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shopping cart abandonment solutions

7 Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions to Recover Lost Sales

Shopping cart abandonment solutions are an overlooked but easy and efficient way to increase your revenue. Every time a customer leaves items in their cart, it’s like you’re leaving money on the...

Schedule Live Demo of Mageworx Magento 2 Extensions

Each Mageworx extension offers front-end and back-end demos. But we believe: There is nothing like seeing a software live, taking a tour of its primary features,...
Magento extensions update -

Updates Roundup for September

To say that September was big for the Magento world is like saying nothing. First: The Mage Open Source community alliance gathered to write and sign...
New Mageworx Pricing Model

2022: Announcing New Mageworx Pricing Model

Dear Mageworx customers and partners, How the world is designed is changing. How software is delivered is changing too. Adobe Commerce is evolving.
buyer motives in eCommerce

Top 10 Buying Motivators for Today’s Consumers

Every purchase we make comes from some underlying buyer motives, whether or not we realize it. Sometimes, these motivations are rational―we’re hungry, so let’s go buy a sandwich. 
Top Magento 2 store pickup extensios

Top 7 Magento Extensions to Add Store Locator & In-Store Pickup

This article provides an overview of the top seven Magento extensions that allow you to integrate buy online pick up in-store functionality efficiently. Thus, if you are running brick-and-mortar...
why reviews are important

Why Reviews Are Important for Your eCommerce Store and How to Generate Them

From skincare products, kitchenware, and flights to hotel rooms, contractors, and medical services, if you’re using the internet to look for anything, chances are someone has already written a review for it.
advantages and disadvantages of gift cards

What are Pros and Cons of Gift Cards?

In today’s article, we’re going to concentrate on the disadvantages and benefits of gift cards to help you see the complete picture. And let us be clear about something: