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MageWorx Updates Roundup | MageWorx Blog
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February was big for Mageworx.

Last month, we joined the Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner Program. We sincerely hope that its benefits will help us deliver solutions of even higher quality in full compliance with the Magento standards and best practices.

As the quality of extensions is paramount, there was more monthly bug fixing in February.

Let’s dive right into what improvements were made.

Extensions Updates in February

Marketing & Sales Suite

Many roles of marketing and sales professionals require repetitive tasks that are time-consuming. This have-it-all solution has been built to help your team streamline & facilitate many of such routine activities, reduce human error, and tackle higher-order problems.

In February, the extension added:

  • Ability to display a custom message that specifies an amount of reward points, which can be added if the customers buy a product. This message can be shown on category & product pages
Marketing & Sales Suite
  • New condition for reward rules: “Customer attributes”: “Spent amount”
  • Ability to set a message for the custom reward points input field placeholder on the checkout (including Mageworx checkout)
Marketing & Sales Suite
  • Ability to set the marketing messages for store level

Also, the following bugs were fixed:

  • Problem with displaying the “Earn X points” messages on the front-end for customers on Magento 2 Commerce edition
  • Problem with applying personal discounts to specific customers (the discount rule was applied to the entire customer group instead of the specific customers)
  • Wrong confirmation text when removing the review reminders in the back-end
  • Missing radio-button element to select the design templates in specific cases
  • Problem with the “After timer” & “Before timer” texts display in some cases on the front-end
  • Compatibility issues with some Amasty modules
  • Broken styles for point transactions grid in the customer account
  • Problem with the partial refunds
  • Error for schedule update (Commerce Edition)

We also improved the layout of the marketing messages on the front-end.

SEO Suite Ultimate

Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate

Modesty aside, SEO Suite Ultimate is the first and most popular all-in-one SEO extension for Magento 2 stores. It is a full-featured SEO solution that covers a full range of onpage SEO activities: from optimizing small page elements to building a well-thought site architecture.

Last month, we focused on improving the quality of code and fixed the following bugs:

  • Issue with SEO redirects on multiple-stores setup
  • Error with report email creation when the XML Sitemap is generated by Magento 2 Cron
  • Error with the XML sitemap generation
  • Problem with switching tabs in the templates for Magento 2.4

One Page Checkout Suite

Wish to simplify the Magento 2 checkout process with fewer clicks and fewer pages?

The One Page Checkout Suite extension allows gathering all the standard and custom checkout elements on one page, carefully crafted by professional designers and UX specialists.


The extension offers the functionality of fully integrated Delivery Date and Store Locator & In-Store Pickup extensions.

Besides improving the login process by adding a spinner, we’ve fixed the following issues last month:

  • Сompatibility with the Mageworx Multi Fees extension
  • Problem with payment method selection
  • Problem with placing orders in certain cases
  • Issue with shipping address display for logged in customers
  • Color selection in the ColorPicker
  • Problem with Braintree CC Vault display
  • Checkbox for saving card in Vault (Braintree)

Advanced Product Options

APO Magento 2

Easily overcome the default Magento 2 functionality―add a multitude of product variations in a couple of mouse clicks. The add-on is a have-it-all solution that brings product options customization to a whole new level, including the variants’ pricing, images, inventory tracking, SKU, and more.

The following issues were solved in February:

  • Incorrect dynamic option if the product price is 0
  • Import product + options for more than 100 option values
  • Fatal error in certain cases during the import/export
  • Orders paid using Klarna
  • Other minor issues

Reward Points

Reward Points Magento 2

Reward Points helps you introduce a have-it-all loyalty program in your Magento 2-based store.

By rewarding shoppers with points for their activities―such as repeat purchases, leaving a review, newsletter subscription, spreading the word about your business, and more―you not only get to achieve business-specific marketing objectives but keep your customers returning.

Recently, the extension has added the following functionality:

  • Ability to display a custom message that specifies an amount of reward points, which can be added if the customers buy a product. This message can be shown on category & product pages
  • New condition for reward rules: “Customer attributes”: “Spent amount”
  • Ability to set a custom message for custom point input field placeholder in the Mageworx checkout extension
  • Ability to set marketing messages for store level

Additionally, we improved the layout of the marketing messages on the front-end and fixed the following bugs:

  • Compatibility issues with the Amasty modules
  • Issue with broken styles for point transactions grid in the customer account
  • Problem with the export feature
  • Problem with the partial refunds
  • Minor bug fixes

Donations Suite

If you wish to easily accept online donations and support nonprofits and charities on your Magento 2-based site, that’s certainly a solution to help you out. We all know that doing good can certainly turn into doing well. For more insights into how donations can benefit your business, make sure to read this blog post.

In February, we fixed the problem with donations not being removed from the total in some cases.

File Downloads & Product Attachments

Information is the king today. Based on the Forrester Research, 98% of shoppers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete content. Why not give access to extra data about your products with the help of various types of downloadable files? That’s where our add-on comes in handy.

Significantly, the extension has added GraphQL API support, and

  • HTML tags support for the description field
  • Functionality to automatically delete the files after deleting the attachments

Also, we’ve disabled the drag-and-drop for the Product Attachments table (back-end), moved the “Downloads” tab to the last position on the product page (front-end), and fixed the JS error (sticky class) on the attachments/sections grid page.

Short Category & Product URLs

Short URLs Magento 2

This Magento 2 extension makes your site product & category pages more attractive for both the search engine crawlers & potential shoppers. The tool allows optimizing sub-category & product page URLs by removing parent categories and thus increasing page priority and generating greater search convenience.

Compatibility with Magento 2.4.2 has been added.

Personal Customer Discount

Magento 2 Personal Customer Discount

Personalization has been trendy over the last few years, and it still is. Shoppers are tired of the cookie-cutter offers and indifferent customer service and expect individual approaches. Personalization can be introduced by creating discounts and coupon codes for your specific customers based on their onsite behavior and purchase history. That’s where the extension comes in handy.

We solved the problem with “Schedule update (Commerce edition) in February.

Sitemap Suite

Magento 2 SEO Sitemap

Let your customers get a convenient overview of your website structure by creating a snapshot of all your website links. And otherwise, help the search engine bots better crawl and index the store pages.

The extension fixes the error with report email creation when the XML sitemap is generated by Magento 2 Сron.

Currency Auto Switcher

Running an international store can become a challenge if your store doesn’t have multi-currency capabilities.

With the Store & Currency Switcher, you make the management of and the shopping experience in your online store more flexible and customer-oriented. The ability to automatically track the visitors’ IP address and convert store prices into the customers’ home currencies will ensure a better shopping experience.

The module fixes the error on the front-end with certain values in the “Exception URLs.”

Some of the updates are based on the little hints we get from you about what we should work on next. We appreciate your feedback and welcome suggestions at [email protected].

Stay tuned as more updates are just around the corner!



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