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Donations Ultimate Magento Extension v2.0.3

Donations Ultimate extension allows you to add donation block to your products and accept donations from your customers. Also donation can be added to an order total right before the checkout process from customer’s shopping cart.
Magento Editions Compatibility
Magento 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Magento Enterprise 1.7 - 1.14.x

License Type: Single owner and usage, 1 License works with 1 Magento setup
$99 00

One license allows to use the extension with one Magento Community setup

One license allows to use the extension with one Magento Enterprise setup

One license allows to use the extension with one Magento Professional setup

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$99 00
Donations Ultimate Magento Extension


Donations Ultimate extension allows you to add a donation block to your product pages and accept donations from your customers. A donation can also be added to an order from customer’s shopping cart total right before the checkout process.
Donation purpose text can be easily configured via CMS Static block. You can set a minimum donation amount you accept.
Admin can view and export to CSV or XML donations reports from Magento Admin panel for the selected period.

You can also add charities and collect donations for specific organizations

Recently Added Features

  • Ability to add charities (customers will be able to select a charity they want to donate to)
  • Ability to add a donation block to CMS pages (you can accept donations from any CMS page now)
  • Ability to enable donations on the last checkout step with round up option
  • Full Donations Statistic
  • AJAX adding donations to an order from the cart page
  • Ability to change a position of the donation block at the cart page easily

All Features

Product Donations
  • Ability to accept donations from product pages
  • You can enable donations per product if necessary
  • Ability to specify a minimum donation amount
Cart Donations
  • Adds block below the cart block on the Cart page
  • Easy configurable Donation HTML text via Static block
  • AJAX adding/removing donations from the cart page
  • You can change a position of the donation block easily from the back-end (6 pre-defined positions are available)
Checkout Donations
  • Ability to enable checkout at the last checkout step
  • Round Up option (Donation amount will be calculated as rounding of an order's total, i.e. if an order's total is $15.85, the donation amount will be $0.15). It allows to increase donations drastically)
  • Easy customizable text of donation during the checkout (you can change it in the back-end of our extension)
  • Dynamic parameters are available for donation message on the checkout (you can use two pre-defined dynamic variables for a donation amount and a charity name to create a donation text on the checkout)
Donations from CMS Pages / Static Blocks
  • You can add a donation block or a donation link to CMS pages or a Static block
  • You can accept donations even if you do not sell anything
  • You can add charities to collect donations for specific organizations
  • You can add a HTML description and upload a logo for each charity
  • Ability to see a donated amount for each charity
  • Ability to define a default charity (it will be pre-selected on the front-end)
  • Customers select charities in a user-friendly pop-up on the front-end
General Features
  • Ability to enable or disable Donations acceptance
  • Donation field is visible in the Cart totals, on the Admin Order View page, Invoice page and printable PDF Invoice
  • Detailed reports of Donations accepted with ability to sort, filter and export to CSV, XML formats
  • You can see a total donated amount and a number of customers who send donations
  • Ability to edit orders with donations
  • Ability to refund donations or keep them in case of refunds
  • Ability to add donations when creating orders manually from the back-end
  • Per Store View settings
  • Multi currency support. Converts donation amount on the fly when a customer switches currency
  • 100% Open Source

Also Includes

  • 30 days money back
  • Free extension updates
  • Free life time support

Live Demo

Admin: (Please select "Donations Ultimate" in the list of available extensions)

Live Examples

User Guide

You can look through extension's User Guide here.


If you have any questions, contact our Support Department and our team will get back to you shortly.

One of the best donation tool
Review by Patrick Benchul 9/16/14

This is definitely the best extension in the market. It gives you so many features necessary for any non-profit site. The only missing feature is to split payments between charities directly.

Best for Magento stores!
Review by Jack Gwin 8/8/14

I've installed this extension a couple of days ago. It works like a charm and is easy to use.

As for the support team, they are OK. 24 hours response time is OK but, you know, there's no limit for perfection. :)

Best solution for collecting donations!
Review by Barbara Newmann 7/27/14

We've been using this module for 2 years and are fully satisfied with this! It has been working exactly as promised!

We had to wait for support to get in touch with us (for about 2 days). But when they answered, we could easily customize the extension for our needs.

I highly recommend this company to everyone who wants to collect donations through their Magento stores!


Amazing extension! Great value.
Review by OrganicStore 5/17/14

This module is just awesome. There are no similar solutions at all. Its round-up feature will blow your mind. You can start accepting donations even on normal commercial projects. It's amazing.

I purchased this extension only for this one feature :) My customers already started to choose these small donations in orders. GREAT!!!

Fantastic Support!
Review by GameCardPower 5/14/14

Great extension to allow charity options on your site.

Initially, I had some problems with install. Nearest round-up didnt work properly and statistics weren't showing on invoice. I contacted support and within a week, they fixed everything.

Now things work great. And I can support charity foundations for relief efforts worldwide. Well worth the $99 for such a selfless idea.

Brilliant extension that does everything it advertises along with great support!
Review by inMotionGraphics 4/19/14

We recently started running a campaign where we donate a portion of each sale to one of a few charities that we support. In addition to this, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to make their own donation to one of the charities as well.

After searching high and low for best extension to handle our donations, this one appeared to be the most comprehensive by far. And now that we've deployed it, I'm very happy with our choice.

Donations Ultimate does everything it advertises to do, and works beautifully.

