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25 Cutest Christmas Bundles of This Season

It isn’t easy to pick up a perfect Christmas present. Customers spend a lot of time on search and gift selection. That’s why 28.8% of buyers start…

Psychology Behind Bulk Buying

Nowadays, more and more consumers prefer to buy products in bulk. For example, net sales of Costco, one of the largest wholesalers, increased by 10.5% compared to the same quarter in 2019.

Product Recommendation Popups for Bundle Offers

Getting a buyer to click the link to your Shopify webpage from search results, a banner, or an ad is only part of the deal. Motivating customers to stay and make purchases is yet another story.

How to Set up and Configure the Advanced Bundle Products App...

Happy Meal by McDonald’s and the Microsoft Office suite are examples of product bundles. Bundling is when a vendor combines one or more in-stock vendibles into a single package...

Top 20 Ecommerce Sites That Nailed It with Product Bundling

Do you want your eCommerce store to have a success rate of around 60% like Amazon? Or boost sales and profit with a few changes? Product bundling is the answer.