Custom Price extension for Magento v1.1.7

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This product is GDPR Compliant
    • Introduction of editable prices
      Enable customers to edit prices for simple products.

    • Initiating donations & building loyalty
      Let buyers edit product prices either on productpage or in shopping cart.

    • Multiple configuration options
      Set custom price allowed minimum wheneverrequired.

СE 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x

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Enhance your brand loyalty by introducing products with editable prices. Let your customers decide how much they want to pay for your products, and define the amount they may donate.

  • Fully compatible with all Magento Security Patches.

What is Custom Price for?

Custom Price at the front-end

Custom Price Magento extension allows a store admin to introduce products with editable prices. The prices can be adjusted by customers whenever they want to donate an extra amount together with the purchase.

Also, editable prices option can be an effective means of building customer loyalty.

  • Create simple products with the editable price
  • Allow customers easily adjust the price right on the product pages
  • Enable price editing for a product put into the shipping cart

  • Set the minimal allowed amount for each custom price
  • Adjust the allowed minimum whenever needed
Setting custom price limit

Other Features

  • Supports custom options
  • Compatible with Instant Cart Magento extension
  • Supports multi-languages
  • 100% Open Source
This extension for Magento 1 is fully GDPR complaint. The software neither collects nor stores any personal users' data.
Also, the extension doesn't share any personal info with third parties, and doesn't use this data for any marketing purposes.

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Reviews of Custom Price extension for Magento

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what you see is what you get

On May 30, 2018
- Mike_546 Verified User
What it says is what you get, to be exact. Indeed, this is a great way to collect donations as customers decide themselves what amount they are willing to pay up. I'm just playing around with the extension, so might soon update the review.

Great Supporters and perfect extension (magento ver.1.9)

On April 26, 2017
- brlee7777 Imported From:
I have really terrible experience about another extension so i never trusted paid extension service.
However, I was impressed by this company.
Maybe many entry level developers have same experience with me. After installed this extension, something is not working. and then I was getting supporting from supporters.
In conclusion,The problem was my mistake and they were find my mistake and advised me about how to fix that problem.
It was very good experience and I highly recommend this extension.

Great Module with Great Support.

On April 22, 2016
- Zaintech Imported From:
My requirement was to add a product name "Software Upgrade Fee" where my customer can put amount we ask them and pay through merchant.
I searched and found many products but to be very open I consider those who provide good support and updates (lifetime).
Assuming the said I ordered at Mageworx and got the module. I am not a programmer so did as said in installation guide. (I did this on demo site)
I am using custom skin so the module was working well but not showing properly. I contact the support and tell them that I am not a programmer.
Now start the best part which makes Mageworx hero on Magento marketplace.
They did all the changes and send me an email where they gave every step required for my website.
Every file they moved and every changes they makes in files.
I saved their email as an additional guide and did every thing on my running website and got fantastic product option I needed.
I have purchased other modules also, they provide support also but for every issue you have to run after them. If a developer explains that what he has done or what issue was help customer to resolve same issue in future by himself. This also saves time of developer and customer.
I recommend all those who are seeking for custom price module just close your eyes and click buy button Mageworx will handle what you needed.

Very Good Functionality, can be buggy

On March 10, 2016
- hwg__ Imported From:
This does what it says on the Tin. My Magento Installation, being large and unweildy, did have some issues.
However, the support was really good and fixed the bugs
ery efficent and helpful, no real issues at all. Would recommend.

Excellent extension - works great

On November 3, 2014
- phrontis Verified User
Another example of Mageworx' solid coding and top-notch support. A small problem with the extension was fixed by 9am after an overnight support request. Thanks, guys!

Custom Price extension

On March 19, 2012
- MonaLisa Twins Verified User
Here we are again. We just went online with our new webshop in which we are using your custom price extension. Just as expected, it really pays off. We are selling our music in form of CDs and digital downloads and about half of our customers are paying more than the regular price because they want to support us as musicians.
You delivered a first class Magento extension and went to great lenghts to help us implement and even enhance the feature to our needs. We are really happy with this function as it definitely increases our income. In the future we will implement some more MageWorx modules to offer our listeners an even greater user-experience. 100 % recommendation.

All the best,
Mona & Lisa

Excellent Support & great plugins!

On January 5, 2012
- Marc Verified User
Excellent fast and professional support, I have bought more products from MageWorx and will buy more without a doubt. Out of the box it did not work with downloadable products but they made it work on our site within a few hours after I made a purchase. MageWorx is a definite role model for others!

Great Extension, great support

On December 14, 2011
- MonaLisa Twins Verified User
We are young artists building a new shop for our CDs and downloads. Very often people want to give more for our music than the regular price. They want to support us as they know that we have no record deals and managers but are a starting family business and do everything on our own. This extension helps our audience to give the exchange they think is appropriate - art never has the same value for all people - and helps us to re-invest these "donations" in our music and marketing. It's a win/win situation and very good for communication between us and our audience.
MageWorx Team is great. They solved a little bug without hesitation and even customized two extras for us so that the extension gets yet much more value for us. As we are no programmers and this is our first magento shop ever that was very welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your good work and we hope that you will stick to your customer care policy.
Michaela (mum) for Mona & Lisa

Very good support!

On October 21, 2011
- Brenden Verified User
All the other reviews are correct. The support is very good and I am looking forward to buying more products from MageWorx in the future.

Support for extention very good!

On August 30, 2011
- [email protected] Verified User
Support very good, Professional.

Great Extension!

On June 23, 2011
- SaIk Verified User
Extension works great, just what we wanted. Installation was flawless, and the custom support were really fast with responses, and solving a little problem that we had. Now everything works great!
Keep the good work!


On May 20, 2011
- Ryan James Verified User
This is a really useful extension for people who has weight based pricing system.
We are selling cheeses, so our quantities are always the same but the weight varies making the price per quantity inconsistent.
With this extension, we can add all the weight then average the price.

Aside from being a really great extension, mageworx has one of the best support service I experienced.

Keep up the good work!!! Thanks!!!

Works great

On January 16, 2011
- Steve Robison Verified User
Works as advertised. Easy to install and configure.

After some install issues, does exactly what we need

On December 17, 2010
- Conor O'Neill Verified User
We invoice some of our partners monthly and they pay by credit card. We need to have the ability for them to enter the payment amount on the store each month since it varies. This extension does exactly that. We create "products" with variable prices and let the partner enter the final amount.

We could not get the extension working on our own but the support from Mageworx was excellent and they sorted out the problem once we gave them access to our server.

We'll write a more detailed review once we have it fully setup for the three currencies in which we invoice.

works well

On December 13, 2010
- MatchboxMedia Verified User
We have implemented this at and are really happy with the unobtrusive way it allows people to select their own value for a feature. It's a great way of accepting additional donations.


On December 3, 2010
- amax222 Verified User
Brilliant Product with amazing support!! Thanks guys, I now have 3 of your plugins!
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 1.1.7 (May 15, 2015)
  • The issue with "Can Change Custom Price In Cart" setting is resolved
  • Unused block 'MageWorx_CustomPrice_Block_Checkout_Cart' is removed
  • Version: 1.1.6 (11/03/2014)
  • The issue for Magento 1.9 and Magento EE 1.14 is resolved
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Addressed default price issue at cart
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • The issue with downloadable products
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • The issue with two products with custom prices at cart page
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Custom options support
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.5.x
  • Virtual products issue
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Initial release