How to Add and Manage Custom Options Inventory in Magento

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If you sell lots of custom made products and actively use Magento Custom Option functionality, you know that keeping track of custom options inventory is a HUGE challenge.

The default Magento offers quite a limited set of tools to manage inventory for custom options. Also, the platform doesn’t provide enough control and monitoring features for this purpose.

Being unable to effectively manage your custom options inventory, you may put yourself and your customers in trouble: people might end up purchasing a product with a size/ color/ print, etc. which is not be available in your warehouse, or order the amount of items you won’t be able to provide them with.

To avoid these and other related issues, you either have to develop your own way to manage custom options inventory or select one of the ready-to-implement solutions.

The most popular tool for this tricky task is Advanced Product Options Magento extension by MageWorx. The module is fitted with a bunch of useful features that will let you easily add/manage stock inventory for any custom option.

Let’s see what the tool is capable of.

Enabling Custom Options Inventory

The first thing you need to do is to enable the inventory for custom options under in the Magento backend. To do that, just follow the path below:

System – Configuration – MAGEWORX – Catalog – Enable Custom Options Inventory

At the final step select ‘Yes’ and save the configuration.

Interpreting Numbers in the Qty Field/ Managing Custom Options Quantity

Once custom options inventory settings is enabled, you will see the Qty field for each custom option value:

Magento Custom Options Inventory / Quantity

The number you see here specifies a stock value for each option.

Basically, stock inventory for Magento custom options works the same as the one for the main product:

  • it gets decreased by the corresponding number when a new order is placed,
  • it gets back to the previous meaning when an order is refunded, cancelled, edited or deleted.

Thus, the Qty field will always show you the exact quantity of custom option products left in your warehouse.

However, you should remember that by default this inventory is a separate stock from the inventory of the main product.

That’s why every time your customers add products with selected custom options to the cart, Advanced Product Options extension will check the inventory available on the frontend. If a customer tries to purchase a product in the quantity not available for at least one of the selected options, they will see this warning message:

Iteam not avaialble message - Adavnced Product Options Magento Extension

Note, that by keeping the Qty field empty, you will disable the inventory for a chosen option.

Also, you should be aware of the fact that the custom options get added in the same quantity as the main product. For example, if you choose an option and enter ’10’ in the Qty field for a main product, 10 items will be correspondingly deducted from every custom option inventory.

With Advanced Product Options Magento extension you can display the remaining inventory for each option on the frontend. Just choose the necessary value for ‘Inventory Qty for Options on the Frontend’ (under System – Configuration -MageWorx – Catalog).


Managing Out-of-Stock Custom Options

If there is ‘0’ in the Qty field, the option’s value is classified as out of stock.

With Advanced Product Options extension you will be able to hide out of stock options on the frontend, so customers won’t see them.

Alternatively, you can disable inventory for custom options so they will stay visible on the frontend but one won’t be able to select/ disable them. Also, the corresponding ‘out of stock’ message will be displayed to all customers.

To choose one of these options you should go to:

System – Configuration – MAGEWORX – Catalog – ‘Out-of-Stock Options’

Out of stock products Magento custom options inventory

Here is an example of out-of-stock message of a custom option on the frontend:

Magento custom options out of stock

Managing Low-in-Stock Custom Options

To motivate customers to make a purchase, you may show that inventory for some of your custom options is decreasing, and the product is about to run out of stock.

With Advanced Product Options extension you can mark custom options as low in stock. It can be done in the ‘Low Stock Value’ input field in the configuration settings.

Low in stock option for Magento custom options

To display the ‘Low Stock’ message for such options on the frontend, enable the setting ‘Display Low Stock Message:

Low stock message for Magento custom options

Also, with the extension you can display or hide the remaining inventory for low stock options on the frontend. This can be done with the help of the ‘Inventory Qty for Options in the Frontend’ setting.


There are several modes of this setting to display/ hide the remaining inventory for custom options. These are:

  • hide the remaining inventory for all options
  • display the remaining inventory for In-Stock options only
  • display the remaining inventory for Low-Stock options only
  • display the remaining inventory for In-Stock and Low-Stock options

Setting Backorder Custom Options

With Advanced Product Options Magento extension you backorder any custom option. Just select the necessary option in the ‘Out-of-Stock Options’ setting:

Backorders for Magento custom options
Thus, any out of stock options won’t be disabled or hidden on the frontend and customers will be able to choose them to place orders.

Options Inventory Report

In case you migrate inventories of your custom options, this report will let you:

  • see the remaining stock values of the custom options,
  • find out what options are out of stock in your warehouses,
  • find out what options are not being sold well.

For this there is a very useful report in:

Catalog – Advanced Product Options – Stock Report

Custom Options in Magento Quantity Reports

With the report you will learn:

  • the exact option value with the remaining inventory
  • product name, SKU and ID for each option

On top of that, you can update the quantity of options right from this report. It’s possible to set, increase or decrease option’s inventory by a specific amount.

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Have you already used these features in the extension? Do you have any ideas on how we may further enhance this functionality? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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