Magento Advanced SEO Configuration

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  • Professional SEO site audit
  • MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate extension installation
  • Personalized extension configuration
  • Creating and optimizing SEO meta templates
  • Sitemaps generation
  • Creating and optimizing cross links
  • Setting hreflang tags (for alternate URLs)
  • Rich Snippets setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup
  • Bing Webmaster Tools setup

  • * This service is exclusively designed for SEO Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 1 & 2.

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  • Guaranteed SEO improvements
  • Personal approach
  • 1-3 days implementation

Being one of the most SEO friendly platforms, Magento still requires a lot of SEO routing. Especially when it comes to duplicate content issues, meta data optimization, sitemaps creation or setting up structured markup data. Proper SEO configuration will save you tons of time & help to improve your chances of higher website rankings.

SEO Configuration Service Includes:

Seo site audit

  • Checking which site pages have been indexed by Google (including all duplicates).
  • Checking whether all your important content has been indexed the right way.
  • Auditing Google Index for the unwanted URL parameters.
  • Checking which domain is treated as the main one by Google (www or non-www).

SEO suite setup

  • Adjusting SEO Suite functionality to solve your site indexation issues.
  • Setting the other software features to work best for your website.
  • Creating & testing HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Creating meta data SEO templates, designed exclusively for Your website.
  • Click here
    to learn what SEO Suite Ultimate is capable of.

Google & BING webmaster tools setup

  • Checking GWT HTML improvement section to get ideas how to improve your website.
  • Adding/updating XML sitemaps in GWT.
  • Setting your site URL parameters, so that Google could know which pages should be indexed, and which should not.
  • Proper configuration of your Bing Webmaster Tools account.

*The service is designed exclusively for SEO Suite Ultimate extension.

Why SEO Configuration Service?

A one-stop onpage SEO solution focused on better rankings results.

Trusted by 115 clients from 17 countries worldwide

Our team of Magento SEO specialists know the platform backwards & frontwards. We offer a unique approach to every SEO project, making sure all your on-page SEO activities are professionally optimized. For you to drive sales and improve online visibility.

The SEO Improvements our customers have today
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Reviews of Magento Advanced SEO Configuration

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dealing with experts is always a gain

On November 19, 2018
- Elko_EV Verified User
They seem to know everything about SEO! Their SEO extension together with the expert custom configurations already bears some fruits to my store. Certainly worth every spent buck. Thank you , guys!

Amazing results for our Website

On December 27, 2017
- Victor Verified User
So far everything is working as promised. Our website now makes it onto the first page for search. The snippets are fabulous and the support from Artur was just good.

One of the best SEO services we can found

On August 30, 2017
- Abhishek Verified User
Yes, we know that Magento is itself is good when it comes to SEO but this extension breaks all the boundaries for the SEO functionality. The SEO service by MageWorx is simply unmatched.

This SEO service for those who have little to no knowledge in how to optimize the store for search engines and for those who have thousands of products in their store and MageWorx has introduced this service is simply great. Carry on guys......Thank you!

Fantastic extension and support. A must for all Magento stores

On January 5, 2017
- prowestsystem from Imported From:
Purchased this extension together with the advanced configuration and it really exceeded all our expectations. This is really a must have extension for all Magento stores. It is worth every penny as it is really getting the SEO of the site to a complete new level.
Had an excellent support and communication with the Mageworx team during the setup.
We have tested several different extensions from other companies but none of them were really 100% and working as we wanted, but with this, now we got it all setup in the right way straight away. Highly recommended and excellent support!

Well worth the money.

On August 15, 2016
- Deanpetvinmoore Imported From:
Wonderful friendly staff, great product, swift install, (Opting for the config service for an extra fee) well worth the money.
Would i say that if you need Meta data sorting, Seo help etc, look no further, Mageworx have been great? Of course I would!!

Fast, Reliable, and Professional

On August 3, 2016
- TropicSnowman Imported From:
Fast, Reliable, and Professional these are some of the few words i can use to describe the type of work these guys did for the extension as well as the Advanced Configurations. Ulyana was superb, knowledgeable and professional. Her insights to the SEO world are pretty valuable.

