One-stop Magento 2 Migration Solution

Migrate your store without breaking a sweat!

Ready to level up but...

...moving to Magento 2 seems too complicated and resource-consuming? No worries! We will take all the pain out of the process and migrate your store the fastest and safest way.

Our experienced design & development team will carefully plan each stage of the migration to be seamless, risk-free, and cost effective.


Database Migration

The first and most important step is transferring store data. That includes lists of all products and customers, store configurations, promotions, reviews, ratings, etc.

Our developers will thoroughly prepare all data, carefully move all your M2 store and ensure data integrity throughout the entire migration.

To automate the process we use the official Magento 2 Data Migration Tool.


Migrating site SEO Value

Meta data, internal site linking structure, URL formats, redirects and canonicals, etc. — these are the things one needs either to transfer to a M2 website or recreate them from scratch.

Using our SEO expertise, we will help you safely migrate all SEO value from the Magento current store.

Our SEO professionals will create a detailed migration roadmap, securely move all your SEO settings & configurations and provide free post-migration support.

On top of that, we can help you further optimize your Magento 2 site for better SEO results.


Recreating Custom-Built Functionality

Perhaps, this is the biggest challenge that puts the migration off for many store owners.

If a website has a lot of customization, recreating this functionality in a M2 store can be a massive undertaking.

Our development team will eagerly do all this job for you! We will rewrite any M1 custom-built features, so you will have exactly the same functionality in your Magento 2 store.


Design Migration

Want to preserve your M1 store design?

The design team of StayLime will recreate it in every detail, so you won’t even spot the difference.

Also, if you want to get a fresh & trendy design of your Magento 2 store, these guys will create it for you.

Pre-migration consultancy and post-migration support

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