Customer Group Prices extension for Magento 2

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What are Customer Group Prices for?

Diversify your pricing strategies by setting up individual prices for different customer groups. Createed marketing
campaigns, motivate customers to qualify for a certain group, and engage them in certain activities to present a special

The extension allows you to completely replace the default product price (with the Magento 2 functionality, this price
just gets crossed, and the custom group price is displayed as a special one).

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  • Comes with FREE life-time support from the certified Magento specialists.

  • Includes FREE life-time updates.


  • Diversify your Magento 2 store pricing strategy

    Use custom prices for different customer groups.

  • Replace the default prices for specific groups

    Display special custom group prices everywhere in the store.

  • Perfect for wholesale stores

    Set different prices for your wholesale and retail customers.

  • Createed marketing offers

    Add custom surcharges and discounts either on a customer groups or products level.

  • Group prices import/export functionality

    Easily transfer/edit prcies-related data, including data migration from Magento 1.


Features of Customer Group Prices for Magento 2

Setting prices for different customer groups

Different customers shop differently. With the extension, you’ll be able to:

  • segment the customers into groups and assign individual prices to each group,
  • set custom prices for custom-created product catalogs (e.g. Retailers, Wholesale, etc.),
  • motivate shoppers to qualify for the benefits of a certain group,
  • create special discounts or promo offers for the selection of your customers.

Creating special offers for theed groups

Now, you get to set individual prices for custom product catalogs.

Set fixed/percentage surcharges/discounts for theed customer groups (e.g. you can set different prices for the logged in and not logged in customers).

Moreover, the extension allows setting group prices for different types of products: simple, configurable, group, etc.

Automatically use group prices in any cart/catalog price rules, as well as in taxes and gift cards.

Displaying prices precisely in search results

Improve customers’ shopping experience by accurately displaying prices in search.

Correctly display this price type on pages filtered by layered navigation and search results pages.

NEW! Import/export functionality

Enjoy the convenience of customer group prices management. Use a .CSV file to either easily edit/replace customer group prices or transfer the related data from one source to another.

NEW! Group prices data migration from Magento 1

If you’ve recently opted for Magento 2, seamless and easy customer prices migration will allow relieving some of the pain points.

The extension enables you to conveniently migrate (special) customer group prices info from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in a couple of mouse clicks.

This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

  • just wow
    It's seems easy but it's just great to be able display prices to certain customer groups as a regular one. My marketers are testing various pricing schemes and offers. This one is certainly a good to have extension!
    Review by Marco_suf (Posted on November 19, 2018)
  • Helps managing wholesale prices
    I'm dealing with both retail and wholesale customers. The extension works perfect for me, and allows to display lower prices for wholesale customers. Everything is done automatically! Hooah!
    Review by Samatha_Williams (Posted on May 30, 2018)
  • How?
    in magento I see group prices. How you prices are different from magento? thank you!

    <div class="xreviews-answer">
    <p>Anill, with the default Magento customer group price enabled, your customers will see it crossed, like a special one. Our extension lets you set this type of price for each group and display it as a regular price, without crossing and mentioning the original product one.</p>
    <p> Hope I've answered your question. Kind Regards, Helen</p>
    Review by Anill Rahandi (Posted on April 6, 2018)
  • Awesome
    Great plugin, really good support
    Review by Razvan (Posted on August 31, 2017)
  • Nice Service
    We installed the plugin and faced a problem, it didn't work. After contacting the support and providing FTP data the error was quickly fixed.
    Review by smith64fx (Posted on August 11, 2015)

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