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Magento Development and Customization Services

Every Magento business is different.

Each has their own needs, budgets, goals and strategic directions. With this in mind, we help online merchants transform Magento into the best fit for their business.

Our Magento customization service aims to empower your Magento store with the unique functionality, deliver better eCommerce experiences to your customers, and bring your online business to the next level.

What We Do?

Building an online store is like doing a complex puzzle. Quite often some important parts are missing, which may be hindering the ability of online business to grow…

The team of MageWorx Magento can help you create the missing parts. We deliver a wide spectrum of Magento customization services, including:

Initial Customization/ Migration

Initial Magento Setup

New to Magento? We'll help you configure the default platform's functionality the best possible way.

Migrating to Magento

Our team will professionally assist you in migrating to Magento from other popular eCommerce platforms.

Upgrading to the latest Magento version

We'll take all hustle out of the process and implement a one-time, risk-free, zero down-time upgrade.

Building Custom Functionality

Crafting Custom Solutions

We are capable of creating both simple and advanced Magento solutions for any of your eCommerse business needs.

Customizing MageWorx Extensions

Our team will adjust any extension developed by MageWorx according to your requirements.

Solving Compatibility Issues

We resolve any extension conflicts and ensure seamless integration of any custom-built functionality.

Advanced Development/ Support

A-Z Advanced Magento Development

Our team takes all care of planning, developing and implementation individual Magento solutions of any complexity..

3d party Software Customization

We will extend the functionality of any 3d party plugin installed on your Magento store.

24/7 Consultancy

Whichever assistance you may need before, during or after project implementation, we'll always be by your side.

Cost of Our Services

We practice individual approach when estimating each project/ customization task.

Hence, a detailed specific quote is provided for each customer upon request. The final quote depends on such factors as the project size, the project complexity and the amount of resources we’ll need to employ for implementation.

Whatever the project is, we always provide the best value for money.

Let’s assemble the puzzle together!

8-year eCommerce development experience

628 completed Magento Customization projects

20 highly-qualified Magento developers

Affordable rates, flexible contract types and working schedule

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