Magento Prices per Customer extension v2.9.0

  • NEW Improved usability of the back-end user interface
  • Individual product pricing
  • NEW Modifying the price type
  • Personalized product promotions
  • Individual discount rewards for the most loyal customers
  • Displaying prices only to the logged-in customers
  • Tier pricing model
  • Export/Import prices per customer in a .csv format

    • Easy and smooth transfer of all features to Magento 2 version. 50% Magento 2 upgrade discounts.
СE 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x
  • Free
  • Free

Tailor an effective pricing strategy based on an individual approach to each shopper. Set different product prices for each customer, as well tier prices on any product of your Magento-based store.

  • Fully compatible with all Magento Security Patches.

Individual Product Pricing

Magento Prices per Customer

Personalize your pricing strategy by setting individual prices for any store customer. Price per Customer Magento extension allows you to:

  • Define custom Product Prices for any store item
  • Specify different Special Product Prices for each customer
  • Set +-% OFF for certain customers - this will let you run individual promotions via personal discounts
  • Flexible options for individual product pricing schemes
  • NEW Modify the Price Type. Set Percentage to increase or reduce the price by a certain amount
  • NEW Setting separate prices for a different websites

Price Display

Arouse customers’ curiosity by hiding product prices and making them available only after signup.

Price per Customer Magento Extension allows you to:

  • Hide prices for visitors who are not logged in
  • Hide prices for only specific products or categories for not-logged-in visitors
  • NEW Customize “You need to login to see product price” message
Magento Prices per Customer

Tier Pricing per Customer

Magento Prices per Customer

The default Magento lets a store admin add tier prices for customer groups. Price per Customer Magento module extends this functionality by adding tier price capacity for any single store customer.

This can be of great help when setting merchandise prices according to the quantity bought by a single customer.

Use any of the 4 options for customer prices, e.g.:

  • 10 (fixed price, displayed instead of the default one)
  • 10% (10% discount from the default product price)
  • 10% (+10% to default product price)
  • 10% (10% from default price of the specified product)

Import/Export Magento Tier Prices

With our Magento custom prices extension you can export/import Prices per customer in .csv format.

Easily move the data between stores and projects.

Never lose the list of your custom prices and switch them with a convenient export/import interface.

Magento Prices per Customer

Other features

  • Compatible with Customer Group Prices Magento Extension
  • The ability to filter customers when adding specific prices for them
  • “Sort By” option allowing to sort various data (e.g. Prices, Products, Customers)
  • NEW “Sort products by custom price” option
  • Simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, virtual, downloadable products support
  • Support of price ranges in the filter of Layered Navigation
  • Price per Customer Magento extension does NOT overwrite any layouts or templates thus letting you avoid conflicts

Comes with

  • FREE lifetime extension updates
  • FREE lifetime bug fixes
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 50% OFF on the Upgrade to Magento 2 (*follow this link for more info)
  • 100% Open Source

Comes with

  • FREE Updates
    and Improvements

  • FREE Support
    For Life

  • Risk-FREE
    30-day Money Back

Magento Prices per Customer extension


Great product with stunning support

On March 21, 2016
It does everything what is described. Works out of the box and I had no issues on my site. The only feature request is a better user-friendly interface.
- Mitchel Matawan, United States United States Verified User

Exactly what I need

On August 14, 2015
After searching Magento connect for similar tools, none come close to this extansion and the functionality it offers. However, it would be great if you guys could add auto-tag for customers based on how much they spent or what products they buy. So to say, offer Membership pricing.
- Joseph Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands Verified User

Works and looks perfectly

On July 10, 2015
I got this extension for one of my clients for his wholesale store view, and it was really straight forward on configuring everything. I did have a problem with it affecting the retail store view even though it was disabled. I contacted the developer, and he fixed it right away.
- Smoke_Ems Imported From:

Perfect extension for us

On April 15, 2015
Product works as described. And support helped us in every step. Thank you! I definitely recommend it!
- meikoneuman Imported From:

Great extension

On February 14, 2015
We are using this extension very heavily it depends on a lot of customer groups and different prices. We had an issue recently and Alex was able to fix the issue with in a day. Great support from Alex, we strongly recommend this extension and his suppot.
- bikerleather Imported From:

Highly Recommended

On January 20, 2015
Initially it hid all the prices when it wasn't supposed to. But the developer resolved the issue very quickly and now it's working very well :) Highly recommended.
- antbaron Imported From:

Five star plugin and support.

On November 15, 2014
The Prices per Customer for Magento is great and does just what it claims. Webtex support was super helpful in getting the plugin to work with the other plugins we have installed on our site. What else can I say? 5 stars and an A+ from us.
- cbrouwer Verified User

Excellent support!

On April 9, 2014
Had some issues getting the extension to work with the template we have in use and support fixed the problem really really quickly.
The extension does what it says. Seems to be no problems there.
- Kunzi Imported From:

Nice extension, excellent support

On April 9, 2014
Bought this extension and installed on a multistore environment. Had some problems because of other plugins, but the support from Webtex was fast. And they fixed my problems within an instant!
With this extension, be aware of the fact that
- your product grid view template will be replaced (which caused some problems with AJAX filtering and displaying at my store)
- your search template will be replaced
All because of the fact that the Cart button has to be removed when you hide prices for customers (otherwise, the prices would still be visible when added to cart).
But it's not a problem - If your looking for a well written and supported extension, buy this one!
- MacDokie Imported From:

Perfect in Magento

On October 22, 2013
There was just one little problem in the display of the prices, but Alex has settled in very short time. Installed in Magento and everything is going well.
- Maurizio Verified User

Great Support. Extension Works As Advertised!

On June 24, 2013
The extensions does what it says. A few things went wrong but after contacting support, each problem was fixed. The overall experience is in the title.
- rickgibbons11 Imported From:

Great Extension! Great Support!

On June 24, 2013
The extensions does what it says. A few things went wrong but after contacting support, each problem was fixed. The overall experience is in the title.
- magentoadminusr Imported From:

This is a great extension!

On January 5, 2012
This is a great extension! Needed to add different prices for certain customers and this add-on does the trick.
Great service as well to enable and dissable some of the extra functions!
- clansbergen Imported From:
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 2.9.0
  • Fully re-developed user interface
  • Version: 2.8.1 (November 26, 2015)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 2.8.0 (November 10, 2015)
  • Compatibility with SUPEE 6788 Security Patch
  • Version: 2.6.1
  • Initial release