Salesforce Development
and Consulting

Salesforce is a full-featured customer relationship management software for all type of eCommerce businesses.

The ecosystem offers unlimited possibilities for online store owners. With the software one efficiently optimize a bunch of important business mechanisms for contact management, lead generation, opportunity management, etc.

However, managing the platform and developing custom-built solutions requires a lot of time and resources.

What we do?

A team of experienced Force.Com developers from FlyBeaver will help you efficiently plan, implement and support your Salesforce projects — all at a reasonable price.

Salesforce introduction

New to SF?

We make thorough analysis of your business processes and optimize them with the help of the platform.

Switching from some other platform?

We will help you with data migration and customization.

Don’t know what is the best Salesforce practice?

We will consult you on what is the best way to use the platform for your business.

Administration and Custom development

The FlyBeaver team will help you:
  • Extend the basic platform’s functionality with a custom solution specifically built for your needs
  • Order developing managed packages
  • Easily pass the security review

Integration with other systems and CRMs

We are also capable of:
  • Running secure and efficient integration with 3rd party systems
  • Implementing integrations of the 3rd party plugins and seeing up the platform with you system

Cost of Our Services

Flybeaver is practicing individual approach to evaluating the costs of every project.

Our standard hourly rates range between 30-50 USD/hour.

The final rate depends on such factors as the terms of the project, its size and the complexity of the requested services.

Why Hire Us?

  • We are the team of experienced Force.Com developers with extensive expertise with the platform
  • We use agile development practices and methodologies
  • We guarantee that you will get a well-designed, testable and exten-sions-ready code
  • Your project will be delivered on time
  • You can always directly community with us

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