Instant Cart Magento Extension – take care about customer’s convenience

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Instant Cart Magento Extension allows customers to avoid annoying expectation during page reload and increase effectiveness of your customers’ shopping. AJAX Cart extension renders product options right on the current page in Web 2.0 pop-up layer required to add product to cart.

It allows adding products directly from category page even if a product has custom options or configurations (it supports all types of products). They will appear in AJAX pop-up for selecting.

Since v1.2.0 this extension got a possibility to add products to wishlist and compare list using AJAX. Here is the visual representation of it.

It even allows displaying Cross-sell products in AJAX pop-up. Let’s check how AJAX pop-up looks like.

Why should you buy Instant Cart Magento Extension for your Magento store? There are at least two essential advantages:

  • your customers won’t wait long for a page to reload when adding product to cart which will make their shopping really fast and enjoyable.
  • Instant Cart allows adding product to cart directly from a category page that reduces number of steps for order completion.

If you are concerned about your customer’s convenience, you will appreciate this Magento extension!

Allow your customer to improve his user-experience and, as a result, make contribution to your Magento store overall success with Instant Cart Magento Extension !

View more details on Instant Cart Magento Extension page!


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