Sell a Look! Products Bundling in Fashion

Products Bundling in Fashion
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The fashion industry is developing day after day, and its tendencies are changing season by season. For merchants of fashion stores, it’s essential to sell all the goods in time when they are still trendy.

Thus, it’s necessary to implement various techniques and strategies to increase sales. Products bundling is extremely effective in making your buyers purchase more. Like fashion designers help consumers see total looks combined with several items, you can display the whole sets of products that work together and give your customers a chance to visualize them.

Let’s see how product bundling can influence your Shopify fashion store. 

Products Bundling in Fashion and Its Benefits

Sell a Look! Products Bundling in Fashion | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Every marketing strategy has a meaning only if it gives benefits. Product bundling is undoubtedly considered to be such a strategy. It’s advantageous for retailers as well as for customers. 

For merchants, products bundling boosts sales and leads to an increase in the AOV and revenue as well. 

For customers, they also win. Firstly, buyers save their time by purchasing all the related items from one brand. Secondly, they save money as it is cheaper to buy a product kit than to purchase individual items separately. And thirdly, customers enhance their shopping experience as a decision-making process becomes much easier with product bundles.

As an eCommerce fashion merchant, like nobody else, you have a unique opportunity to bundle items and create outstanding looks out of them, thus encouraging customers to buy the whole outfit.

Offering clothing bundles in your Shopify fashion store, you limit your inventory risk and improve your economies of scale and also can pass on these savings to your buyers. Thus, when customers have a limited variety of what they can order, the costs of goods production are getting lower, and your consumers also benefit from these savings.

When bundling fashion products, you make the lives of your customers more comfortable. You provide them with a solution to a question of choice. You make the process of dressing up effortless and complete. 

Moreover, products bundling gives certainty to your customers about their choice and security that the final outfit is fashion-wise, makes sense, and all the items match. With the development of social media, everyone’s life has become more public, so, consumers has started caring more about their personal style. That’s why shoppers are more likely to invest in product kits to be confident in their appearance and style.

If you want to resist traditional fashion business model products bundling can be a help. Quite often some want to speculate on the most popular products. To avoid it, you can sell these goods only in bundles, which can be less profitable in the resale market. And at the same time, it will encourage your buyers to purchase a full set to have the desired item.

Some brick-and-mortar stores have experts who give pieces of advice and help buyers make a choice to upgrade their wardrobes. Clothing deals in your fashion e-store are a kind of such experts sharing their experience with customers. Moreover, bundling products is a way for your brand to educate consumers around products—which items, fabrics, and styles work together—and to give them advice on what they should start with. Consumers can be inspired by the offers and solutions you provide, which can positively influence their shopping experience and attitude to your brand. And for you, it can be a great incentive to create the best fashion bundle product for different situations and any activity.

As you can see, creating product kits can be very profitable for your fashion brand. But all the bundles can make sense, attract and encourage customers to buy them in your Shopify store only when they are thoroughly thought through and offer solutions to customers’ needs. Very often consumers doubt that some items can match until they visualize them. But when shoppers see the whole outfit displayed on the product page it easier for them to make a decision. 

Ways to Sell Product Bundles in Fashion Stores

Sell a Look! Products Bundling in Fashion | MageWorx Shopify Blog
Sell a Look! Products Bundling in Fashion | MageWorx Shopify Blog

In your fashion store, you have a nice opportunity to create an enormous number of competitive fashion product bundles. Here are some ideas on what to bundle your products with:

  • accessories—Every clothing set can’t be complete without certain accessories. Sometimes customers spend more time on a search for appropriate ones than on purchasing the main clothing. Thus, buyers prefer to buy the whole matching look in one place. Offering goods in a bundle with accessories is exactly a win-win solution. 
  • similar items—In this case, it’s possible to offer product bundles of items from one category but of different attributes. For example, a bundle of jeans with white and denim shirts.
  • different products—Here, you are free to combine items from different categories of your fashion e-store. For example, you can create a look from head to foot by offering goods from such categories as hats, sweaters, jeans, footwear, and bags.

You can give your customers a chance to choose how to buy bundles. Shoppers might either select separate products from a bundle, or they have to purchase it without any changes: 

  • the whole bundle without an opportunity to purchase items separately. You can offer your consumers to purchase a bundle of the ‘most frequently bought together’ products. Otherwise, it’s also a chance for you to put unwanted/old stock products with more popular goods to expedite their sales;
  • different items from a bundle. In this case, buyers may choose what they want and create their personal looks. At the same time you can set a limit on the number of goods that must be bought. Taking that product bundles are often cheaper than purchasing separate items, you can offer to buy at least, for example, three items of it if a customer wants to get it discounted.

Offering your customers mix-and-matchable outfits and displaying them on the product or cart pages allows you to encourage shoppers to buy the whole outfit in order to look stylish and confident in items that work together. 

Wrap up 

Creating competitive product bundles can help you rip off a lot of benefits. You don’t have to be afraid of experimenting with what to combine. Then, you’ll be able to offer the most attractive and desirable clothing bundles for your customers. By meeting the expectations of your buyers and giving them solutions to their needs, you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in AOV, revenue, and conversion rate as a reward. 

If you have more ideas on product bundling in your fashion store or have questions, feel free to share them with us.


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