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How to Add Text to Login Page in Magento 2 | Mageworx Blog

How to Add Text to Login Page in Magento 2

For either technical or other business-specific reasons, merchants need to keep their customers informed by adding custom text to the login page. Magento 2 allows achieving that easily.
Magento 2 Image Swatches | MageWorx Blog

How Images Can Boost Sales in Your Magento 2 Store

Images in eCommerce are not almighty, but still indispensable. They grab the customers’ attention and shape their decision-making behaviors. Taking that 92% of consumers say visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision, the...
Black Friday―Cyber Monday Sale | Mageworx

Black Friday―Cyber Monday Sale

On the day of Thanksgiving: We are thankful to have clients like you–not just on Thanksgiving, but every day. To celebrate, we are happy to announce the Black...
How to add custom fields for products on Magento 2 | Mageworx Blog

How to Add Custom Field for Option Values in Advanced Product Options

From the previous article, you’ve learned how to create Magento custom option fields. We also have found out how to display the field data on both the product page front-end and the...
MageWorx Updates Roundup | MageWorx Blog

Mageworx Updates Roundup for October

The end of October has brought the new Magento 2.4.1 version to us with its performance and security improvements. Importantly, The new release boasts:
Product Options Customization in Magento 2 | Mageworx Magento Blog

How to Remove + Sign from Customizable Option Titles in Magento 2 Programmatically?

Product options customization is vital to meet business needs. In this article, we will focus on how to change the titles of the selected options and consider two examples.
Getting Started with Magento Web APIs | Mageworx Magento Blog

Getting Started with Magento Web APIs (REST & SOAP)

The Magento 2 Web API framework offers users an opportunity to create new services that can communicate with third-party modules. They are Magento 2 supports REST and SOAP web services based on...

Mageworx Gets Featured on Hosting Ninja

Honest reviews, news, valuable information―with over 15 years of experience in the web market research, Hosting Ninja strives to provide truthful and accurate data to their readers. The company does its...
How to Add Custom Field to Advanced Product Options | Mageworx Blog

How to Add Custom Field to Options in Advanced Product Options Extension

From this article, you will learn how to create a “GTIN” field for product custom options, show it on the product page front-end, and display it in the order.
Product Options with Custom Dimensions in Magento 2 | Mageworx Blog

How to Calculate Product Price Based on Custom Dimensions in Magento 2

Fabric, washable floor covering, chipboard... If you are selling products, which price depends on their dimensions directly, then you know how important it is to let your shoppers specify the required custom...