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Happy customers

Find out what our customers
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  1. Had a problem with an error when installing the Advanced Product Options module. These guy had it fixed in a very short time. Superb support. Would recommend MageWorx to anyone!
  2. Thank your amazing support. You rock !
  3. We purchased Mulit Fees and had a few issues getting it adding the totals to the cart - not sure if that is a version compatibility problem or what - but have to say that Mageworx support's enthusiasm and efforts to get it sorted was impressive. There were one or two 'quiet spells' but they got there in the end.

    Software can be troublesome. What counts is how it's sorted out and MAgeworx have been patient, friendly and helpful throughout. Thanks guys.
  4. Thank you guys for quickly patching the bug that I had problems with. Great support!
  5. I've purchased multifees extension and I'm happy with Mageworx support. The extension needed a modification in a file in order to get it working with the one page checkout extension, and support team solved the issue fastly. Recommended extensions provider by its extensions and by its support team.
  6. After promising to leave a review, I have finally got round to it and I must say that in my dealings with Mageworx I could not seriously fault their product or service. Over the last year I have purchased two extensions (SEO suite and Search AutoComplete) from them and I have been extremely happy with both. Both of the extensions have really benefitted my wifes online store (Looney Lizard Creations - Handmade cards) in terms of SEO and helping customers find the products they were looking for.

    We had a little trouble at first getting the search extension working, but their support was fantastic! I had been dealing with Andrew and he managed to help get the extension working correctly, tweak an issue that had arisen in the other extension AND helped me fix the errors I was having when trying to enable the Magento Compiler!

    How is that for service!? The compiler had absolutely nothing to do with their extensions, but I asked anyway (shot in the dark) and Andrew Kindly found the issue for me.

    Over the last two years since working with the Magento platform and all the extensions I have purchased to date, Mageworx team have been invaluable. The only negative i would add would be that sometimes the response time was a little slow, even though I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  7. Superb support. keep up the excellent work guys!
  8. Never had such competent and quickly customer support before by simply buying mag extensions!
    Freestyle MageMan, Switzerland,
  9. Email support has been great!
  10. Good People, Great Support Team.
  11. Been using Advanced Product Options for a client the past month when ending up with an issue due to multistore/language. Got very quick and excellent support! 5/5
  12. I purchase Search AutoComplete from megaworx.
    Great extension; the features are beyond our expectations & The extension works like a charm on 1.6.2
    I translate it into Arabic & I'll post the translating soon ;)
    Thanks Megaworx for everything, looking forward to by my next extension form you guys.
    Business Analyst at Alinma Bank,
  13. We just went online with our new webshop in which we are using your custom price extension. It really pays off. We are selling our music in form of CDs and digital downloads and about half of our customers are paying more than the regular price because they want to support us as musicians.
    You delivered a first class Magento extension and went to great lenghts to help us implement and even enhance the feature to our needs. We are really happy with this function as it definitely increases our income which we are able to re-invest in our work. In the future we will implement some more MageWorx modules to offer our listeners an even greater user-experience. 100 % recommendation.
  14. Great extensions and support from @mageworxdotcom Highly recommended them.
    Web developer with a penchant for Magento,
  15. The support is excellent! For MageWorx is no problem at all to login in an fix things if you have a problem with an extension. Thanx!
  16. I have been using Magento SEO Suite Edition for over a year, and when we have had issues they have been solved in less than 24 hours.

    By coincidence, the extension had a compatibility issue with another extension, and Mageworx was kind enough to check for the compatibility issue and even fix the code in the other extension to make the SEO Suite work 100%.

