StayLime Team (aka FlexMedia) Wins Gold in the RuNet Rating

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StayLime, an eCommerce design studio (also known as Flex Media in the CIS market), is honored to have won a prestigious Gold RuNet Rating Award in the ‘Promo Websites’ category.

The award-winning website

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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.51.44 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.51.47 PM

About RuNet Rating’16

Since 2010, RuNet Rating has been seen throughout the CIS counties and across the local eCommerce industry as the premiere award for high design quality.

In 2016, RuNet Rating set a new record: 1261 entries competed for the RuNet Award in 29 nominations. Contesting websites were assessed by a professional jury of 261 eCommerce and Web-design experts.

This year, the competing companies were: KIA, Virgin, EPSON, BMW, Forbes, SPLAT and many others.

About the Voting Procedure

Each contesting website passes through the multilevel system of assessment. First, popular election forms a long list.

Next, a professional jury defines 10 contestants who get into a short list.

At the final stage, the jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality to those websites that stand out clearly from comparable entries thanks to their excellent design, originality and user-friendliness.

“Taking part in such a tough competition was a big challenge for us. That’s why we are even more thrilled and proud to have won recognition at such a high level,” says Valera Kelmuts, CEO of StayLime/ Flex Media.

“This award acknowledges our creativity, passion and striving for innovation that are commonplace across our entire creative team, whose dedication to creating the best customer experiences has never been more evident,” adds Valera.

To check the company’s portfolio and order a new design for your Magento store, follow this link.



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