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How to Configure Sandbox Test Account for PayPal Payments Pro Hosted Solution on Magento?

Specials thanks to Artur Sys, MageWorx Senior QA Tester, for his pitching in the creation of this blog post. In the days of increased attention to data security, storing the customers’ information on a website and GDPR, the question of accepting credit/debit cards & PayPal payments without any touch points with the shoppers’ data gain Read More

Goodbyes to 2018: MageWorx Year in Review

Before 2019 embraces us with new challenges, opportunities, and objectives, it’s time to traditionally acknowledge what heights MageWorx has managed to achieve in the departing year. Passionate about Magento, our developers have done yeoman’s work to enhance the performance of the existing solutions and introduce new extensions. All done for the success of eCommerce merchants.

How to Create SEO-Friendly Pagination Pages in Your Magento-based eCommerce Store?

Pagination {{pagination-pager}} is probably one of the most extensively discussed SEO topics so far. Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s and learn how your Magento-based store can benefit from pagination optimization. What Pagination Means & Why Your Website Needs It? Page pagination (aka paging) means grouping pages using numbering within one site section, Read More

Why Take Care of Hreflang Tags & How to Effectively Use Them in Your Magento 2 Store?

Getting on the path of international expansion is a complex affair that requires a thought-out SEO strategy, an international one. Hreflang tags allow bringing the potential shoppers to the right content and offerings that fully match their queries, as well as let them avoid duplicate content issues. Let’s get into details and make hreflang tags Read More