I should point out that if you're using a custom theme, the extension might override some of your theme templates, which is what happened to us. This is not a big issue, as a quick email to support quickly cleared up how to resolve this. I also invested a bit of time with CSS to make things fit in with our design a bit better. I'm confident the integration would have been seamless out of the box on a default installation.

I can definitely vouch for the MageWorx support team. They were responsive (within 24 hours each time) and very helpful. They will definitely take care of you. My only recommendation to the support guys is that whoever is replying, sign off with your name. I hate not knowing who to address when I reply back... ;-)

I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to implement a donations system on their site.


Great service
Review by Lynn 2/20/12

Customer support was excellent in helping me solve the installation problems I had with this extension.

Great product backed by stellar support
Review by Chanticleer 12/23/11

As a non-profit arts group, we were in need of a way to solicit donations for our music buyers; a demographic that has been difficult to access through traditional fundraising methods. The Donations Ultimate extension has helped us with this problem.

By far the best thing about using this extension is the Customer Support. They are very prompt & bend over backwards to help!

Excellent Extension - Excellent Support
Review by NetEssence 8/15/11

This is a very useful for extension on our client's site.

We had a couple of small issues, probably due the fact that our client's site had been quite heavily modified, but the guys at MageWorx responded to our request for support and dealt with the issues very quickly.

Very impressed and very happy.

Exellent suport
Review by Mike 7/27/11

I'm surly happy with this extension, I have some customisations made for the donate function on my site but system has been proven to work perfectly.

I like to say that Mageworx customer service reacts very fast whenever you gotta an request to fix, superb!

Great support, great extension!
Review by Bjorn 5/6/11

As a member of 1% for the Planet, my business (Formalitees, T-shirts with Ties Attached at the Neck - donates 1% of every sale to non-profits that protect the environment. I wanted to give customers an opportunity to add an additional donation to their order to increase the contribution, and Donations Ultimate works perfectly for my Magento site.

It was simple to integrate into our Shopping Cart's theme, and although at first we had a small problem with the backend reporting because of our older Magento version, MageWorx support was incredibly quick and issued a bugfix right away.

The Donation reports in the admin panel are perfect; the ability to export to spreadsheet and filter by date makes it incredibly easy to figure out how much I have to donate at the end of the year!

The only thing I want to add to Donations Ultimate is the possibility of an AJAX-based donation input field in the shopping cart for simpler UI, which shouldn't be too big of a deal on this great base... Maybe MageWorx wants to beat me to it? :)

Thanks MageWorx!

Bug in Donation.php
Review by hookjd 12/1/10

Please note there is a bug in using this plugin on

On line 42 of app/code/local/MageWorx/Donations/Model/Donation.php

it reads:

$currentCurrency = (string) $store->getCurrentCurrency();

It should read:

$currentCurrency = (string) $store->getCurrentCurrency()->getCode();

Fast Extension Support
Review by Darren 11/19/10

Ran into a problem with coupon codes. On contacting support they replied promptly. Kept working behind the scenes to isolate the problem even while waiting for me to get back with additional information for them, and came back to me with a working fix.

Would definitely recoment mageworx and this extention

Awesome extension with awesome support
Review by Eddie 9/29/10

I hit a few road blocks getting the extension to integrate in my custom theme, but the MageWorx support was extremely helpful a got me up and running in no time!

If you need a donation extension for your shopping cart, Donations Ultimate is the way to go!!

Exceptional Support
Review by MiJa 9/15/10

We had some issues installing the module on Magento 1.4. We got exceptional support - the problem was resolved by MageWorx developers within a couple of days at no extra charge.

Well Programmed and Exceptional Support
Review by Grain Web Development 8/18/10

Well programmed extension does exactly what it says on the tin!

After running into a few problems the support I recieved was exceptional and very fast with each problem resolved.

I can recommend this extension without hessitation and MageWorx as a company to do business with.

Support with Extension
Review by CJ 5/25/10

I have used a number of extensions with my role in the online industry and never received the support to the level that Mageworx provided.

I installled this extension but couldn't get it to work with downloadable products. I emailed Mageworx expecting it to disappear into a black hole but this was not the case. Mageworx responded promptly and were able to seamlessly resolve the problem.

I would definitely recommend this extension and company to other Magento users.

Review by Ricky 2/15/10

Nice work, this looks like a brilliant extension.

Can you advise if is it possible to build in the option to enable auto round up to the nearest dollar on a sale? This way all a customer would need to do is click donate to add this amount to the cart, rather than allowing them to fill out the amount themselves thereby adding another step to the checkout process? (and possibly another point for them to leave on).

It would more than likely result in a lower average donation, however it would no doubt increase the volume of donations, as cents to a dollar seem like nothing when checking out, however if this happens on x% of all sales then this can only be a good result. Also overall people are more likely to donate a smaller amount on a more regular basis than larger amounts.

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  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • Reports issue is resolved
  • Paypal issue is resolved
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • The issue with a black screen resolved
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • IE 9 issue resolved
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Adding donations from CMS pages or static blocks
  • Ability to add charities
  • AJAX-based adding donations to orders
  • Checkout donations
  • Bug fixes
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • The issue with payment methods during checkout if donation was added to a product with zero price
  • .1.2
  • Design issue at cart page
  • The issue with Donations block when all products are removed from cart
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Fix for double donation amount
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.5.x
  • Sales - Orders error on Magento 1.4.1+
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Initial release
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