Botscape Privacy Policy

Botscape (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’, ‘we’, and/or ‘us’, ‘our') is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its Users.


1. About the Policy

 The Privacy Policy applies to all the Company’s owned and licensed Products (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bots’, ‘Chatbots’, ‘Software’, ‘Woxy’).

 Botscape also reserves the right to modify and revise this Privacy Policy.

 If we make any material changes in the current approach to data security or collecting data, all the Users will be timely informed about that via a newsletter or our social and marketing channels.

2. What Data We Collect

From Store Owners

 Currently, the Chatbots collect data from any connected Magento 2 stores, Facebook business pages and the supported Messenger apps.

 By authorizing the Chatbots to get data from an online Magento-based store, a store owner allows the Software to access product data: descriptions, images, prices and URLs.

 When providing access to a Facebook business page, merchants lets the Bots access a page public profile, a list of followers and give the Software a permission to send/receive messages on behalf of the page.

From Bot Users

 If allowed by the User, the Chatbots collect their basic personal info. It includes:

  • first and last name,
  • gender,
  • locale,
  • timezone.

 When the User starts using the Software for the first time he/she can either let the Bots fetch this data or deny access.

 If authorized, the Chatbots collect information necessary from processing queries and commands. This info is received from the recently sent messages or when the Bot is directly mentioned.

 The ChatBots do not recognize any old or archived messages.

 If the User contacts us regarding support for the Products, we may also request other types of personal data: e.g. store credentials, FTP details, product license key and some other details.

3. What We Use the Collected Data For

 In general, the collected data is used to optimize the process of communication between Magento 2 store owners and their customers. Users’ personal info, company profile info, product details, etc. are used by the Software for in responses to queries or/and to create reports.

 Botscape never sells, trades, or otherwise transfers Users’ information to outside parties.

 The Company may use the collected data when responding to User support queries, or to provide personalized services. Also, we may occasionally send email or internal bot notifications.

4. Data Security

 Web connections to the Chatbot services are encrypted via SSL, which means that all data on transit is encrypted.

 Some Magento stores may send us sensitive data (FTP details, login credentials, etc.) to provide support and/or customization services. We encrypt and store those details using AES256 encryption.

5. Advertising

 Botscape does not display any advertisements, and does not share any personal User details with advertisers.

6. Contact

 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at [email protected]