Search Suite Extension for Magento 2

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What is Sphinx Search Suite for?

Enhance Magento 2 default search with Sphinx search engine. Deliver maximally relevant query results from the first letters your customers type in. Speed up search queries with the search autocomplete functionality.

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  • The extension requires Sphinx to be installed on your server.


  • Maximally fast and relevant query results

    Integrate & configure Sphinx search settings.

  • Advanced Sphinx customization

    Use either the default search engine settings or adjust them according to your marketing objectives.

  • As-you-type search results suggestions

    Introduce accurate autocomplete functionality.

  • Instant search customization

    Add product details to search, sort results by price, name, relevance, and more.


The Issues Search Suite Extension Solves


Powerful Internal Search


Are you aware that 43% of site visitors will go directly to a search box and the searchers are 2-3 times more likely to convert (according to the Forrester Research)? Intuitive & intelligent on-site search has been proved to be critical for an optimized sales channel.


The extension allows to power up your Magento 2 store with one of the most popular and advanced search engines ― Sphinx.

With its functionality, you’ll be able to quickly accumulate and index all store database information. Thus, your customers will get instant search results even if you have a wide range of products to offer.

Feature Highlights:

  • Improved onsite search
  • Fast & relevant query results
  • As-you-type suggestions
  • Selling right from the search box

Sphinx Connection Customization


Sometimes, for workflow optimization, there is a need to have Sphinx running on a separate server. In such cases, the possibility to adjust the default Sphinx connection settings (and the other server that runs SQL to accept external connections) would be vital.


The Search Suite allows you to either use the default Sphinx settings or adjust them in full compliance with your business objectives.

Feature Highlights:

  • Ability to change host, port, index path & connection timeouts
  • Setting the Search Results Ranker
  • Setup validation
  • Sphinx configuration file application right in the backend

Search Autocomplete Functionality


Fast, easy and positive customer shopping experience is closely related to high conversion rates. That’s where the ability to eliminate a search step and help the customers find the right offering from the first letters can come in handy.

Additionally, spelling errors & typos can often hinder the customers from finding the products they are searching for.


The search autocomplete functionality helps the customers find what they need in a mouse click. While helping the shoppers avoid any kind of typos, you as a merchant get a possibility to push specific products to the top of autocomplete suggestions. Thus, high-margin products or items with excess stock get easily promoted and accessed.

Additionally, the shoppers will get a possibility to add products to cart right from the search results. Thus, the number of clicks between seeing and buying will be eliminated.

Feature Highlights:

  • Advanced configuration of the search pop-up (displaying/hiding product price, name, image, and more)
  • Customization of autocomplete rankings
  • Autocomplete delay for server loads optimization
  • Ability to add products to cart right from the search results

Mobile-Friendly Search


We are living in the mobile-first world, where m-commerce accounts for 54% of total eCommerce sales, according to Statista. Taking that 75% of mobile users have been proved to exit a site because of negative search experience, the mobile-friendly search is a must-have today.


The extension offers a search pop-up that supports mobile responsive design thus ensuring enhanced shopping experience for the shoppers that use hand-held devices. The search block will be displayed on the most popular mobile-friendly Magento themes without any additional customization required.

Feature Highlights:

  • Supporting mobile responsive design
  • Full Luma, Ultimo & Porto themes support

Features of Search Suite Extension

Sphinx Integration

Full Sphinx support improves the default search functionality:

  • you'll be able to provide an instant search with a wide range of products,
  • the straightforward configuration with the vast setup possibilities,
  • the customers may add products to cart right from the search pop-up window.

Sphinx Configuration

With the extension, you can easily edit the default Sphinx settings:

  • host, port, connection timeouts and index path can be changed from the default ones,
  • set the Search Results Ranker settings and Sphinx Matching Modes,
  • check and validate all your configuration setup after the changes are made,
  • generate and apply the Sphinx configuration file directly from the backend.

Autocomplete Results

The extension allows easily configure the search pop-up according to your concept:

  • Product Name, SKU, Product image, Rating, Price and the Description can be shown/hidden inside the popup,
  • delay for autocomplete can be set to optimize server loads
  • customers may add products to cart right from the search pop-up window.

Mobile Friendliness

The search pop-up fully supports the mobile responsive design. This block will be displayed without any customizations on most popular themes:

  • Luma,
  • Ultimo,
  • Porto.
This extension for Magento 2 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

  • this search tool is top
    New search possibilities are the best! Significantly expands the default search possibilities.
    Review by shestin_gib (Posted on November 20, 2018)
  • 5 stars for sure
    Very helpful, dynamic searching. Customer service is helpful and responsive!
    Review by Franko Walinsky (Posted on August 22, 2018)
  • does what it says
    The extension is good, and does speed up the search quires. I am satisfied with the results, and would surely recommend it to others.
    Review by Allan (Posted on May 31, 2018)
  • Extension support
    Great service provided by MageWorx support and development team. They provide best extensions of Magento and support if any issue occurs. Thanks
    Review by suas (Posted on April 4, 2018)
  • Mageworx-Team has been very slow to provide support - still no reply 48 hrs later.
    Have issues with install and our dev team reached out to MageWorx, they initially replied but then went cold - now we have a $99 none working plug in. Expected better support. 48 hrs and no reply from support Will update this review once we receive some support.
    Review by Ben (Posted on March 9, 2018)

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