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Mageworx adds compatibility with Hyvä themes

More Mageworx Compatibilities with Hyvä Magento 2 Themes

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Hyvä, the company whose Magento responsive themes have lately become a hallmark for the Magento 2 ecosystem. Hyvä themes are fast, efficient, modern,...
guide on secure checkout

4 Step Conclusive Guide to Secure Checkout in 2022

Imagine losing your credit card information to a cyber attacker! That is the feeling many Capital One customers had in July of 2019. Capital One has been at the...
Magento extensions update -

Updates Roundup for April

In April, More bugs were fixed. More code quality improvements were made. More useful and requested features were added to the core of our solutions. Make...
how to optimize images

How to Optimize Images for Better Web Design, Social Media, and SEO

Visuals are an invaluable asset for good content. If you know how to optimize images and present those in a creative way, you can make people visualize anything they read. 
online marketing strategies 2022

Online Marketing Strategies 2022: Essential for Your Business Success

Are you worried about your products’ sales and want to expand them in no time? If yes, you are at the right place. This article will guide you about the most effective...
ecommerce video marketing

eCommerce Video Marketing: Guide to Creating Videos from Photos for an eCommerce Website

Although high-quality product photos are essential to eCommerce conversion rates, supplementing them with product videos can take your eCommerce business to the next level. eCommerce video marketing can significantly improve your online...
boosting store on Magento

Best 8 Profitable Marketing Tips for Your Magento Store

The number of new customers that an eCommerce business can generate determines business success. eCommerce marketers must research current industry trends, gather perceptive information through social media networks, and...

Big Role of User Testing in Marketing

Without user testing, marketers can’t determine what the market and customers need. Employing user testing methods helps you make the right decision. Usability Testing, A/B Testing, and More: User...
sitemap and seo

Sitemap and SEO. Are Sitemaps Important for SEO?

As an eCommerce business owner, you must have read piles of articles on sitemap and SEO telling how powerful the tool is. Everyone teaches how sitemaps can cure such...
email marketing conversion rate

4 Essential Ways to Boost Email Conversion Rate and Boost Sales with Email Partnerships

Is email marketing still relevant? This is an age-old question, and the answer is straightforward. Yes.  According to a report by Litmus, on average, email drives...