Rewards Program Policy Update

Rewards Program Policy Update | MageWorx Magento Blog
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MageWorx has always aimed at making shopping with our company a positive experience. We are instantly looking for new ways to show appreciation to our new and existing customers. As a result, some alternations have been introduced to the existing rewards program.


To get bonuses from MageWorx, you’d need to create an account on our site. Bonuses get added after you:

  • Create an account (+ $5);
  • Complete your profile details (+ $10);
  • Leave a product review (+ $5);
  • Get a Bday gift (+ $5);
  • Subscribe to MageWorx newsletter (coupon code for 10% off).

Additionally, MageWorx Rewards Program allows you to use internal funds together with discount codes,

The only thing you should mind is that the internal funds should be used within 100 days since the moment they were added to your account. After these 100 days, the internal reward points will get annulled.

Previously, exclusively the cost of MageWorx extensions could be covered with internal reward points.


In addition to our Reward Points Policy Conditions described above, now MageWorx customers get a chance to use internal credits to partially cover the cost of our Magento services! To be able to use internal points, the following conditions should be met:

1. Minimal customization duration — 8 hours;

2. Up to 25% of customization cost can be covered with points.

Additionally, if you’ve got a big project, individual conditions may apply. 🤝

Please, contact our support team for more details.


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