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Mageworx adds compatibility with Hyvä themes

More Mageworx Compatibilities with Hyvä Magento 2 Themes

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Hyvä, the company whose Magento responsive themes have lately become a hallmark for the Magento 2 ecosystem. Hyvä themes are fast, efficient, modern,...
ecommerce loyalty programs - magento

8 KPIs to Measure the Effectiveness of eCommerce Loyalty Programs

The ever-growing landscape of eCommerce has prompted businesses to adopt loyalty programs as a crucial strategy to foster customer loyalty and...
Magento extensions update -

Updates Roundup for May

More bugs were fixed. More code quality improvements were made. More useful and requested features were added to the core of our solutions. Make sure not to procrastinate on...
best shopify email marketing apps

24 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify (Free and Paid)

Did you know that 18% of brands get an ROI of over $70 for every dollar they invest in email marketing? If you're an eCommerce store owner, the best...
video editing tips

Video Editing Tips for Marketing in 10 Huge Industries

Nowadays, video content is a powerful tool for marketing products and services online.  Business owners from various industries learn video editing tips and benefit from this digital marketing strategy....
magento affiliate marketing step by step guide

Your Ultimate Magento Affiliate Marketing Guide

Starting an affiliate program on a Magento-based site is a smart and cost-effective way to drive traffic, increase sales, and generate revenue. According to a report by Forrester, affiliate...
user generated content strategy

User-Generated Content Strategy to Improve SEO [Statistics-Based Insights]

 In order to be successful in today’s competitive world, businesses of all sizes need a killer user-generated content (UGC) strategy. In case you’re a bit unfamiliar with UGC, you’ll definitely want to...
magento checkout

11 Effective Strategies to Increase Magento Checkout Conversions

Magento is an excellent eCommerce platform that can help you build your online stores with minimum hassle. As many as 12% of all online retailers worldwide are running on Magento. 

Shopify Product Options Guide: The Key to Unlimited Product Options

Running an online store via Shopify is a perfect choice for over a million vendors who have decided to do without major financial and coding hardships that surround any website launch. Yet,...
how to market your Magento store

10 Smart Strategies To Market Your Magento Store To Gen Z

If you’re like most eCommerce merchants, you’re always looking for new ways to market your store and attract customers. And if you’re targeting Gen Z shoppers, it’s more important than ever to...