/03/2015)
  • Support of enterprise_giftcard product type is added for rich snippets and opengraph
  • Product error is fixed in Magento EE
  • Rich snippet error is fixed - incorrect helper was used
  • Version: 3.15.3 (10/03/2015)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.15.2 (05/03/2015)
  • Hreflang issue for CMS pages is fixed
  • Version: 3.15.1 (04/03/2015)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.15.0 (03/01/2015)
  • Hreflang support for languages and regional URLs is added
  • The extension's code was moved from app/code/loca/ folder to app/code/community
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.14.2 (01/15/2014)
  • Compatibility with WebTex Gift Cart extension
  • Rich snippets issue is resolved
  • Version: 3.14.1 (10/28/2014)
  • Sitemap bug fixes
  • Version: 3.14.0 (09/22/2014)
  • New setting "Crop Root Category from Category Template Variable [categories]" is added
  • Improvements for product name template
  • Rewrites for Block_Catalog_Product_View and Block_Catalog_Category_View are removed
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.13.0 (09/01/2014)
  • New template for product image alt and title tags is added
  • The general setting "Use Categories Path for Product URLs" is moved to the SEO Suite Ultimate configuration
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.12.0 (08/21/2014)
  • Ability to set the canonical tag for associated products to be pointed to the parent products
  • Ability to exclude products, categories and CMS pages from HTML sitemap
  • Ability to hide out of stock products from sitemaps
  • Suffix issue in sitemap for Magento EE 1.13+ is resolved
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.11.3 (06/03/2014)
  • Magento suffixes were missing on CMS pages
  • Issue with layered navigation attributes in the meta titles is resolved
  • Issue with root URLs in XML sitemap is resolved
  • The canonical tag to limit=all page for different locale
  • Version: 3.11.2 (04/15/2014)
  • Improvements for rich snippets
  • Issue with permissions for new configuration sections is resolved
  • Rel=next/prev issues
  • Version: 3.11.1 (03/31/2014)
  • Next/Prev was missing if Amasty Shopby was installed
  • Category page crashed if Amasty Shopby was installed
  • Version: 3.11.0 (03/24/2014)
  • Ability to shorten sub-category URLs by removing parent categories from URLs
  • Meta title and meta description improvements for product reviews pages
  • Product reviews URL improvement
  • Ability to select the canonical tag on product reviews to point either to reviews page or to product page
  • Ability to point the canonical tag on the layered navigation pages either to filtered page or to current category page
  • Ability to change the layered navigation URL identifier
  • Re-developed rel=next/prev implementation to improve overall performance
  • The canonical tag uses the limit=all page if enabled
  • More deep connection between the canonical tag and the rel=next/prev tag on pagination
  • Ability to apply dynamic templates for "For Items with Empty Meta Title/Description"
  • New more product attributes were added for the rich snippets
  • Ability to select what exact attributes will be sent to Google
  • Ability to specify a custom attribute for SKU to be displayed in the rich snippets
  • Ability to select a weight unit for the weight attribute in the rich snippets
  • HTML sitemap became twice faster
  • XML sitemap validity check (broken XML sitemap file will never replace a correct file to avoid errors while indexing)
  • FishPig Attribute Splash Pages extension support in XML sitemap
  • Ability to add additional links to XML sitemap
  • Only items with errors are included in the SEO reports now
  • All settings are grouped now in the back-end to provide clean and easy understandable configuration page.
  • Trailing Slash For Canonical And Sitemap Urls - the trailing slash setting was extended. Now it’s possible to remove the trailing slash from canonical and site map URLs even if it’s added by your server rewrites. Previously, it was possible just to add the trailing slash to the canonical URLs.
  • Add Canonical URL Port - now it’s possible to add a port to the canonical URLs. It’s used if your front-end URLs have a port.
  • Remove Default Title Prefix/Suffix for Product and Category Pages - this setting allows you to remove default title prefix/suffix for product and category pages. It can be used if you apply templates for these tags and want to remove default prefix/suffix for products and categories but to keep them for CMS and other pages.
  • NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW Robots Meta Header For Additional Pages. Previously, it was possible to add pages to NOINDEX, FOLLOW tag only. Now we added ability to add NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW tag as well.
  • Code optimization and cleaning.
  • Base URL was added twice to the canonical URLs.
  • Custom canonical tags didn’t support multi-store setup
  • Layered navigation URLs were broken if there was URL suffix in default Magento configuration
  • Rich snippets issues and overall improvements.
