Store & Currency Auto Switcher Magento Extension – easy automatic redirection

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How to redirect customers to your Magento store based on their geological location? How to provide the most suitable currency automatically based also on visitor’s IP? Our Store & Currency Auto Switcher Magento Extension can give you the answers to these questions and many others!

Let’s analyze why Store & Currency Auto Switcher is worth running:

  • This extension allows to know customer’s GeoIP (it includes Country, Region/State, City/Town, ZIP, Area Code information) to get real-time information about your online visitors. Let’s view how it looks like:

  • The admin can see the real customer’s IP and his address in the order view of the back-end (it helps to prevent fraudulent orders):
  • Combined with Magento’s multi-currency capabilities, this Magento extension also can be used to show the products in native customers’ currencies automatically based on visitor’s IP geographical location. To enable this feature you should allow currencies in the back-end, specify currency rates for them and our extension will switch them automatically for every your customer. If a customer’s currency is not in the allowed list, he/she will see a default currency for a current store view.
  • Editing store view you can select any countries you want to assign to particular store view.Thereby, you may provide web content that is famous or useful in that location and redirect your customers to the appropriate Magento store according to his country. It makes your business more focused and orientated on such a customer audience which you need:

Moreover, knowing GeoIP helps to protect your store from such threats as fraudulent orders and e-mail and website spam, which spread rapidly all over the e-commerce. Thus, be sure that your business is сompletely protected.

Note! That’s really amazing that GeoIP database is updated regularly (Last updated June 1st, 2011, next update on July 1st, 2011)

Get more information on Store & Currency Auto Switcher Magento Extension page!


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