Customer Prices Suite extension for Magento 2

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What is Customer Prices Suite for?

This is an all-in-one pricing & discounts management solution that will bring your marketing activities to a whole new level.

Easily set customer/customer group/product catalog/product-specific prices, completely replace the default value or choose to cross the price & display it as a special offer. Run individual promotions.

  • Comes with FREE life-time support from the certified Magento specialists.

    • Includes FREE life-time updates.


  • Unlimited price diversification possibilities

    Set individual prices for different customers/customer groups & achieve specific marketing objectives.

  • Custom promotions on customer group/product levels

    Enable surcharges/discounts/prices for custom product catalogs/individual products/targeted customer groups.

  • Completely replaced (not crossed!) product prices

    Set & display custom prices for various customer groups differently ― either replace the default value or display the crossed prices.

  • Personalization of product pricing & discounts

    Use customer-tailored prices & product promotions to drive repeat sales.

  • Import/export functionality

    Transfer/import/export any price-related data in a couple of mouse clicks using a .CSV file.

  • Smooth data migration from Magento 1

    Easily migrate customer prices from Magento 1 to Magento 2 stores.


The Issues Customer Prices Suite Extension Solves


Customer-Specific Prices


Not all customers are made equal. Just as individually tailored products are self-evident today,ing the consumers based on the data about their willingness to pay is vital for enhanced shopping experience & sales growth.


Enjoy the possibility to easily select store customers and specify special product pricing for them.

For example, you can create a custom-priced offer for your most loyal shopper, reduce the price for an item in the abandoned cart or create a specially-priced deal for a customer (hand-picked customers), who keep visiting your site without making a purchase.

The add-on offers price customization either on a customer or product levels. Additionally, you can choose to display a regular price on the frontend or replace it with a custom value.

Feature Highlights:

  • Different price for specific customers
  • Ability to completely replace price
  • Ability to manually pick theed customer(s)
  • Personalized prices on the product/customer levels
  • Manual order creation using custom prices in the backend
  • Flat rate/ ± flat/percentage product pricing schemes

Customer-Specific Promotions


Did you know that 62% of consumers expect companies to offer personalized discounts based on the products they’ve already purchased (according to SalesForce data)? Taking that 54% of the shoppers anticipate a personalized offer within a day, custom-tailored discounts become an important means that helps meet the buyers’ expectations.

By default, Magento 2 doesn’t allow you to apply shopping cart rules & conditions to certain buyers.


The extension helps increase customer retention & loyalty by offering to specific singled-out customers one-off personalized coupon codes.

Feature Highlights:

  • Selecting customers for special offers
  • Assigning specific cart rules/conditions/condition combinations
  • Discounts based on cart item attributes, product & cart attributes

Group-Specific Prices


No matter how specific your brand’s niche is, customer segmentation allows for personalizeding and creating price offers that are irresistible for a group.

Also, unique deals for different customer segments keep the regulars coming back thus increasing retention and engage the newcomers to stay with a brand.


The extension helps diversify prices for multiple segments of your customer base. You’ll be able to either display a crossed price to a special customer group or completely replace regular values with a special offer.

Feature Highlights:

  • Individual prices to different customer segments
  • Custom prices for custom-created product catalogs
  • Fixed/percentage surcharges/discounts for theed customer groups
  • Group prices for different product types: simple, configurable, group, etc.
  • Using group prices in any cart/catalog price rules/taxes/gift cards automatically

Group-Specific Promotions


Would like to runed marketing campaigns that convert? Have a special deal for wholesale shoppers? Wish to create a special promotion for the VIPs? Want to promote a specific product for a selected group of customers?

In order to achieve that, you’d need to apply single promotions to specific customer segments.


The Customer Prices Suite brings your marketing activities to a whole new level. Besides the ability to add custom surcharges and discounts either on a customer group or product levels, you get to motivate the shoppers to qualify for the benefits of a certain customer segment.

For example, you can encourage buyers to create an account in order to get a discount. Besides further shopping convenience and faster checkout process, this will secure you the buyers’ consent for further deals & promotions.

Feature Highlights:

  • Special promo offers for a selection of customers
  • Segmented marketing activities
  • Discounts on the customer/product level

Import/Export Functionality


Dealing with customer prices is a painstaking process that can eat up hours of your workday, especially when done on a stand-alone basis.

Today, effortless data transfer is vital for easy mass editing possibilities.


The extension offers the ease of customer prices management. By using a .CSV file, you get to conveniently import/export data. This will allow you to transfer prices from one source to another, mass edit & backup info, and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • Data import/export using a .CSV file
  • Bulk prices update possibilities
  • Fast data backup
  • Easy data transfer between Magento 2 stores

Data Migration from Magento 1


When migrating your online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, product prices transfer may seem like a nightmare, especially when done manually.


The extension allows you to conveniently transfer information within the process of online store migration. All done in a couple of mouse clicks.

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy prices-related data transfer from Magento 1 to Magento 2

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