7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling

7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling | MageWorx Shopify Blog
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If you’ve decided to cross-sell in your Shopify store, it’s a great idea! While approximately 30% of total sales of many eCommerce brands have been contributed by product recommendations, cross-sell deals are the most effective way to encourage your consumers to buy more. The main thing is that these offers have to be enticing and desirable.

You know it in theory but have no idea how to make it real? In the article, we’re going to share with you some secrets on the successful implementation of cross-selling in your Shopify store.

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Secrets to Know about Cross-Selling

The art of cross-selling is not as easy as it may seem. To succeed and to use it in the most effective way, you have to fulfill the following cross-sell tips.

Make Relevant Offers

7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling | MageWorx Shopify Blog
7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling | MageWorx Shopify Blog

If you don’t want your consumers to feel like you force them to purchase more, the best way out is to make relevant offers. It’s possible only when you know your customers and understand what has value for them. You should make your buyers believe that an item is worth it. All the recommended products should not only add experience to your shoppers’ but also enhance it. If your customers see value in your offers, they will feel that you have thoroughly thought through all the recommendations and personalized them. Undoubtedly, they’ll appreciate your efforts.

Thus, if you desire to raise your profit with cross-selling and boost customer retention rate, all the offered goods must be relevant to the goals of your consumers and be not just extras, but extra value for them. 

Limit the Amount 

Not to confuse your buyers, don’t suggest tons of recommended products to their initial choice. The more goods you offer, the less relevant they are. On the other hand, providing your customers with a limited amount of suggestions, you demonstrate your concern about their wishes and needs. According to the best practices, the most appropriate number of product recommendations is three or five.

Optimize Cross-Sell Pricing

Customers will never buy additional products that are more expensive than their original purchases. That’s why you should carefully select all the goods you recommend and watch their prices.

If you want cross-selling to be successful, it’s essential to follow the rule of 25%. According to it, you shouldn’t enforce your customers to spend by more than 25% of the price of the initial purchase. For example, when a buyer wants to buy a $100 watch, all the recommended products shouldn’t cost more than $25.

Make Cross-Selling Easy

The process of adding related products shouldn’t complicate your buyers’ life. It has to be easy for them to return to the product page after adding the recommended products. Sometimes it’s even better to keep consumers on the product page and just let them know that items were added to the cart.

Moreover, you should give all the details on add-ons in the cross-sell product block. So, customers don’t have to click away from the cart page and do a lot of extra actions.

Know When to Offer 

7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Efficient cross-selling is influenced by the right time you offer it in your e-store. Nevertheless, there are no certain rules for it, everything depends on every single customer’s shopping behavior. There are several ways you can suggest relevant products. Here are the most frequent ones:

  • Shopping cart page—To improve consumers’ experience you may offer related products when they are about to complete purchases. They should have time to think about adding some extras before they leave the e-store. 
  • Store checkout—If you don’t want to bother your shoppers during the buying process, you can suggest complementary products when the transaction is almost complete. It’s the best time to remind your customers about important goods they might forget to buy.
  • Email—This cross-sell marketing idea is useful when the consumers have already subscribed to your Shopify store and you know their buying history. So, you may send them offers with related products in accordance with their previous purchases via emails. 
  • Retargeting—One more way to cross-sell is through social media. You can display ads with related products to your customers on Facebook pages, for example.

If you display the right product recommendations to the right customers at the right time, you will be more likely to succeed in the use of your cross-sell strategies.

Give Special Discounts

If your customers don’t pay attention to your product recommendations, you can give them special discounts. It’s not a secret that discounts are a great way to increase sales. So, it’s a good idea to offer discounted prices on the products you’re going to cross-sell or to give a discount in case shoppers buy more or spend a certain sum of money. When consumers’ trust in your brand increases, it won’t be necessary to use discounts.

Use Working Words

7 Secrets Behind the Art of Cross-Selling | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Words have a great impact on buyers. If you want to encourage your customers to buy more, make sure to select them carefully. These words must be appealing and inspiring. You can use:

  • personal words like “Complete Your Look”, or address shoppers by name “Recommended for You, Harry”, or say “Thank you”;
  • emotional words like “want”, “need”, or “remember”;
  • words that emphasize savings and value like “Special Offers for You”, “Exclusive Access”;
  • words that create urgency like “Today Only”, “Now”, “Hurry”, etc.

Choosing the right words can help you grab the consumers’ attention and encourage them to spend more in your store.

Wrap up

It’s essential for every merchant to have an opportunity to increase sales, the average order value, and profit, as well as attract and retain customers. While implementing all the mentioned secrets in the right moment and the right place in your Shopify store, cross-selling can become an effective way of leading your brand to a higher level. We hope that all the secrets we share with you in the article will help you achieve your goals.

Do you know any other secrets behind effective cross-selling? We’ll appreciate if you share them with us.


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