Woxy Messenger Assistant Introduces a New Era of eCommerce Customer Experience

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Pleasing an online shopper can be a real challenge. According to NewVoice, 32% of surveyed customers find phone/voice the most frustrating channel when getting in touch with Helpdesk/ support service. 73% of shoppers are satisfied with Live chats, and 61% – with emails. However, none of the existing solutions get any closer to a 100% customer satisfaction level.

MageWorx, a professional Magento & Shopify solutions provider, and Botscape, an AI startup that has the main focus on machine learning solutions, have built an innovative tool and intend to revolutionize customer shopping experience for Magento 2 store owners.

The person-centric approach to dealing with online customers was taken by the development companies as a starting point. They offer to take communication with shoppers to the next level by integrating your customer service with the messengers and reaching them wherever they are.


‘With an average U.S. American adult spending 5 hours a day on their cell phones – and 12% of that time is spent in messaging apps – it is no secret that reaching users via mobile devices has been picking up steam. Why not make customer service available to users right at the fingertips via 1:1 messaging? Why not bring personalized tete-a-tete communication based on the individual needs of each and every customer?’ – thinks out Vitali Dudin, CEO at MageWorx.

‘The concept of introducing personalization in eCommerce is not new. Loads of market leaders – such as Nike on Demand, for example – have turned towards replacing stale chatbots by human-driven messaging and have already tasted the fruits of success. That’s what Woxy is about. It allows bringing communication between merchants and customers to the level when your details are added to their contact list and when your eCommerce business is taken by customers on the same basis as a private barber or a family physician,’ believes Pavel Litvinko, CEO at Botscape.

The Messenger Shopping Assistant can be compared to wishlist 2.0. It pursues the objective of delivering timely reminders, back-in-stock/ coming soon announcements, product configuration options right in the Messenger app and whole a lot more. It claims to help customers get just what they want and need in order to reach personal goals on the way to self-improvement.


Is it the future of eCommerce customer service here? Whether it is or not, first-class customer support has always been a competitive gain of every profit-making business and is expected by customers from all brands.


*About MageWorx*


Founded in 2008, MageWorx is an eCommerce software development company that specializes in innovative Magento & Shopify solutions. The vendor prioritizes over customers’ requirements and demands with a fresh and innovative approach.

MageWorx creates products that are aimed to expand the default functionality of eCommerce platforms as well as to improve customers’ shopping experience and equip a Magento and Shopify businesses s.

Profound experience and passion for an outstanding user experience make the company’s products in good demand with more than 30,000 online store owners worldwide.

More info about the company and its products & services can be found on its official website: www.mageworx.com



*About Botscape*


Founded in 2016, Botscape is a technology startup that specializes in AI-powered and machine learning solutions. The company utilizes cutting-edge technologies combined with user-oriented strategies to create unique and powerful solutions.

Botscape products can adjust to users’ behavior and learn from it. The solutions that the company offers allow for achieving higher business performance while streamlining customer shopping experience.



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