Stimulate to buy relevant items with Others Also Bought Magento Extension

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It is proved that people look to others when uncertain what to do. The customer subconsciously chooses the item that somebody has bought or recommended, thereby displaying socially “correct” behavior. Putting the set of relative items or also bought products right on the product page helps you motivate your customers to buy more items.

Mageworx is glad to introduce our Others Also Bought Magento Extension. You’ll find it really irreplaceable: you can set the number of Also Bought Products to display and sort them either by popularity or randomly. However, if there are not enough products to display, predefined Related Products will be added to the list.

This Magento solution helps you essentially to customize the block title, adjust the amount of products to display, select order status in admin configurations and provide you with fast and essential support.

Ask yourself how much money and income you have lost because of your inability to motivate your customer. We advice you a real means for that: Others Also Bought Magento Extension that surely increases sells and overall revenue of your store.


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