[UPDATED] Top 15 Real-Life Examples of Beautiful Magento 2 Websites

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A lot of water has flown under the bridge since the launch of Magento 2 in November 2015. Improved scalability, extended customization capabilities, enhanced checkout, mobile-friendliness, etc. – these are just some of the reasons why merchants keep choosing Magento 2 and migrating their online stores to this version.

While Magento 1 is still alive, supported, and perfectly running, Magento 2 picks up steam with an increased number of gorgeous online stores worth mentioning. So, if you still have mixed feelings about migrating your online store to the newest version, take a look at 15 beautiful Magento 2 stores – their UX, the offered shopping opportunities, and some data on the websites’ load time and Alexa ranking – and get inspired!

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Family Video

Being the largest movie and game retail chain in the US, Family Video has a truly eye-catching website with a great deal of beautiful illustrations that depict movies and games it offers. Alexa* currently ranks the website 23,493 in the US with 44,60% bounce rate and 3:09 daily time on site. According to Pingdom** speed test, its load time is 2.13 seconds, which is faster than 68% of the tested websites.

Just for Men 

That’s is exactly what Just for Men is about, i.e., hair products for men, including special hair-dyes. Video testimonials and product reviews from men that used the products is what I also enjoyed about the website. It is no secret that positive product reviews can play into your hands as 88% of consumers say they trust them, according to BrightLocal. Product Reviews & Ratings Extension will surely help boost the potential of your Magento 2 store and let you increase profit.

Alexa ranks Just for Men 56,066 in the US with a 42.30% bounce rate and 3:34 daily time on site. The website loads** within 3.10 seconds, which is faster than 51% of websites.

Dollar General 

Dollar General calls itself ‘America’s neighborhood general store’ with more than 14,000 physical stores in 44 states. The website offers a great deal of information and categories. The white background is used to display items. Too many objects on the front page – but that’s solely my private opinion.

Alexa ranks this website 5,444 in the US, the bounce rate as low as 37.20%, and the daily time on site amounts to 3:30. According to Pingdom, Dollar General loads within 2.59 seconds, which is faster than 59% of the tested websites.


Graze is a UK-based online store that pursues the goal of making healthy eating exciting. Tasty images, mouth-watering videos and even more nutritionist-proved reasons that talk online shoppers into going for healthy eating.

The website is ranked 15, 146 in the US by Alexa with 30.30% bounce rate and 4:35 daily time on site. Its load time is 1.25 seconds which is faster than 84% of the tested websites, according to Pingdom.

Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit has been created in keeping with the best retail traditions. The website offers multiple types of footwear as well as an insight into exploring their technology of manufacturing. Quality images that allow website visitors to see even sewing lines.

What is more, the website offers quite an unconventional approach to online shopping by letting users select the necessary clothing size right from the main page. Thus, solely relevant items of the chosen size are displayed further on. Image swatch, availability options (in-stock / out-of-stock), product custom options images are used on Easy Spirit’s product pages. In fact, Advanced Product Options Extension, which helps create custom options for each chosen product can do just the exact things for your store, and even much more.

Alexa ranks Easy Spirit 37,988 in the US. The bounce rate is as low as 24.80% and the daily time on site amounts to 4:51. According to the website speed test, it loads 2.87 seconds, which is faster than 55% of the tested websites.


GenieBra sells goods for women – from bras, tops, bottoms, panties on out to waist trainers. Stylish images of high resolution demonstrate the offered items in the most favorable light. Happy faces of women make ‘window shoppers’ stay.

While the website is ranked 239,337 in the US by Alexa, it manages to keep the visitors engaged with 40.60% bounce rate and 6:35 daily time on site. Geniebra’s load time amounts to 2.94 seconds, which is faster than 54% of websites.


Rubie’s markets itself as the ‘world’s largest designer & manufacturer of costumes’. Pin-up images of various characters from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. keep users involved, and it seems like they have costumes suited to every fancy.

While the website is ranked by Alexa 143,053 in the US, its bounce rate amounts to 39.70%, and daily time on site is 1:58. Pingdom shows that the website loads within 3.79 seconds, which is faster than 43% of websites.

Land Rover

This is one of those cases when an online store is added to the main website. Special deals and items are offered in the carousel images with white backgrounds. Also, we can track the tendency to use images of the forest as a background for lifestyle products.