  • Infinity loop in case of removed or renamed category in product path
  • Price attribute issue in the layered navigation
  • Canonical URL is used for the Open Graph now
  • Review didn’t work for the Open Graph
  • Selected attributes in the layered navigation were removed when changing a pager number
  • Layered navigation issue on Magento 1.13.x
  • Reports improvements
  • Fixed issue with already existing record in case of database installation
  • Meta title and meta description were empty for RSS pages
  • Issue with prices for bundle products in dynamic templates
  • SID parameter is removed in the canonical tag
  • Dynamic meta titles and meta descriptions for the layered navigation works even with standard Magento URLs now
  • Version: 3.7.7
  • Major issue with rich snippets is fixed
  • [name] attribute for configurable products works correctly now
  • Version: 3.7.6
  • Duplicated templates are resolved
  • Version: 3.7.5
  • Canonical domain issue is resolved
  • Errors in the log file are resolved
  • Version: 3.7.4
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.7.3
  • The issue with the Compilation mode is resolved
  • Version: 3.7.2
  • The issue with empty meta descriptions is resolved
  • The error in XML sitemap is resolved. It happened when there were duplicated tasks for generating XML sitemaps in the cron_job table
  • Version: 3.7.0
  • New dynamic templates for Category Meta Description, Meta Keywords and Description are added
  • New variable [parent_category] is added to the category templates
  • New algorithm for canonical tags
  • Improvement for manual selection of canonical tags on product level
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.25
  • Issues with canonical tags are resolved
  • Version: 3.6.24
  • Improved behavior with Blog extensions
  • The issue with XML sitemap is resolved
  • The issue with incorrect canonical tag is resolved
  • Version: 3.6.22
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.21
  • Compatibility with FishPig: Atribute Splash Pages extension
  • Issue with suffix and prefix in product meta titles is resolved
  • Cleaning of the log file
  • Issue with double quotes in the rich snippets is resolved
  • Fatal error at not found pages is resolved
  • Issue with base URLs in XML sitemap is resolved
  • Issue with missing URLs of AW and FishPig blogs in XML sitemap when it's generated automatically
  • Compatibility with MageWorx Search AutoComplete extension
  • Issue with store-view names for attributes
  • Version: 3.6.20
  • Images' paths issue in XML sitemap resolved
  • The issue with AW Blog in XML sitemap resolved
  • Meta title for CMS pages issue resolved
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.19
  • The issue with category meta title resolved
  • Version: 3.6.18
  • Ability to add a page number in category's meta title and meta description
  • Support of Fishpig blog in XML sitemap
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.17
  • Dynamic Template for Category Meta Title added
  • Version: 3.6.16
  • Template issues resolved
  • Version: 3.6.15
  • The issue with [categories] attribute resolved
  • Version: 3.6.14
  • The issue with templates saving resolved
  • Reports issue resolved
  • Version: 3.6.13
  • Support of in the rich snippets
  • The issue in SEO Reports resolved
  • Version: 3.6.12
  • Custom canonical tag issue
  • Minot bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.11
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.9
  • Logs cleaning
  • Shipping methods issue in rich snippets resolved
  • Templates issue resolved
  • Version: 3.6.8
  • [orig_name] attribute added to keep the original product name
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.7
  • URL parameters for CMS pages resolved in XML sitemap
  • Version: 3.6.6
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.4
  • Meta Keywords field is added for HTML sitemap
  • Confirmation pop-ups are added before applying dynamic templates
  • Adding of double .html suffix resolved
  • Opengraph issues resolved
  • Version: 3.6.3
  • The issue with HTML sitemap title
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.6.2
  • XML Sitemap issue
  • [Price] attribute in the dynamic templates
  • Version: 3.6.1
  • The issue with special prices
  • Version: 3.6.0
  • Opengraph support
  • Rich Snippets support
  • Dynamic templates for product names, meta keywords, short and long descriptions added
  • Robots.txt editor added
  • Ability to define a custom canonical tag for products
  • Canonical tag is removed at 404 error pages
  • Priority of home page is set to 1 in XML sitemap
  • The issue with "Canonical Tag for Pages Filtered by Layered Navigation Leads to" setting resolved
  • Version: 3.5.9
  • Japanese locale added
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.5.7-3.5.8
  • The issue with automatic XML sitemap generation
  • The issue with canonical URL
  • Version: 3.5.6
  • The issue with reviews resolved
  • Version: 3.5.5
  • Improvements of pagination
  • The issue with SEO Reports resolved
  • Version: 3.5.3
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.5.1
  • New feature "Canonical Tag for Pages Filtered by Layered Navigation Lead to" added
  • Version: 3.4.6
  • The issue with the layered navigation in case of "/" prefix resolved
  • Version: 3.4.5
  • Product URLs are equal to the canonical URL in every block like Related Products, Cross-sells, Up-sells, search results.
