Shipping Table Rates extension for Magento 2

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What are Shipping Table Rates for?

Bring Magento 2 table rates management and shipping cost calculation to a whole new level! Overcome the default limitations ― create an unlimited number of carriers, methods and shipping rates that make product delivery a win-win.

  • Comes with FREE life-time support from the certified Magento specialists.

  • Includes FREE life-time updates.


  • Unrestricted # of shipping rates, methods & carriers

    Easily define individual shipping rates for as many new/existing methods & carriers as required..

  • Advanced shipping cost calculation options

    Apply fixed & percentage surcharges/discounts.

  • Flexible rates conditions

    Specify pricing depending on the qty/weight/price/etc. of the ordered products/items.

  • Postal code validation for rates

    Set up a list/range of zip codes, for which specific rates will be enabled/disabled for.

  • Rates import/export functionality

    Enjoy the ease of shipping rates management, bulk rates editing, and more.


Features of Shipping Table Rates for Magento 2

Unlimited # of shipping carriers, methods & rates

Significantly expand the default Magento 2 limitations, i.e., the possibility to import a CSV list with table rates for only 1 method and 1 carrier. With the extension, you’ll be able to create a setup for an unlimited number of local/custom shipping providers and set as many carrier and method-specific rates as required.

The extension enables you to specify:

  • shipping rate priority,
  • hide a shipping method if there are no valid rates,
  • Store View-specific rates,
  • estimate delivery time, which can replace the specified in the method value when required.

Advanced shipping cost calculation

Having done all the legwork to discover & set up the most convenient shipping carriers & methods, accurate calculation of shipping rates is a must.

The extension enables you to either rewrite the initial value or to add up to it. You’ll be able to specify rate pricing based on:

  • qty of products,
  • qty of items,
  • units of weight.
  • Additionally, shipping cost can be modified by a fixed amount or by percent.

Settings conditions for shipping rates

The cost of shipping is the question of major concern for the customer. For the retailer, it’s the fear of both losing the sale and going in red when calculating shipping costs incorrectly.

The Shipping Table Rates opens unlimited configuration possibilities when it comes to cost calculation. You’ll be able to configure shipping rates, based on:

  • geographic location (country, region, zip code range),
  • price/price range of the ordered products,
  • products’ qty, or the qty range,
  • weight/weight range of products.

Postal code validation for rates

Are there different demands in the locations you mostly ship to? Would you like to set individual discounted rates for specific destinations? With the Shipping Table rates extension, you’ll be able to configure multiple shipping scenarios that meet your delivery map to the full:

The extension enables you to either rewrite the initial value or to add up to it. You’ll be able to specify rate pricing based on:

  • run validation based on the list of postal codes (specific postal code or a list),
  • run validation based on zip-code range, or
  • avoid validation based on the postal code.
  • Additionally, the extension offers alphanumeric postal code validation. This can be handy if you ship to/within such locations as the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, and more.

Import/export functionality

Be it the simplicity of information management, or be it the possibility to effortlessly transfer any shipping related data from one store/data source to another.

The extension enables you to conveniently import/export both default and custom shipping rates using a CSV file ― for an unlimited number of shipping carriers, methods, and rates.

On-the-fly processing of large rates data volumes

MageWorx Shipping Table Rates has been proved to show solid performance when processing large rates data volumes.

For example, 23,000 shipping rates with 1,700,000 postal codes added get processed on the checkout page within 2-3 seconds.

This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

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