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Cart2Cart is an automated shopping cart migration service which allows store owners to migrate their database across different shopping cart solutions. The service currently supports various data types that can be transferred from the old online shop to the new one in a totally automated manner.




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eCommerce migration is a difficult task faced by many e-merchants willing to take their web project a step forward towards success. Cart2Cart is a hand of help for such businessmen as it offers an effortless method to transfer the current database to the new platform in a totally automated manner.

Currently, the service supports data migration to/from 85+ shopping carts and a lot new e-Commerce solutions are being constantly added to the list.

The Cart2Cart pricing policy is quite flexible with the minimum rate at $69. Basically, the final cost of the migration depends on the Source and Target stores, and the amount of entities that need to be transferred across them. Those users willing to calculate the exact cost the migration case can turn to Migration Estimator and by entering the number of products, customers, and orders get the final cost estimated.

Those online store owners that don’t have a possibility (e.g. lack of time) to perform the migration by themselves, can make use of the Service Packages provided by the Cart2Cart. In other words, you can delegate all the migration process to Cart2Cart technical engineers and continue running your online business while they take care of all the migration tasks. It is a practical option, but more expensive. If you run a small business, ordering these packages is not likely to be beneficial if you do not need to be customized.

Service focus company:

  • eCommerce replatforming
  • Shopping cart upgrade