Huge time saver

On April 28, 2016
- Krachtstroom Verified User
I'm running 16 stores in one Magento install. In four countries. It would weeks and weeks to get the job done that SEO suite does automatically.
It's awesome. And if you have any questions, or thinks that something is not working as it should be, the guys from Mageworx react prompt and with all the knowledge they have.
And that's a lot!
If I should mention one thing that could be better: explain in detail why a feature in SEO suite is usefull. In that way users can use the full potential of this great extension!
April 1, 2016

Mageworx Ultimate

On March 30, 2016
- HappyMonkey Imported From:
We just bought this a few days ago, so the jury is still out on how happy it makes Google, So...I can't fairly review the extension. What I can speak to is the $199 (they optimize it for you option) For anyone who lives within the seo world configuring it is probably not much more then time, but if you don' can be intimidating. In any case, we purchased the "optimization" option. At first, I was nervous because you are getting emails from people all over the world and you are getting passed around (in all fairness to them, this is just how it feels because it does seem like they have all these hand offs worked out) We eventually landed with a programmer in Minsk (Ulyana) Who knew more then any of the 8 or 9 SEO people we have worked with in the past 5 years. As I said, we haven't determined how well the plug in works yet, but she (and therefore Mageworx)
is worth every penny.
Magento is a long way from warm & fuzzy, but these people seem about as close to a hug as you are going to get in the SEO world..

No more errors!

On March 25, 2016
- Nicolas Verified User
We chosen their seo extension only because they offer this seo service as well. For us it's quite important to configure everything right so not to loose our rankings. We had many errors in our webmaster tools account and we didn't have a solution to resolve them. These guys installed their module to our site and Ulyana configured everything on our site and in webmaster tools. In about 15 days the errors disappeared, number of indexed pages were increased, we noticed minor improvements of our positions by specific keywords! Amazing.

Highly recommend to anyone to save $$$ on seo specialists to configure your site.

Great extension and the configuration service!

On February 3, 2016
- singerph Verified User
We have been using this extension for years and it has helped us greatly! Just ordered the service to get it configured by Mageworx after updating the extension, which was also a good learning experience. Highly recommended.

Extraordinary Support

On February 2, 2016
- americanpassion Verified User
Great Extension and Extraordinary Support team.
We hire the advanced setup, and it was smooth communication, fast, professional and efficient.
Highly recommended!

On February 1, 2016
- Nylle Verified User
It is obvious that Mageworx not only develop extensions but also make sure to update and support them.
This extension has some great features and provides value for money.
Unfortunately for me I had missed the fact that the SEO keywords so far doesn't support special characters (Danish letters on my webshop ) which are part of some of my most important keywords. Luckily Mageworx great support quickly promised me that this will be supported within 1-2 months.

Super Product/Extension and Advanced config service

On February 1, 2016
- Rob van Westrop Verified User
An Extension where you really have something.
A service that many companies may be jealous and can take an example.
Certainly the troubles worth watching in this business for more extensions.
This extension has great features!
Rob van Westrop

Indexed Pages trippled the first day it was installed

On January 2, 2016
- Julie Ann Verified User
I just had this installed along with the Advanced SEO Configuration in my magento and my indexed pages tripled from 327 to 980 the day I received an e-mail from them that its done & installed. I'm currently studying & watching their study guide videos to familiarize myself how to use their extension. I'm happy & satisfied. I gave only 4star on support because there was no phone number to call to. It's all in the email but they reply pretty fast too. Ulyana is very helpful and answered every question I sent through their support e-mail.

SEO Improvements were very impressive

On November 12, 2015
- Tuff62 Verified User
I have purchased the configuration package as well and was very pleased with the SEO improvements it made in a short amount of time.
Great investment for any ecommerce store.

Always being improved

On September 24, 2015
- Five5 Verified User
We have used this extension for a couple of years and and what impresses me most is the continual product improvements and updates. Further, we've recently had MageWorx perform a paid configuration service (extension and webmaster tools) and SEO performance has improved again. Recommended extension and vendor.

The Best SEO Extension for Magento. Period.

On August 19, 2015
- dbabaev Verified User
I am what you call a picky Magento power user. So, naturally, I want the best for the sites I develop. I've tried 4 different SEO extensions (free and paid) and this one is by far the best one. It takes care of the inherent SEO Magento issues easily and efficiently. The Templates feature is next to none. Support is amazingly fast and friendly. If you are in the market for a SEO extension, look no further. These guys really have it down.
- Daniil,

Best in class SEO extension backed by amazing support...

On April 9, 2015
- Ken Verified User
The extension itself is great, it is well thought and well coded. It addresses all aspects of Magento Onsite SEO.
It is also very feature rich and gets updated continuously and regularly for free.
Support is very knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. They really go the extra mile for help.
This is a must have extension and one of the best investments you can do for your Magento store.


Great App w/ Amazing Support!

On March 19, 2015
- Drew Verified User
We have dozens of apps and developers and I can share that Ulyana Barysenka (with Mageworks & WebTexSoftware) is amazing and in the top 10%.
We paid a small extra amount to have her review the data entered into the Magento App (she made several great changes). Then when we swapped the servers from Windows to Lunux, she again reviewed that data in detail to ensure that the changes she made had been transferred correctly and were working correctly.
She didn't even charge us for the 2nd review. Wow!
This app has worked quite well and has amazing support staff. I recommend it!
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