Magento Search extensions

With our Magento search extensions you will easily transform the default search into a convenient and user-friendly tool. Your customers would get personalized and relevant query suggestions from the first characters they type. Such a small change can turn your Magento search box into an efficient tool for boosting sales.

Search AutoComplete

Transform Magento search into a user-friendly and convenient process. Let your customers find what they need in a quick and smooth way.


Help visitors find what they are looking for fast and maximally with relevant results. Using our Magento modules, you will improve the native search with 3 advanced search engines –Solr, Sphinx and xSearch. 

Magento sphinx search is capable of searching extremely large databases effectively and quickly. Enabling Magento solr search enriches your store with real-time and full text result. As for the xSearch, you could promote products ahead of others with the unique ‘product weight’ search feature.

Boost conversions and enhance store functionality by offering user-friendly, lightning-fast, relevant and automatically generated search results to your visitors.