Order Management extension for Magento 2

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What is Order Management for?

This extension significantly extends the capabilities of the default Magento Sales-Orders grid, lets you conveniently overview all order data in one place, easily manage orders (without canceling them), as well as modify literally any order details.

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  • Get a complete picture on each order

    Conveniently overview order data all in one place.

  • Streamline the process of order management

    Take advantage of 20 extra order mass-actions,delete/archive unneeded orders.

  • Edit orders without canceling

    Bypass the Magento order edit limitations and modify any order data whenever needed.

  • Exchange literally any order details

    Edit the order’s date, state, status, change customer’s personal details, modify billing/shipping info and more.

  • Preview the made changes

    Preview the order’s Grand Total every time you modify order details.


The Issues Order Management Extension Solves


Unlimited Order Editing


Have your customers mistakenly entered the wrong size, color, quantity, or do they even want to switch products? Being able to edit these order details is vital for correct & seamless order processing.

Also, by default, you’d need to cancel an order to make any kind of changes.


The extension introduces unlimited editing possibilities. You’ll be able to modify any order details without having to CANCEL an order. This will include an ability to modify date and time (down to hours & minutes), status, state, billing & shipping data, the customers’ details (first and last name, email address, group), the choice of payment/shipping methods, as well as an ability to change/delete/edit product thumbnails, prices, discounts, taxes, and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • Order & account information editing
  • Changing billing & shipping address
  • Payment information editing
  • Modifying shipping & handling information
  • Editing the ordered items
  • Assigning the customers to groups

Improved Sales-Orders Grid


The default Magento 2 Orders grid isn't perfect for getting a detailed order overview. It misses some important info, which makes you jump back and forth between different tabs and workspaces.


The extension adds 28 extra columns with important order details, thus enabling you to effortlessly manage and overview all placed orders. You’ll be able to easily track the information of interest within the sales-orders grid by adding/hiding the required columns.

Additionally, the ability to add product thumbnails to orders will help you easily orient yourself within a plethora of placed orders.

Feature Highlights:

  • 28 extra grid columns (used coupon codes, included/excluded taxes, processed refunds, detailed shipping and billing details, customers’ personal data, device an order was placed from and others)
  • Adding/hiding columns when required
  • Ability to add product thumbnails to orders

Order Mass-Actions


Have some unwanted orders to delete? Need to quickly issue invoices for a selection of orders? Want to mass-complete multiple orders? Unfortunately, within the default Magento 2 functionality, you won’t be able to perform such actions.

Similarly, by default, it is impossible to completely delete unneeded orders ― they can be solely marked as ‘Cancelled’.


The Order Management extension offers 20 order extra mass-actions. They include resending order emails, shipping and completing orders, issuing order invoices, and a dozen more order-related activities that can be performed en masse.

Also, with the add-on, you get to easily get rid of unneeded orders and completely delete them.

Feature Highlights:

  • 20 extra order mass-actions
  • Ability to complete delete orders
  • Mass issuing order invoices, resending order emails, and a lot more.

Order Data Synchronization


Data synchronization is vital for the ease of sales & orders management, especially if you manually import data from some external source. Equally important is the ability to check the correctness of the added data.


The extension enables you to easily synchronize additional order info with the data in your store, as well as observe any incorrect information.

Feature Highlights:

  • Sales-orders data synchronization in a mouse click
  • Control over the correctness of imported data

Monitoring Changes


Seeing the final result before changes take into effect and making additional order adjustments are must-haves when editing orders.


With the module, you’ll be able to review the order’s Grand Total every time you make modifications to products added to an order, prices, discounts, coupon codes, etc.

Feature Highlights:

  • Ability to review orders’ Grand Total after making modifications
  • Full control of order management

Features of Order Management Extension


Orders Editing (Without Canceling)

Our extension allows modifying any order detail without canceling. Such order modifications can be achieved in the following sections:

  • account Information to see which device type was used to place an order. There'll be also a special area, where you can check whether the order was placed from the frontend, backend or via API (REST or SOAP),
  • general section, where you can edit date, time and the order status,
  • account information, where you can change the customers, their names, emails and customer groups,
  • billing information, where you can modify the customers’ billing name, company name, address (including phone and fax number if needed) and the VAT,
  • shipping information, where you can edit the customer’s shipping name, company name, address (including phone and fax number if needed) and the VAT,
  • payment information, where you may change any offline payment methods or rename them,
  • shipping and handling information, so that you may modify the shipping price, change the shipping method and handle the tax prices,
  • products, so that you may add/remove any product added to the order.
  • The order’s Grand Total is recalculated every time you make modifications to products in the order, prices, discounts, coupon codes, and so on.

Enhanced Orders Grid

The extension adds 28 extra columns with important order details, divided into separate groups:

  • order (includes 7 columns, such as Coupon Code, Weight, Subtotal (Purchased), Modified, Product Name, SKU and Product Thumbnail),
  • shipping (includes 8 columns, such as Shipments, Tracking Numbers, Shipping Fax, Shipping Region, Shipping Postcode, Shipping City, Shipping Telephone and Shipping Country),
  • billing (includes 12 columns such as Tax Code, Tax Percent, Tax Amount, Tax Amount (Base), Tax Real Amount (Base), Invoices, Billing Fax, Billing Region, Billing Postcode, Billing City, Billing Telephone and Billing Country),
  • customer (includes Customer ID column).
  • You can choose to display or hide these columns, whenever needed. The orders grid is equipped with product thumbnails.

Mass Order Actions

The extension significantly extends the number of actions to apply for the sales-orders grid. Such actions include:

  • ability to complete and delete the orders directly from the grid,
  • actions with order status modifications: Capture, Invoice, Ship and Print with several combination variations,
  • email-oriented actions: Re-send Order Email, Re-send Invoice Email and Re-send Shipment Email.

Data Synchronization

Additional sales-orders data synchronization comes in handy in case you import extra order-related info from an external source.

You’ll be able to control the accuracy of the imported data literally in a mouse-click.

This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 101 item(s)

  • Excellent Extension
    This is really a good plugin. Very easy to use and works perfectly.
    Highly recommended!
    Thank you so much Mageworx Team!
    Review by wrc (Posted on March 9, 2019)
  • this is a must-have
    This is surely a must-have tool for every store manager. Order editing has become flawless. They offer video guides, which is super handy. I can't say anything about the support as their help was not required. Highly recommended!
    Review by Alloin (Posted on November 22, 2018)
  • Top Notch Extension and Customer Service
    MageWorx M2 Order Management extension has saved us a lot of time with managing our online orders. The ability to tag a guest order to an actual customer is something that should have been included with M2 out-of-the-box. Also, MW's customer service is phenomenal. Thanks MageWorx!
    Review by Jin (Posted on September 5, 2018)
  • Great extension
    This extension has been great. Sometimes we have customers that create an order using the guest checkout and then can't view it on their account, we can simply use the extensions features to assign it to that customer. Also adds a number of different filters etc to the order grid that makes it easy to make quick order changes such as the order status, or to remove a fraud order. Overall very pleased.
    Review by Samuel (Posted on July 26, 2018)
  • Great Customer Service
    While we had a few hiccups during post-installation on production, support was extremely helpful and quick to respond. We had a resolution in place within a few days.
    Review by Steve (Posted on July 23, 2018)

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