    100% Recommended.
    Webmaster, The Printer Depo
  17. I have got MageWorx ultimate SEO Suite and after 4 weeks (brand new website) i was ranking number 1 for a competitive term with a lot of direct competition.
    Absolutely worth the expense
  18. Great extensions, great support... Thanks!
  19. I'm using the "Product Orders by Customer" and "Products Ordered by Customer" extensions. These will majorly come in handy as Native Magento doesn't provide this necessary sorting. I love the customer support! Got these things sorted out quickly and helpfully. Will look for more useful extensions from MageWorx in the future! Thanks guys!
  20. Great support team helped solve an issue we came across with the advanced product options. Very helpful and quick to the task.
  21. MageWorx Support Team, you're incredible! So patient and helpful and you did a great job figuring out which extension was conflicting with which other extension. Can't say enough good things about your products and service - 5/5!
  22. GREAT SUPPORT... needed to put that i capital letters!
  23. Great extensions and first class support - what more do you need!!!! I definitely recommend you try one of their extensions. Thanks Mageworx, you rock!!
  24. There is service and there is SERVICE and these guys from MageWorx really know what SERVICE is!!

    Bought a extension, MageWorx helped me, spend a complete day figuring it out what caused the error...

    To make a long story short, great service, great feedback, happy doing business with them!
  25. I really appreciate MageWrox support team very quick .. Thanks a lot :)
  26. Mageworx are excellent. These guys respond within minutes and I mean minutes and their answers are just what you require. Their knowledge is phenomenal and I would not hesitate in using and recomending Mageworx to anyone. If youre doubtful about buying the ultimate SEO Suite then don't its brilliant. 10/10 to a great company.
    Managing Director, Freshcig
  27. Just wanted to send a quick kudos over to MageWorx. I had an issue come up with one of their extensions and they were much quicker than expected on helping resolve the issue. Keep up the great work guys!
  28. Thank you for all of your help with some troubles I was having with some extensions after a Magento upgrade. You support team was prompt and helpful. I appreciate it, thank you!
  29. The Ajax Shopping cart extension is a well worthwhile addition to any magento site & the support from the guys is A++. Thankyou MageWorx.
  30. Thank you MageWorx! I can't say enough about your great products and even GREATER support! We look forward to doing much more business with you! MageWorx customer service and support is incredible!
  31. Couldn't think of a better developer to work with! MageWorx support team will amaze you with their knowledge level and resolution speed.
    Webmaster, Get:Outdoors
  32. Thanks MageWorx! I received excellent speedy support when I needed it.
  33. Thanks for the speedy support! Great job!
  34. MageWorx provides great Magento services. With this, they have been awarded as one of the Top Web Tool Providers by Web Hosting Search, which provides the best web design and and hosting reviews online.
  35. Amazing modules and Awesome Support, thanks MageWorx
  36. Wow you guys are awesome! All issues were fixed fast. Anyone considering other similar extensions . . . please take into consideration the support Mageworx offers. I've ran unto several issues every time I've upgraded to a new version of Magento (not because of their extensions, but rather conflicts, with others extensions), and Mageworx always comes through very fast and sorts it out. One of the best Magento extension developers out there!
  37. Great team!! Really nice job and customer service!! Thank you very much!!
  38. Fantastic Service - very responsive. Had a problem with install, support had the whole thing up and running within a few hours. Will be looking at all their other extensions now!
    UK Sweets Ltd, UK Sweets Ltd
  39. Mageworx are leaders of tech support and customer service as well as great extensions. Brilliant company! Amazing and fast and lovely and helpful with it! Can't ask for more. I've had great experiences with these guys, they never fail to impress. FACT!
  40. the tech support is SUPERB. We had a problem in our store and now works as a charm! Thank you very much.
  41. Amazing Magento extensions. We've purchased 4 MageWorx extensions thus far to expand the functionality of our marketplace, and their products are nothing short of amazing. The Product Custom Options extension does exactly what you want, then so much more. Their GeoIP Location extension adds functionality that Magento should've had in the first place, the Quick Add to Cart functionality is the best I've seen around, and their SEO Suite. Wow. If you want to amp up your shop, you would be crazy to go elsewhere. I'm ecstatic about MageWorx and what they've done for me and my business. And on top of that - Their support is phenomenal. Thanks MageWorx!!!!
  42. First class support! Thank you!
  43. awesome tech support! had a problem with the advanced options template extension and they fixed it in no time at all. Most crucial extension in my magento store!
  44. Great extensions, amazing support!