  • Version: 3.4.4
  • The issue with reviews link in case of the same URL keys for different products resolved
  • Version: 3.4.3
  • Support of Itoffshore Vendors extension
  • The issue with URLs of products' images in XML sitemap resolved
  • The issue with NOINDEX,FOLLOW resolved
  • Version: 3.4.1
  • Prepopulated data for NOINDEX,FOLLOW setting
  • New format for bundle & grouped products' Meta titles&Descriptions: "from $10 to $99" or "from $10"
  • Added "Use Root" into "Product Canonical URL" setting
  • Added Meta Title for CMS-pages
  • Reports by Products, Categories, CMS (generation, view, sorting, duplicates' view)
  • XSS-vulnerability security enhancements for Canonical URLs
  • XML-sitemap path includes correct domain name (for multi-websites stores)
  • Homepage's priority set to "1" in xml-sitemap
  • Exclude from XML sitemap for products, categories, CMS-pages
  • Added html-sitemap URL to XML-sitemap
  • Default Magento settings (Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories,Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products) set to "no" during installation of SEO Suite
  • Sitemap optimization (up to 5 mln(!) products)
  • Support for Amasty Prevnext extension
  • Support for MageWorx SearchAutocomplete extension
  • Added "Layered Navigation Separator" setting
  • Added Title Prefix & Title Suffix
  • Templates' applying is optimized
  • Support for AW Blog extension
  • Support for GT Speed extension
  • Optimized reindexing after generating sitemap with 5k+ products
  • Regular/special prices with/without taxes depend on Titles/Descriptions settings
  • Added "Pager URL Format for Categories"
  • Added "Enable Link Rel="next/prev""
  • Fix for Meta Titles&Descriptions when a product's price is "0" etc.
  • Saving and preloading previous meta-robots values & "Use Config" for CMS
  • Various fixes for Canonical URLs generation
  • Various fixes for Layered Navigation (complex attribute names; matching attribute and category names)
  • Bugfix for URL names when attribute's type is multiselect
  • Cross-domain canonical URL for specific product
  • Sitemap view improvements
  • Fixes for canonical URLs in xml-sitemap
  • Fixed missing trailing slash issue in xml-sitemap version 3.2.1
  • Adjustments to settings of sitemap cron
  • Fixed Https Robots
  • Fixed bug with tags in xml-sitemap
  • Fixed bug with param delimeter in Layered Navigation
  • Fixed bug caused by certain attribute values in Layered Navigation
  • Fixed Dynamic Meta Title&Description
  • Fixed xml-sitemap URLs if Store Code is enabled
  • Fixed "Special Price" issue in Meta Title&Description
  • Fixed log-file errors
  • Fixes for sitemap generated via cron
  • Fixed Magento bug relating to special characters used in URL key
  • Fixed bug with URLs containing moved/deleted/disabled category
  • Version: 3.1.7
  • The issue with layered navigation
  • Version: 3.1.5
  • "Apply URL template" works now with unlimited number of products
  • The process of XML sitemap generation is improved
  • The issues with dynamic meta title and meta description for layered navigation pages
  • The issue with product attributes of multi-select type
  • Version: 3.1.2 - 3.1.3
  • Character counter for Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 3.1.0
  • Dynamic titles for categories
  • Dynamic meta descriptions for categories
  • Ability to disable canonical tag for layered navigation
  • Ability to add NOINDEX,FOLLOW to the pages with parameters (now you can add NOINDEX,FOLLOW to the pagination pages and etc by adding "?p=*")
  • Ability to define page title for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
  • Ability to define meta description for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
  • Products has incorrect URLs in HTML sitemap. Now they have the URLs equal to canonical tag.
  • Version: 3.0.1
  • XML sitemap optimization
  • Version: 2.1.6
  • Products were not shown in the category if they were assigned to sub-categories only
  • Default meta description was displayed for CMS pages
  • Version: 2.1.5
  • "Unable to generate sitemap" error was fixed
  • "Head.php" error in system.log file
  • Version: 2.1.4
  • XML sitemap optimization. Now it works with 100k+ products
  • Error when adding new products
  • Version: 2.1.3
  • SEO-friendly dynamic titles for Layered Navigation pages
  • SEO-friendly dynamic meta descriptions for Layered Navigation pages
  • Magento Connect was broken with INVALID POST DATA error
  • Layered Navigation returns 404 error on new Magento versions
  • Some code optimization
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • XML sitemap had product URLs not equal to canonical tag in case of manual selection
  • Disabled categories were shown in XML sitemap
  • Canonical product tag showed only domain on Magento 1.4.2
  • The setting "Use Short Description in Meta Description" didn't work on the latest Magento versions
  • If there were more than one page of reviews, when customers clicked on page 2, they were taken to a 404 page
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.5.x
  • Version: 2.1.1
  • Compilation Mode fix
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Added Cross Domain Canonical URL support
  • Added Product Meta Description Templates
  • Added [store_name], [website_name] template variables
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • Added Product Images to Google XML Sitemap
  • Added Layered Navigation SEO friendly URLs
  • Performance optimization
  • Number of minor bugs fixed
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Added ability to apply product URLs to all products at once
  • Added Reviews seo-friendly URLs
  • Added ability to add product tags to XML sitemap
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Added ability to set default Robots Meta Header for HTTPS pages
  • Added ability to enable Category Menu title attribute for links
  • Removed spaces from title tag
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Initial release