Antwerp, Belgium


eWINGS is an eCommerce agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. We have more than ten years of experience in boosting online business with Magento. Our unique approach to technology makes it faster deployable and budget friendlier without compromising quality. It contains a variety of high-quality 3rd party plugins (specified for B2B, marketing, SEO, integration, and marketplaces), combined with some unique custom-developed features. Need some specific functionality? We can develop your request and add it to our Magento 2 solution.


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eWINGS is part of Xplore Group, a leader in eCommerce thanks to more than 40 companies and 750 active consultants in Belgium and the Netherlands.
We integrated several Mageworx plugins as we love the functionality and quality.

Service focus company:

  • Own Magento extended eWINGS solution
  • Broad focus, including marketing and marketplaces
  • Practical experience as eWINGS had also an own shop in the past