Save your time – buy in time with MageWorx!

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MageWorx rapidly implements new Magento extensions. No more slow work and standard attributes! It’s high time to present 2 updates.

Advanced Product Options Magento Extension makes the ability of creating custom options and assign them to all products or any number of products in a smooth easy way. It’s a great opportunity of setting a quantity and uploading an image for each custom option that show your customers what you are selling. What’s more it is also possible to apply predefined custom options directly on the product edit page. Thus, it relieves you from creating configurable product.



File Downloads & Product Attachments Magento Extension is a functional support for file downloads and media content sharing available from within Product pages, CMS pages, Static blocks and even 3rd party Magento extensions. This Magento extension allows you to upload a file once , and then the module automatically distributes it to those products which are required. Moreover, it is a great means for motivation visitors to register by showing files without possibility to download unless they are registered.


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