Alexa ranks Land Rover 13,791 in the US with a 35.60% bounce rate and 5:52 on site. The website loads within 2.37 seconds, which is faster than 63% of the tested sites.

Cherrydale Fundraising 

This website certainly stands out from the crowd due to its great cause. Having started with selling chocolates and confections, Cherrydale Fundraising has evolved into America’s most trusted fundraising company today. Inspirational information in the bright images won’t leave visitors indifferent. In fact, supporting charity can be beneficial for an eCommerce business, possible with the Donations Suite for Magento.

The company even partnered with Radio Disney Music Star, Erin Bowman, to write an exclusive song to inspire young minds:

Despite the website is ranked 199,688 in the US by Alexa, its bounce rate is as low as 26.20%, with daily time on site amounting to 8:27. The website loads within 1.45 seconds, which is faster than 81% of the tested by Pingdom websites.


Let’s move to Europe and have a look at the absolutely beautiful website that sells fragrance, body and hand care, leather goods and more. Byredo’s design is absolutely minimalistic, which allows it to clearly ‘articulate’ the message to online shoppers. Everything is stylish and clean, from the header to the footer. That’s is so true that sometimes just a few images on the screen can be more than enough to grab users’ attention in a jiff!

Byredo is ranked 64,767 by Alexa in Spain. The bounce rate amounts to 35.30%, and the daily time on site is 3:12. According to Pingdom data, the website loads within 2.24 seconds, which is faster than 66% of websites.


Case-Mate is the industry leader in stylish smartphone cases. Decadent styles of the items that are professionally shown through high-quality images convert window shoppers into buyers and make it so hard to leave the website without placing an order. Such cell phone cases will surely help stand out from the crowd.

According to Alexa, Case-Mate is ranked 28,800 in the US. Its bounce rate is 49.90%, and daily time on site amounts to 1:55. The website loads within 1.60 seconds, which is faster than 78% of the tested websites.

Copper Chef

Images on this website do make my mouth water. (Ugh, and I have a long way to go until lunchtime). Copper Chef positions itself as the number 1 selling copper cookware brand. Make sure not to scroll down the homepage and check all those irresistibly delicious pictures of Italian meatballs, brownies, etc. They look b-e-a-u-tiful and tasty. Feels like I need this very cookware to finally learn cooking. 🙂

Alexa ranks Copper Chef 43,081 in the US. The bounce rate is 35.60%, and the daily time on site amounts to 3:48. The website loads within 1.45 seconds, which is faster than 81% of the tested websites.


Spanx brand offers bras, underwear, leggings, active, and more. An impressive story about Sara Blakely, the brand’s founder, and the world’s youngest self-made billionaire since 2012, according to Forbes, is behind this brand. While there is no personalization we are used to, the way information is presented, and the typography and the imagery make the website stand out from all those eCommerce cookie cutters.

Alexa ranks the website 17,530 in the US with a 34.90% bounce rate and 4:49 daily time on site. Spanx loads within 2.23 seconds which is faster than 66% of websites.

Lara Bohinc 

Style – that’s what this website is all about. Fine art photos, great descriptions that are full of drama, and flat navigation make this Magento 2 store look posh. That’s probably how the website of a professional designer must look like.

Also, a stylish pop-up appears as a result of a time delay trigger (click here to learn more about pop-up triggers). The pop-up looks nicely and softly offers to share the email address in exchange for exclusive deals and news. Make sure to check out the Pop-Up Widget for Magento 2 in order to increase your conversions.

While this is a London-based website, Alexa offers solely data on the website’s engagement. The bounce rate amounts to 52.20%, and the daily time on site is 3:41. Lara Bohinc loads within 2.74 seconds, which is faster than 57% of the tested websites.

Cultcha Kids

This Australian Magento 2 store sells toys for kids, including collectibles, novelty items, card games, and trading cards, etc. Images are bright and cheerful. I bet quite a few kids will manage to resist the temptation to play with those toys and talk their parents into buying an item.

While Alexa doesn’t have enough data to rank Cultcha Kids, it loads within 4.55 seconds which is faster than 35% of websites.

*All the stats provided is based on the official Alexa rankings on www.alexa.com/siteinfo.

**All the testing has been carried out from San Jose, California on https://tools.pingdom.com/.

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